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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Runescape's jukebox has been augmenting over the years, and many players have been going on long quests to try and attain all of the tunes and songs available in the game. Players are able to toggle between Auto, Man(ual) and Loop, to control how music is selected and played, so they can listen to any tune they want to, wherever they are.

You can tell what songs you have unlocked by the color in the music player. If a song name is green, it means it has been unlocked. If the song name is red, it means you have not yet unlocked the song.

When Auto is selected, the music player is in automatic mode and RuneScape automatically selects the appropriate music track to play depending on the player's surrounding environment or quest being experienced. If you select a music track from the list while the player is in "Auto" mode, it will change the mode to the "Manual" mode.

When Man is selected, the music player is in the manual mode. In this mode, you can click in the list of music tracks to select any song you wish to play. You will only be able to select tracks that have been unlocked.

When Loop is selected, the music player enables music looping. When music looping is enabled, the same track that is playing is repeated when it ends. This button can be toggled on and off and can be used in either Auto or Manual mode.

2.0 - Music Locations

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Name Location
7th Realm Brimhaven Dungeon (Metal dragon dungeon)

Name Location
Adventure Forest north of Varrock
Al Kharid Al-Kharid
All's Fairy in Love & War Fairy Queen Hideout (a place visited during A Fairy Tale Part II)
Alone Second floor of the Monastery west of Edgeville (Prayer Guild)
Alternative Root Shortcut to the Chaos altar
Ambient Jungle Shilo Village
Anywhere Marim archer pass (visited during the Monkey Madness quest)
Arabian Lumbridge to Al-Kharid gate
Arabian2 Al-Kharid Chasm mine north of the town
Arabian3 Tourist Trap Desert (south of Al-Kharid)
Arabique Taverley Dungeon
Army Of Darkness Wilderness Castle (north-west of Edgeville)
Arrival Members gate (north-west of Falador)
Artistry Mime Random Event
Assault and Battery Inside the Barbarian Assault minigame
Attack1 Gnome Battlefield
Attack2 Lesser Demons at Crandor Isle
Attack3 At the ladder that leads to the King Black Dragon Lair
Attack4 Khazard Fight Arena
Attack5 The King Black Dragon Lair
Attack6 Gu'Tanoth Dungeon
Attention South of Port Sarim (near Ice Caves)
Autumn Voyage Road between Varrock and Lumbridge (near chickens)
Aye Car Rum Ba Braindeath Island (visited during the Rum Deal quest)
Aztec Agility Arena in Brimhaven

Name Location
Back to Life Sophanem (visited during the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest)
Background Entrana
Ballad Of Enchantment South of Ardougne (near the Fishing Guild)
Bandit Camp Bedabin Camp in the Desert south-west of Al Kharid
Barbarianism Barbarian Village
Barking Mad Werewolf Agility Course, Morytania
Baroque Ardougne Market
Beetle Juice Dungeon under Sophanem
Beyond Dwarf passage under White Wolf Mountain including the Ice Queen's cave
Big Chords Around the Yanille Watchtower and west Yanille
Blistering Barnacles The volcano on Braindeath Island
Body Parts Fenkenstrain Dungeon
Bone Dance West of Mort'ton
Bone Dry Smoke Dungeon in the desert
Book Of Spells Lumbridge and west of the Mage Arena
Borderland East of Rellekka
Breeze Within Isafdar
Brew Hoo Hoo! Port Phasmatys Brewery
Brimstail's Scales Brimstail's cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Bubble and Squeak Rat Pits in Keldagrim

Name Location
Cabin Fever Pirate Ships, Cabin Fever quest
Camelot Around Camelot Castle
Castlewars Castle Wars minigame
Catch Me If You Can Rat Pits in Ardougne
Cave Background Dwarven Mines
Cave of Beasts Place where you kill the 'beargod' in the Mountain Daughter quest
Cave of the Goblins Goblin caves beneath Lumbridge and in the Lumbridge Caves
Cavern Yanille Agility Dungeon, high level Wilderness Dungeon, and at the level 26 Wilderness Red Spider Ruins
The cellar Dwellers Cellar in West Ardougne where Elena is held during the Plague City quest
Cellar Song Bank vault in the westVarrock bank
Chain Of Command Temple of Ikov
Chamber Middle floor of the Haunted Mine
Chef Surprise Culinaromancer's Arena, Recipe for Disaster quest
Chickened Out Evil Chicken Lair, Recipe for Disaster quest
Chompy Hunt Southeast of Ogre Village at Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest start
The Chosen The puzzle rooms accessible during Recruitment Drive
City of the Dead Menaphos
Claustrophobia Arzinian Gold Mine from Between a Rock...
Close Quarters Red Spider ruins at level 26-29 Wilderness
Competition Burthorpe Games Room
Complication Chaos Rune Altar
Contest Death Plateau
Corporal Punishment Drill Demon Random Event
Corridors of Power Eastern part of Miscellania Dungeon
Courage Start of Taverley Dungeon
Creature Cruelty Tower of Life
Crystal Castle Near Prifddinas Gate
Crystal Cave Water Rune Altar
Crystal Sword Low Level Wilderness north of Varrock and also in the East Ardougne Dungeon
Cursed Right when you enter The Underground Pass

Name Location
Dagganoth Dawn Waterbirth Island
Dance of the Dead Barrows
Dangerous Around the Wilderness Poison Wood
Dangerous Road Karamja Volcano, Karamja side
Dangerous Way Barrows dungeon
Dark At the giants in the Edgeville Dungeon, and around the Giants pass around level 25 east Wilderness
Davy Jones' Locker Underwater Mogre Camp
Dead Can Dance Graveyard of Shadows in the wilderness
Deadlands East of Canifis
Deep Down The Second and third level of the Haunted Mine
Dead Quiet Entrance to Mort Myre
Deep Wildy Around the level 38 Wilderness Evil Altar and north of Edgeville
The Depths Dungeon under Sophanem
The Desert Desert west of the Shantay Pass
Desert Heat Part of the desert near Nardah
Desert Voyage Around the Tourist Trap, The Mining Camp
The Desolate Isle Above ground on Waterbirth Island
Diango's Little Helpers The Christmas workshop from the 2005 holiday event
Dimension X Gorak Lair (Fairy Ring code DIR)
Distant Land Burgh de Rott
Distillery Hilarity Distillery area of the Trouble Brewing minigame
Dogs of War Stronghold of Security's Vault of War
Doorways North Varrock forest
Dorgeshuun City Dorgesh-Kaan
Dorgeshuun Deep Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
Down and Out Unlocked during Dream Mentor quest
Down Below Draynor Sewers
Down to Earth In the Earth Rune Altar
Dragontooth Island Dragontooth Island
Dream Between Lumbridge and Draynor Village
Dreamstate Dream area of Lunar Diplomacy quest
Duel Arena Duel Arena
Dunjun Taverley Dungeon right after the Magic Axe room
Dwarf Theme Around the Ice Mountain Dwarf Mine entrance
Dynasty Pollnivneach

Name Location
Eagles' Peak Unlocked during Eagles' Peak quest
EarthScape An automatic song, this was used in the month of July 2005 to celebrate the release of the Farming skill.
Easter Jig Unlocked during Easter 2007 Event
Egypt The Shantay Pass Desert
Elven Mist In the lands of Isafdar
Emotion Inside the Gnome Maze
Emperor Around Melzar's Maze
The Enchanter Enchantment room of the Mage Training Arena
Escape In the dungeon east of Ardougne (Family Crest quest)
Etceteria The island of Etceteria
Everlasting Dream area from Dream Mentor quest
Everlasting Fire Volcano in the wilderness
Everywhere West of the south entrance to Prifddinas
Evil Bob's Island Evil Bob's Island
Expanse South-east of Delrith's circle, and around the magic axe hut in the Wilderness
Expecting West of the Khazard Battlefield at the Zamorak altar
Expedition Observatory Basement
Exposed Near the Coal-Tar swamp in Isafdar

Name Location
Faerie West Zanaris (The Lost City)
Faithless Chaos Altar Temple at Level 12 Wilderness
Fanfare North Falador and by east Falador Bank
Fanfare 2 Shipyard in east Karamja
Fanfare 3 Port Khazard
Fangs for the Memory Unlocked during In Aid of the Myreque quest
Far Away Lletya
The Far Side Rogue's Den Maze
Fe Fi Fo Fum Area where you fight the Grom during the Grim Tales quest.
Fear and Loathing The Fear room during A Soul's Bane quest
Fenkenstrain's Refrain Top floor of Fenkenstrain's castle
Fight or Flight Mourner's Dungeon
Find My Way Zooknock's Tunnel
Fire and Brimstone TzHaar Fight Pits Waiting Area
Fishing Catherby fishing spots and at the Fishing Platform
Floating Free Unlocked during Enlightened Journey quest
Flute Salad West Lumbridgefarmlands
Forbidden Low level Wilderness north of Varrock Lumber Yard
Forest Past the first leaf trap in the Elven area
Forever Around the Cooks' Guild, the KBD entrance cage, along the Member wilderness fence, and in Edgeville
Forgettable Melody The cart area of the Forgettable Tale... quest.
Forgotten Near the start for The Golem quest
Frogland When you get the frog random event, ignore them and get teleported to the place where this plays.
Frostbite Ice Path North of Trollheim
Fruits de Mer Fishing Platform (Sea Slug quest)
Funny Bunnies Bunny dungeon during the Easter event of 2006

Name Location
The Galleon Ship docked at Pirate's Cove
Gaol Gu'Tanoth (the Ogre city south of Yanille)
Garden Near Varrock Square
Garden of Autumn Sorceress's Garden
Garden of Spring Sorceress's Garden
Garden of Summer Sorceress's Garden
Garden of Winter Sorceress's Garden
The Genie Genies cave west of Nardah
Gnomeball Around the gnomeball field
Gnome King Around and in the Grand Tree
Gnome Village Near the Spirit Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Gnome Village2 South-western area with tree houses in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Goblin Game Goblin Dungeon near the Fishing Guild
Goblin Village Around the Goblin Village
Golden Touch Alchemists room at the Mage Training Arena
The Golem Ruins of Uzer area
Greatness Around the Champions' Guild
Grip of the Talon When you fight the boss in Shadow of the Storm quest
Grotto Nature altar in its second form, after you finish Nature Spirit quest
Ground Scape Automatic song from July 2005 login screen celebrating the release of Farming
Grumpy By the frogs for the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest

Name Location
H.A.M. and Seek H.A.M. tunnel in the Lumbridge Caves
H.A.M. Attack Goblin Village (When H.A.M. attack during Another Slice of H.A.M.)
H.A.M. Fisted H.A.M. Store rooms
Harmony In Lumbridge by the Goblin house
Harmony 2 In Lumbridge Castle basement
Haunted Mine Haunted Mine
Have a Blast Blast Furnace
Have an Ice Day Iceberg from Cold War
Head to Head Grab The Evil Twin random event
Heart and Mind Body Rune Altar
Hells Bells Trollweiss Mountain
Hermit Hermits cave north-west of Burthorpe
High Seas In Brimhaven
High Spirits Halloween 2006 Event - Diango's Workshop
Home Sweet Home In your player owned house
HomeScape In your player owned house
Horizon Taverley
Hypnotized Sophanem pyramid

Name Location
Iban Past the door in the Underground Pass after the Flames of Zamorak well
Ice Melody White Wolf Mountain
Illusive Dream area from Dream Mentor quest
Impetuous Puro-Puro from Impetuous Impulses minigame
In Between The Rock after completing the Between a Rock... quest
In the Brine Mos Le'harmless
In the Clink Prison Pete random event
In the Manor Ogre Island east of Gu'Tanoth
In the Pits TzHaar area
Inadequacy Dream area from Dream Mentor quest
Incantation When the demon is being summoned during Shadow of the Storm quest
Insect Queen Kalphite Dungeon
Inspiration Wilderness north of the Monastary
Into the Abyss Abyssal Space (Fairy Ring code ALR)
Intrepid The dwarves' cavern in the Underground Pass, below Iban
Island of the Trolls Islands north of Neitiznot and Jatizso
Island Life Ape Atoll
Isle of Everywhere North coast of Lunar Isle

Name Location
Jester Minute Entertaining Mawnis during The Fremennik Isles quest
Jolly-R The Brimhaven dock
Joy of the Hunt Piscatoris Hunter Area
Jungle Bells Christmas 2006 Event - Karamja Dungeon
Jungle Hunt Feldip Hunter Area
Jungle Island Around Karamja Volcano
Jungle Island Xmas Christmas 2006 Event - Karamja Dungeon
Jungle Troubles North-east Karamja Jungle
Jungly 1 Cairn Island
Jungly 2 North-west Karamja at the Holy Grail whistle-blowing area
Jungly 3 South-west of Tai Bwo Wannai

Name Location
Karamja Jam Red Dragon part of Brimhaven Dungeon
Kingdom On the way to the Death Plateau
Knightly Ardougne castle

Name Location
La Mort Death Altar
Labyrinth Dungeon under Sophanem
Lair Mort'ton Dungeon
Lament Enakhra's Temple from Enakhra's Lament quest
Lament of Meiyerditch Meiyerditch
Land down under Western part of Miscellania Dungeon
Land of the Dwarves West Keldagrim
Landlubber South-west of Brimhaven near the gold rocks
The Last Shanty Coast of Meiyerditch
Last Stand During the Swan Song quest
Lasting Around Rangers' Guild and Hemenster
Legend North-west of Sinclair Mansion
Legion Barbarian Outpost and the Wilderness Bandit Camp
Life's a Beach Coast of Mos Le'harmless
Lighthouse At the Lighthouse north of Barbarian Outpost
Lightness Around the charred crater west of the black warrior fortress
Lightwalk Catherby and south-west
Little Cave of Horrors Mos Le'harmless Dungeon
Lonesome Mining Camp
Long Ago Peninsula east of Yanille that has the gnome (Hazelmere) on it
Long Way Home Around Rimmington
Looking Back Inside the Varrock Museum.
The Lost Melody Dorgeshuun mines
Lost Soul South of the Elf tracker in Isafdar
The Lost Tribe Dorgeshuun mines
Lullaby North-west of the Sinclair Mansion and around the Digsite
The Lunar Isle Lunar Isle

Name Location
Mad Eadgar Mad Eadgar's home, atop Trollheim
The Mad Mole The Giant Mole Den under Falador park
Mage Arena Around the Mage Arena and in the bank and worship room
Magic Dance Around Yanille
Magic, Magic, Magic Somewhere in the Tower of Life
Magical Journey Around Thormac the Sorcerer's tower
Major Miner Unlocked in the mining dungeon on Jatizso Dungeon Mine quest
Making Waves Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Malady Stronghold of Security - Pit of Pestilence
March Around King Lathas' Training Area
Marooned Crash Island before you get to Ape Atoll (Monkey Madness quest)
Marzipan Around Trollheim
Masquerade Slayer Dungeon
Mastermindless Trailborn's quiz room (Recipe for Disaster quest)
Mausoleum Temple guardian's place, near the Sarodomin's Shrine (Priest in Peril quest)
Meddling Kids Fremennik teenager cutscene during the Royal Trouble quest
Medieval Next to the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock
Mellow Fishing Guild
Melzar's Maze Melzar's Maze
Melodrama Castle Wars waiting room
Meridian In the Troll Stronghold, the cells of Mad Eadgar and Godric's cells
Method of Madness Confusion room in the Dungeon of Tolna
Miles Away Around the Crafting Guild
Mind over Matter Telekinesis room in the Mage Training Arena
Miracle Dance Mind Rune Altar
Mirage Sophanem Pyramid
Miscellania On Miscellania
The Mollusc Menace Unlocked sometime during Slug Menace quest
Monarch Waltz Sinclair Mansion area
Monkey Madness Ape Atoll
The Monsters Below Waterbirth Island Dungeon
Monster Melee H.A.M Hideout
Moody West section of West Ardougne and south of the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness
Morytania East of the Paterdomus temple Priest in Peril quest)
Mouse Trap In the mouse tunnels during the Grim Tales quest.
Mudskipper Melody Mudskipper Point
Mutant Medley Tower of Life (basement?)
My Arm's Journey Unlocked during My Arm's Big Adventure

Name Location
Narnode's Theme Grand Tree Rocks beneath the Grand Tree
Natural Outside of the island for Nature Spirit quest
The Navigator Swensen's Portal Maze during The Fremennik Trials
Neverland Around the entrance to the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Newbie Melody In Lumbridge Castle
Nightfall South of Falador and east part of the members Wilderness
Night of the Vampyre Meiyerditch
The Noble Rodent Fighting the king rat (Rat Catchers quest)
Nomad Around Tai Bwo Wannai
Norse Code Unlocked sometime during The Fremennik Isles quest
No Way Out The rift from A Soul's Bane quest
Null and Void Void Knight Outpost

Name Location
Ogre the Top Unlocked sometime during The Fremennik Isles quest
On the Up Dream area from Dream Mentor quest
On the Wing Eternal Forest (Fairy ring code BKQ)
Oriental Rashiliyia's Tomb
The Other Side Port Phasmatys
Out of the Deep Lighthouse Basement
Over to Nardah Nardah
Overpass The secret way into Isafdar
Overture Seers' Village

Name Location
Parade By the Jolly Boar Inn
Path of Peril Invisible Dungeon
Pathways Beginning of Brimhaven Dungeon
Pest Control Pest Control minigame
Pharaoh's Tomb Agility Pyramid
Phasmatys Slime pool at Port Phasmatys
Pheasant Peasant Freaky Forester Random Event
Pinball Wizard Pinball Random Event
Pirates of Penance Barbarian Assault minigame
Pirates of Peril Pirate House in member's Wilderness
Poles Apart Trollweiss hunter area
The Power of Tears Tears of Guthix minigame
Prime Time The floors under the Elemental Workshop
Principality Burthorpe

Name Location
Quest Fire Rune Altar
The Quizmaster Quizmaster Random Event

Name Location
Rat a Tat Tat Rat Pits in Varrock
Rat Hunt Rat Catchers quest mansion
Ready for Battle Tunnels below Castle Wars
Regal Rogues Castle in member's Wilderness
Reggae Jungle west of Brimhaven and east Kharazi Jungle
Reggae 2 East Karamja on the east side of the river
Relleka Rellekka
Right on Track Cave south of the mine cart system, (during Forgettable Tale... quest)
Righteousness Law Rune Altar
Rising Damp Brine Rats Dungeon
Riverside East Ardougne Mine area
Roc and Roll Killing the Rocs during My Arm's Big Adventure quest
The Rogues Den Rogue's Den
Roll the Bones Graveyard area in the Mage Training Arena
Romancing the Crone Trollweiss Mountain
Romper Chomper Ice wolf area north of Trollheim
Royale Black Knight Hideout in Taverley Dungeon
Rune Essence At the Rune Essence

Name Location
Sad Meadow East section of West Ardougne and the wilderness Ice plateau
Saga North-west of Sinclair Mansion
Sarcophagus Inside the pyramid east of the Bandit camp
Sarim's Vermin Rat Pits in Port Sarim
Scape Cave Varrock Sewers and part of Edgeville Dungeon
Scape Hunter Eagles' Peak
Scape Main Login screen
Scape Old This was the RuneScape theme song until retired then and given as an automatic song.
Scape Original The old main-tune of RuneScape
Scape Sad Around the Greater Demon ruins and the Hazeel Sewers
Scape Santa Login Screen during Christmas
Scape Scared Automatic song, it's from Halloween 2004 title screen
Scape Soft On the trails north of Falador
Scape Wild North of the Chaos Altar and west of the Demon Ruins also at the level 22 wilderness Death Crater
Scarab Near the pyramid east of the Bandit camp
Sea Shanty Karamja around the Banana Plantation
Sea Shanty 2 Port Sarim
Sea Shanty Xmas Christmas 2006 on the abandoned dock next to the Banana Plantation
Serenade Around the Observatory
Serene Around the Wilderness Agility course and the Air Rune Altar
Settlement At the mountain camp (Mountain Daughter quest)
The Shadow On Crandor Isle
Shadowland East part of Mort'ton and Morytania
Shine Duel Arena Hospital and the wilderness above the Lumber Yard
Shining Bone Yard at level 26-29 wilderness
Showdown Dungeon where you fight the Jungle Demon during Monkey Madness quest
Sigmund's Showdown Fight with Sigmund during Death to the Dorgeshuun quest
Shipwrecked The shipwreck north of Port Phasmatys
Showdown Arena where you fight the Jungle Demon in Monkey Madness quest
The Slayer Slayer Dungeon
Slither and Thither Sea Snake part of the Miscellania Dungeon
Slice of Silent Movie The beginning scene in the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest
Slice of Station When you teleport to goblin village in the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest
Slug a bug Ball Dungeon from Slug Menance quest
Sojourn Trollheim Maze
Soundscape South of Gu'Tanoth
Sphinx North of Sophanem near Icthlarin's Little Helper quest start
Spirit West Varrock
Spirits of the Elid The cave used in the Spirits of the Elid quest
Splendour North of Taverley
Spooky Around Draynor Manor
Spooky 2 Haunted Mine
Spooky Jungle North-east Karamja Jungle
Stagnant North-east of the Nature Island in Mort Myre swamp
Starlight Ice Caves
Start North side of Draynor Village
Stillness Myreque Dungeon
Still Night North of Lumbridge by the north enterance into Al-Kharid
Storm Brew Killerwatts plane via Draynor Manor
Stranded Ice gate north of Trollheim
Strange Place Isafdar and cutscene of A Tail Of Two Cats
Stratosphere Cosmic Rune Altar
Subterranea Waterbirth Island
Sunburn West of the Mining Camp
Superstition Kharazi Jungle Caves
Suspicious During Monkey Madness quest cutscenes

Name Location
Tale of Keldagrim East Keldagrim
Talking Forest McGrubor's Wood
Technology Gnome Glider Hangar (Monkey Madness quest)
Tears of Guthix Tears of Guthix minigame
Temple of Light Temple of Light
Temple Beneath the Ape Atoll Monkey's Temple
The Terrible Tower Slayer Tower
Theme Around the Dwarf base with the Coal Trucks and in Waterfall Dungeon
Throne of the Demon The Golem quest portal area
Time Out Maze Random Event
Time to Mine Using the golden cannonball in the Between a rock... quest
Tiptoe Count Draynor's coffin room in Draynor Manor
Title Fight Champion's Challenge
Tomb Raider Inside the Pyramid Plunder minigame
Tomorrow South of Port Sarim
Too Many Cooks... Goblin Village kitchen
The Tower Between Ardougne and the Fishing Guild
Trawler In the Fishing Trawler boat
Trawler Minor When you sink on the Fishing Trawler
Tree Spirits West of the Tree Gnome Stronghold entrance
Tremble Secret way to Death Plateau
Tribal Background East of Tai Bwo Wannai
Tribal At the Nature Altar ruins
Tribal 2 East of Rashiliyia's Tomb
Trinity Around the Legends Guild
Troubled Feldip Hills and the west wilderness Ruins
Twilight In the workshop for the Elemental Workshop quest
TzHaar TzHaar Fight Caves

Name Location
Undead Dungeon Lair of Tarn Razalor
Undercurrent Battle plains at level 23 wilderness
Underground By the Chaos Altar at level 11 wilderness and at the Black Demons in Taverley Dungeon and Entrana Dungeon
Underground Pass Underground Pass area from the grill section and on for a ways
Understanding Nature Rune Altar
Unknown Land South and east of Draynor Village
Untouchable Dream state from Dream Mentor quest
Upcoming South of Ardougne Zoo

Name Location
Venture Around the Digsite and in the Digsite caves
Venture 2 Digsite cave
Victory is Mine Champion's Challenge
Village Canifis
Vision At the Wizards' Tower
Volcanic Vikings Neitiznot
Voodoo Cult Kharazi Jungle Caves and the lowest level of Rashiliyia's Tomb
Voyage North of Baxtorian Waterfall

Name Location
Waking Dream Dream area from Lunar Diplomacy quest
Wander South of Falador
Warrior Koschei the Deathless' Dungeon from The Fremennik Trials
Warriors' Guild Inside the Warriors' Guild
Waterfall Close to Baxtorian Waterfall and at Glarial's Tomb
Waterlogged Midway south in Mort Myre
Way of the Enchanter Lunar Isle Mines
Wayward Zogre Dungeon
We are the Fairies Cosmic entity plane (Fairy ring code CKP)
Well of Voyage Underground Pass between Iban's temple and the way to Isafdar
Where Eagles Lair Inside the Eagles' Peak
Wild Side Wilderness north of Lava Maze
Wilderness Area near the Hobgoblin Mine
Wilderness 2 West of the Red Spider Ruins in wilderness
Wilderness 3 South of the Red Spider ruins in wilderness
Wilderness 4 The Graveyard north of the west wilderness ruins
Wildwood Level 12 wilderness, north of the Chaos Altar
Witching Wilderness bone yard
Woe of the Wyvern Skeletal Wyvern area of the Ice Caves
Wolf Mountain South of Red Dragon Isle and also at the Chaos Marsh
Wonder Around the level 3 wilderness Dark Wizards (north of Goblin Village)
Wonderous Around the north entrance to Ardougne
Woodland At the Elf Camp in Isafdar
Work, Work, Work Inside the Tower of Life
Workshop Falador near the Mining Guild
Wrath and ruin Tolna's rift area, Anger room

Name Location
Xenophobe Waterbirth Island

Name Location
Yesteryear Lumbridge Swamp West

Name Location
Zealot At the Water Rune Altar
Zogre Dance Jiggig
Zombiism Harmony Island

Author: Kiddy and Myst

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