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- 2 Quest Points.
- 5,000 Magic XP, 5,000 Runecrafting XP.
- 50 Astral Runes.
- Access to the Astral Spell Set.

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Lokar, north-west of Rellekka.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 61 Crafting, 40 Defence, 49 Firemaking, 5 Herblore, 65 Magic, 60 Mining, 55 Woodcutting.
Quest: The Fremmenik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village.
Item: Tinderbox, 1 Marrentill, 1 Guam Leaf, Dramen Staff, Pickaxe, Hammer, Pestle and Mortar, Needle, Thread, 400GP, Spade, Air, Water, Earth and Fire Tiaras/Talismans or an Elemental Talisman.
Other: Ability to defeat Suqahs (Level-111) (Magic and Melee attacks).


Item: Amulet of Glory(4), Teleport Runes.

Get ready to be taken on a diplomatic mission between the Fremennik and the mysterious Moon Clan of Lunar Isle.

It's up to you to settle their dispute and bring peace to these lands. Along your mission you will travel with pirates in their giant sea galleon, explore a new magical island and journey into your very dreams!

Part 1:
Setting Sail?

Step 1
Talk to Lokar.
Talk to Brundt the Chieftain.
Board ship and talk to Cpt. Bentley twice.
Talk to 'Bird's eye' Jack.
Talk to captain again.
Talk to 'Eagle eye' Shulz.
Talk to Beefy Burns.
Talk to Lecherous Lee.
Talk to first mate.
Talk to Cabin boy.
Use lantern on all listed items.

Items needed: Tinderbox. Zybez RuneScape Help's Hawaiianham's Picture of Lokar

To begin the quest, make your way to the Fremennik docks, and speak to Lokar. Now speak to Brundt the Chieftain in the pub in Fremennik, who will give you the Seal of Passage (Picture). Make sure you keep this at all times throughout the quest.

When you have the Seal of Passage, head back to Lokar and board the ship. Speak to Captain Bentley to set off (Picture).

Speak to the Captain again and he suggests you speak to the navigator. Go to 'Birds-Eye' Jack, the Navigator (Picture), and he says there's a jinx on the ship. Go back to the Captain again and he'll ask you to find who jinxed the ship.

Once you've agreed to help, speak to 'Eagle-eye' Shultz, north of the Captain's deck, and ask about the jinx (Picture). After speaking to Shultz, go to the Beefy Burns, the Chef. Then go up to the top floor of the boat, and speak to Lecherous Lee, near the cabin boy (Picture). Now go and speak to First Mate 'Davey-Bo.'

Speak to the cabin boy, who will admit to planting five jinx symbols on the ship; he will tell you roughly where they are. You may have to talk to him twice but he'll give you a lantern case and emerald lens. Put the lantern together, light it and use the lantern on the objects listed below, with more specific locations. Once you have done this, speak to the Captain and set off:

  1. On the wall - The chart on the wall behind the First mate (Picture).
  2. On a container - The crate in the kitchen (Picture).
  3. On a box - Northern-most chest on the bottom floor of the ship (Picture).
  4. On a support - The support pillar on the bottom floor of the ship (next to the chef) (Picture).
  5. On a large metal object - The cannon south-east of the Cabin boy (Picture).

Part 2:
Lunar Island

Step 2
Talk to Meteora.
Speak to Oneiromancer.
Talk to Baba Yaga.
Kill Suqahs for a Suqah tooth.
Talk to Oneiromancer.
Follow instructions for Staff.
Talk to Oneiromancer again.

Items needed: Marrentill, Guam Leaf, Dramen Staff, Air, Water, Earth and Fire Tiaras/Talismans or an Elemental Talisman. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Astral Altar

After the cutscene, speak to Meteora (south-west of the bank in a house with a sink) and she tells you to head to the south-east section of the isle to speak to their leader Oneiromancer who is located next to the new altar.

After speaking to Oneiromancer, go north-west of the town and enter a house with chicken legs. Speak to Baba Yaga, who will say that you need to make a potion - she then gives you a special vial (Picture). Grab your Guam leaf and Marrentill, then go and kill the Suqahs (Level-111) until you receive a Suqah tooth (Picture).

Once you've made the potion, head south-east again and speak to Oneiromancer. She tells you that you need to use a dramen staff on the air, fire, water and earth runecrafting altars in that exact order to make a Lunar Staff. Once you have the Lunar staff, head back to Oneiromancer who will tell you that you need to make a nifty suit.

Part 3:
New Threads

Step 3
Mine & smelt Lunar ore from Dungeon.
Talk to Pauline.
Talk to Meteora.
Kill Suqahs for Tiara. Save hides.
Tan and craft four Suqah hides.
Talk to Selene.
Dig South of Bridge.

Items needed: Pickaxe, Hammer, Pestle and Mortar, Needle, Thread, 400GP, Spade.

The Oneiromancer tells you that there are eight pieces needed to make the suit. You need to make a helm, cape, amulet, torso, gloves, boots, trousers and a ring.

To make the helm you will need to mine some Lunar ore, which can be found in the dungeon north-east of the town. Smelt and smith the ore in Rellekka to make the helm.

To acquire the cape speak to Pauline in the north-western-most house in the village. She will ask you to guess her real name - Jane Blud Hajic Maid is the correct response.

To acquire the amulet speak to Meteora, who will tell you to kill Suqahs (Level-111) in the north-east area until you receive a tiara. Collect the hides as well, as you will need these later on. Take the tiara to Meteora and she will give you the amulet.

To make the torso, gloves, boots and trousers, use a Suqah hide that you collected previously, and get it tanned at the town clothes shop, run by Rimae Sirsalis. Tanning costs 100gp per hide, and you need four tanned hides all up. When they've been tanned, simply use a needle and thread on them to make the pieces of the suit.

To obtain the ring, speak to Selene, who will tell you that she doesn't have the ring, as her Grandfather buried it. She will give you a clue as to where it can be found ("From water's source you should follow, crossing the western-most bridge and traveling further south westerly to a bloom of blue"), so take your spade and dig in the south-western part of island, south of the bridge (Picture).

Part 4:

Step 4
Use potion on kindling.
Use tinderbox with Brazier.
Use kindling with Brazier.
Talk to Ethereal man.

Items needed: Lunar Suit, Potion, Tinderbox. Hawaiianham's Screenshot of the Dreamland

Once you have taken the suit and potion to Oneiromancer, she will give you all the items you have collected back along with some kindling. Wear the full outfit and head to the brazier in the western corner of the town.

When you get to the Brazier (Picture), use the potion on the kindling, then use the tinderbox on the Brazier to light it. Now use the potion soaked kindling on the lit brazier, and you will be transported to the ethereal realm.

Speak to the Ethereal man who will tell you that you need to complete some tests. If you log out whilst in the Ethereal area, you will have to speak to Oneiromancer to get the equipment used to enter the Dreamlike state again. If you die inside the Ethereal area, you will be teleported back to where you entered, with items and statistics intact. You lose no items if you die.

After speaking to her, head to the platform on the east side and you get transported into another area. The tests will be shown below in clockwise order. Please note that if you die in the dream state you will not lose any of your stuff you will just exit the state. You will however need to get yourself another kindling.

Step 5
Complete tests.
Read Lecturn.
Speak to Oneiromancer.

The Race is on - this takes you to an area where you speak to an ethereal expert. He will challenge you to a race, him having the easy path, you having the hard one (Picture). To beat him you must jump over the hurdles and finish first. Warning: the hurdles take off 8 damage if you fail and it is uncertain if you can die in the Dream State.

Communicating in numbers - this is a logical game where your numerical reasoning skills come in handy. You have to follow Ethereal Numerator sequences. Hawaiianham's Screenshot of the Ethereal Numerator

  1. 1, 2, 3 » » 4, 5
  2. 1, 3, 5 » » 7, 9
  3. 7, 3, 6 » » 5, 1
  4. 8, 6, 4 » » 2, 0
  5. 3, 4, 2, 5 » » 1, 6
  6. 1, 4, 2, 5 » » 3, 6
  7. 1, 6, 2, 5 » » 3, 4
  8. 0, 1, 3, 4 » » 6, 7
  9. 1, 9, 2, 8 » » 3, 7
  10. 7, 3, 6, 2 » » 5, 1
  11. 9, 8, 7, 6 » » 5, 4
  12. 2, 6, 3, 7 » » 4, 8
  13. 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 » » 3, 4
  14. 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 » » 11, 12
  15. 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4 » » 1, 5

Anything you can do... - speak to the Ethereal Mimic - This is exactly the same as the mime random event, just copy the emotes this Mimic does (Picture).

A game of chance - speak to the Ethereal Fluke and they will give you a number, there are six dice each with two possible numbers; what you need to do is make up the correct number using the dice (Picture).

Where am I? - speak to the Ethereal Guide and you will be given a grid of platforms to cross (Picture).

Chop, chop, chop away! - speak to Ethereal Perceptive and he will challenge you to a woodcutting race (Picture). All you have to do is chop down 20 logs before him and place them in the centre pile to win the race - it's very easy, he even gives you an axe.

When you have completed all six of the tests the Ethereal man will give you one final test, you must defeat yourself. It's pretty damn easy as your self is actually very weak (Picture). All you have to do is keep hitting and chase your self down when it teleports.

Once you've done that, read the lectern and speak to the Oneiromancer to finish the quest.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Lunar Diplomacy Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What bonus does the new armour give and what does it look like?

A: The stats for the Lunar equipment is shown below:

Lunar Set
Zybez RuneScape Help's image of a Lunar set Picture Name Picture Name Picture Name
Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Helm Picture Lunar helm Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Gloves Picture Lunar gloves Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Staff Picture Lunar staff
Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Torso Picture Lunar torso Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Cape Picture Lunar cape Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Amulet Picture Lunar amulet
Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Legs Picture Lunar legs Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Boots Picture Lunar boots Zybez RuneScape Help's Lunar Ring Picture Lunar ring
Full set attack bonus Stab: +3; Slash: +2; Crush: +16; Magic: +42; Range: -21
Full set defence bonus Stab: +67; Slash: +55; Crush: +79; Magic: +43; Range: +3
Other bonus: Strength: +15; Prayer: +3

Q: How do I change spell sets?

A: To switch between spell sets, simply pray at the Astral altar on Moonclan island. Note that you will not lose any prayer points as with swapping to ancient magicks. This altar has not been added to the Abyss which makes life slightly harder.

Q: After the quest can I destroy the seal of passage?

A: Yes you can, unless you want to come back to Moonclan island and speak to the NPC's, bank or go to the shop's. If you ever need to use it again all you will need to do is speak to Brundt the Chieftan to get another one.

Q: I lost my Lunar (Astral Plane) Clothing, how do I get it back?

A: To get the clothing back, go speak to Oneiromancer. You will need to pay a large sum per piece to regain them and you can choose which piece you want back if you dropped it all.

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