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Welcome to OSRS RuneScape Help's Tome Archive. You might be wondering what exactly is meant by "Tome Archive". Well, it is basically a collection of RuneScape's literature; from books to manuals to manuscripts to decrepit tomes found during quests. Every piece of literature available in RuneScape is contained within this archive. Happy reading!

Book Title: Entered by: Item Name:
A History Of The Goblin Race Robin Hilton Goblin Symbols
Abyssal Research Notes Robin Hilton Abyssal Book
AMCE Lift-In-A-Box User Manual Myst Lift manual
Barbarian Skills Tzu Men Barbarian Skills
Basics of Magic Robin Hilton Moonclan Manual
Big Book o' Bangs. Robin Hilton, Myst Big Book Bangs
Book of Binding Fierce Deity Book Of Binding
Book of the Elemental Helm Zanith Beaten Book
Book of the Elemental Shield Myst Battered Book
Book On Baxtorian Myst Book On Baxtorian
Brewin' Guide ile89 Brewin' Guide
Castle Wars Manual Robin Hilton Castlewars Manual
Charred Diary Myst Burnt Diary
Clockwork Toys - A clockwork Mechanism Kod Flame Clockwork Book
Crystal Singing For Beginners Fierce Deity Crystal Of Seren
Diary Blenders Diary
Diary of Herbi Flax ile89 Diary (Diary of Herbi Flax)
Dionysius: A Legend of his own Lifetime Flaming Arrow Hermans book
Drozal's Journal Myst Journal
Dwarven Multi Cannon Robin Hilton Instruction Manual
Embalming Manual Robin Hilton Embalming Manual
Exploration of the Eastern Realm Myst Eastern Discovery
Farmer Gricoller's Farming Manual Myst Farming Manual
Gianne's Cook Book Myst Gianne's Cook Book
Gnome Translation Robin Hilton Gnome Translation
Guide to Construction Flaming Arrow Construction Guide
Guthix - Book Of Balance Robin Hilton Book Of Balance
Histories of the Hallowland Robin Hilton Crumbling Tome
Holy Book of Saradomin chris07, Kiddy Holy Book
Iban's Ressurection Blenders, Kiddy Journal
Journal (Glough's) ile89 Glough's journal
Journal of Nissyen Edern Myst Edern's journal
Legend of the Brothers Da_Dragon555 Crumbling Tome
Magic Training Arena Lore Book Myst Arena Book
Managing Thine Kingdom Kiddy Ghrim's Book
Manual Blenders, Kiddy Manual
Modern Day Morytania Robin Hilton Leather Book
My Notes Ryan P J/Lizarick My Notes
Old Man's Message Flaming Arrow Old man's message
Party Pete's Bumper Book Of Games Jon Dudley Game book
Pie Recipe Book lusidea Pie Recipe Book
Prayer of Deliverance from Poisons Flaming Arrow Prayer Book
Queen Help Book ale_jrb Queen Help
RuneScape Account Security Robin Hilton, Myst Security Book
Settlement of the East Myst Eastern Settlement
Shaman's Tome Kiddy Shaman's Tome
Strange Book (All Chapters) Myst Strange Book
Stronghold of Security - Notes Robin Hilton, Myst Stronghold Notes
The Arzinian Being Of Bordanzan Robin Hilton Dwarven Lore
The Blurberry Cocktail Guide Myst Cocktail Guide
The Book of the Big High War God Myst Goblin book
The Cadarn Lineage Myst Cadarn Lineage
The Confession of Ellemar Myst Demonic Tome
The Creation of Prifddinas Myst Prifddinas' history
The Diary of Tarn Razalor Kod Flame Tarn's Diary
The Fall of the Dagon'hai Kod Flame Dagon'hai history
The Great Divide Myst The Great Divide
The Journal of Arthur Artimus Zybez Feathered Journal
The Journal Of Randas Robin Hilton, Myst Old Journal
The Journal of Sin'keth Magis Myst Sin'keth's Diary
The Little Book o' Piracy Enviro The Little Book o' Piracy
The Myth of the Elder-dragons Myst Book of Fokelore
The Origins of the Bird of Evil Myst Book on Chickens
The Ratpits Manual Myst Book
The Ruins of Uzer No1Stoney Varmen's Notes
The Shield of Arrav Myst Book
The Sleeping Seven Teelex Ancient Book
The Tale Of Scorpius Robin Hilton, Myst Astrology Book
Tourist Guide to Ardougne Myst Guide Book
Translation Primer ile89 Translation
Unholy Book of Zamorak recone94 Unholy Book
Volatile Chemicals - Experimental Test Notes. Robin Hilton, Myst Book On Chemicals
William Oddity's Guide to the Avian Zybez Bird Book
Witches' Diary ile89 Diary
Yewnock's Notes on Elves Jeremy & ile89 Yewnock's notes on crystals

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