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Gnome-English Translation

written by Anita

This text contains the ancient Gnome words I have managed to translate thus far.

arpos: rocks
ando: gate
andra: city
ataris: cow

cef: threat
Cinqo: King
cretor: bucket

eis: me
es: a
et: and
eto: will

gandius: jungle
gentis: leaf
gutus: banana
gomondo: branch

harij: harpoon
hewto: grass

ip: you
imindus: quest
irno: translate

kar: no
kai: boat
ko: sail

lemanto: man
lemantolly: stupid man
lovos: gave

meso: came
meriz: kill
moss: coin
mi: I
mondi: seal

prit: with
priw: tree
pro: to

Qui: guard
Quir: guardian

rentos: agility

sind: big

ta: the
tuzo: open

Undri: lands

Item Name: Gnome TranslationZybez RuneScape Help's Book Image
Author: Robin Hilton

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