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What is Zchat?

Zchat is Runescape Community's official Friend Chat. In OSRS (Old School Runescape) it also functions as RSC's Clan Chat.

How do I connect in OSRS?

Connecting is very simple. Ingame, click on the tab that looks like this:

You'll be taken to the tab that looks like this:

Then simply hit "Join Chat" and type "Zchat" in the box that pops up hit the Enter key and you're in.

Players can type in the chat by using one forward slash like so:
/Hello Zchat!

Are there any rules I need to follow?

Yes, the rules are as follows:

  1. Repeatedly spamming the chat will earn you a kick. The same applies to "flooding" (the mass posting of messages). This also applies to website advertising, account selling, password scamming or any blatant black market activity. You will be kicked.
  2. Racism, sexism, homophobia or excessive flaming will earn you a kick without warning. It is the ranked person's discretion of what is considered kick-able or not.
  3. Any other offensives (one-off spam, objectionable discussion (including, but not limited to, the discussion botting, hacking & of drugs/illegal substances)) you may receive a warning. If you ignore this warning and continue with this behavior, you will be kicked. It is the ranked person's discretion of what is considered warnable or not.
  4. Treat other users with the same courtesy as you would expect. If someone asks a question, try to answer clearly and concisely. If someone is chatting, do not shout them down. Users who persistently attempt to bully, harass or "troll" other users will be kicked.
  5. Players who circumvent their kick will be banned from the Chat for a minimum of one week. Players who persistently break the rules may be subject to longer bans within the chat.
  6. The language of the chat is English. This is for the convenience of everyone. Any discussion in anything but English will earn a warning.
  7. Do not impersonate other individuals by using similar names as ranked users. Individuals who do so to insult or defame others will be kicked without warning.
  8. Do not advertise other chats within the Zchat.
  9. Do not fill the chat with questions about a moderator's actions. Take it to private messages or, if you feel the moderator has been unjust then message Matchu with the relevant information on the Discord Server.

Kick, Bans and Appeals

As part of our mission to ensure Zchat is as great as possible, we've changed the way Appeals work. If you are kicked from the chat the minimum wait time is 1 hour before you'll be able to rejoin however if you're banned from the chat and wish to appeal, you should use this form and be as detailed as possible. The chat staff will discuss your appeal and then get back to you as soon as possible. This may take several days. Two things to consider. The minimum ban is 1 month. If whatever you've done is particularly bad, that could be extended from 1 month to forever or somewhere in-between. We won't consider appeals from anyone who has been banned for less than this. Secondly, if your appeal is rejected for whatever reason, you may not appeal again for 3 months. Any appeals before that deadline will reset the timer (so you'll have to wait 3 months from that point).

Author: Zchat Staff, Wee Man

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