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What is Zchat?
Zchat is Zybez's official Friend Chat. In OSRS (Old School Runescape) it also functions as Zybez's Clan Chat.

How do I connect in OSRS?
Connecting is very simple. Ingame, click on the tab that looks like this:

You'll be taken to the tab that looks like this:

Then simply hit "Join Chat" and type "Zchat" in the box that pops up:

hit the Enter key and you're in.
Players can type in the chat by using one forward slashe like so:
/Hello chat!

Are there any rules I need to follow?
The Zchat rules can be found in this topic along with any updates that happen in the chat.

Can I buy or sell stuff in the chat?
Buying or selling is allowed, but please do not spam up the chat. We recommend using the OSRS Price Guide for all your OSRS marketing needs.

I've been banned from the chat, what do I do now? If you have been kicked from the chat, your ban will expire in an hour. If you have been permanently banned from the chat and you feel this was a mistake or you wish to appeal the ban, please use the Appeals form located here.

Author: Zchat Staff

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