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A Treatise on Demons

-- Indexo --

Arcana : I

Instructo : II

Defeati : III

Enchanto : IIII

Arcana I: Use holy water to determine possession. Slight Appearance changes may be perceived when doused.

Legendary Silverlight will help to defeat any demon by weakening it.

Arcana II: Be wary of any demon, it may have special forms of attack.

Use an Octogram of fire to confine unearthly creatures of the underworld - the perfect geometry confuses them. Eximus Instructo : Creation of holy water must be undertaken with determination and urgency.

Take to yourself empty vials free of all liquids.

Read warily the enchantment contained herewithin in order to magick the vial for the holding of holy or sacred water.

Take utmost care as you enchant them. With great care and precision place the sacred water into a magickal vial, and stopper it.

Eximus Defeati... Ye Dreaded demon will be of unholy power and abilities. Present thyself before the possessed with good intent and ready manner.

With least obstruction and utmost solemnity hold open the pages of this great tome in order that the goodlight falls upon the victim completely. Be thee prepared in every capacity, for the demon's tricks and wiles will outwit the unready man.

Attack with vigour and zest if thee hopes to see another day.

Eximus Enchanto...

Possessus valius emptious, profectus spellicus avoir valius magicus.

Castus enchanto avoir createur valius magicus holious avour defeati Demonicus Absolutus.

Extralias projectus Magicus Holarius

Attackanie Demonicus Absolutus distancie airus throwus armiues.


Item Name: Book Of BindingZybez RuneScape Help's Book Image
Author: Fierce Deity

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