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Troubleshooting your AMCE Lift-In-A-Box

'My lift doesn't work!'

1. Have you added the pulleys? Make sure you have a long top beam with a pulley, and pulleys on the two crossbeams. We recommend AMCE Pulley-Beams-In-A-Box.

2. Have you attached a rope? Wind one of your AMCE Ropes-In-A-Box through the pulleys.

3. Is the platform broken? Repair it with one of your AMCE Beams-In-A-Box.

4. Have you added the engine? The AMCE Lift-In-A-Box does not include an engine.

5. Have you added coal to the engine? All compatible coal engines have a maximum load of five chunks of coal.

(AMCE Lift-In-A-Box, Pulley-Beams-In-A-Box, Beams-In-A-Box and Ropes-In-A-Box are all registered trademarks of Ali Morrisane Commercial Enterprises (AMCE) Ltd.)

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Author: Myst

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