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This is not a full book. It has been added for reference purposes.

In the name of Saradomin,
Protector of us all,
I now join you in the eyes of Saradomin

Last Rites:
Thy cause was false, thy skills did lack;
See you in Lumbridge when you get back.

Go in peace in the name of Saradomin;
May his glory shine upon you like the sun.

The currency of goodness is honour;
It retains its value through scarcity.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.

Protect your self, protect your friends.
Mine is the glory that never ends.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.

Walk proud, and show mercy,
For you carry my name in your heart.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.

The darkness in life may be avoided,
Through the light of wisdom shining.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.

Show love to your friends, and mercy to your enemies,
And know that the wisdom of Saradomin will follow.
This is Saradomin's wisdom.

Item Name: Holy BookZybez RuneScape Help's Book Image
Author: chris07, Kiddy

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