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This is not a full book. It has been added for reference purposes.

Wedding Ceremony:
Two great warriors, joined by hand,
to spread destruction across the land.
In Zamorak's name, now two are one.

Last Rites:
The weak deserve to die,
So that the strong may flourish.
This is the creed of Zamorak.

May your bloodthirst never be sated,
and may all your battles be glorious.
Zamorak give you strength.

Battles are not lost and won;
They simply remove the weak from the equation.
Zamorak give me strength!

Those who fight, then run away
Shame Zamorak with their cowardice.
Zamorak give me strength!

There is no opinion cannot be proven true
by crushing those who choose to disagree with it.
Zamorak give me strength!

Battle is my calling,
and death shall be my rest.
Zamorak give me strength!

Strike fast, strike hard, strike true.
The strength of Zamorak will be with you.
Zamorak give me strength!

The fallen foe is the one who tells no tales.
Only the strong are worthy in this world.
Zamorak give me strength!

Item Name: Unholy BookZybez RuneScape Help's Book Image
Author: recone94

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