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I came to cleanse these mountain passes of the dark forces that dwell here. I knew my journey would be treacherous, so I deposited Spheres of Light in some of the tunnels. These spheres are a beacon of safety for all who come. The spheres were created by Saradominist mages. When held they boost our faith and courage. I still feel...

Iban relentlessly tugging...

at my weak soul......

bringing out any innate goodness to ones heart, illuminating the dark caverns with the light of Saradomin, bringing fear and pain to all who embrace the dark side. My men are still repelled by 'Ibans will', it seems as if their pure hearts bar them from entering Ibans realm. My turn has come, I dare not admit it to my loyal men, but I fear for the welfare of my soul.

Item Name: Old JournalZybez RuneScape Help's Book Image
Author: Robin Hilton, Myst

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