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Zybez RuneScape Helps Blast Furnace Screenshot
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

On August 23, 2005, the dwarves in Keldagrim finished something that is considered the pinnacle of all Dwarven technology: the blast furnace. The dwarves opened the blast furnace up to all who wish to use it, ideally it takes more than one person to run this behemoth, but one can do it alone. A number of people are needed to do different jobs, from pumping the hot air into the melting pot, to the person on a bicycle who drives the conveyer belt. There is an ore merchant, and a player-fed armour merchant. They both can be found at the west side of the room. Anvils can be found just north of the ore merchant.

2.0 - Why use the blast furnace?

The blast furnace is a highly efficient smelting machine; therefore, it only takes half as much coal to refine ore than normal. By helping smelters you obtain a small amount of smithing experience, as well as other experience from whatever you are doing.

3.0 - Jobs

When you enter the Furnace Room, you will find the Blast Furnace foreman in the south part of the room. When you talk with him, he will explain all the jobs in the Furnace Room. When each of the jobs are performed correctly, the furnace will start working and you will see smoke and steam come out of 2 pipes. Each of the jobs gives the experience listed below. Additionally, everyone working on the furnace will also receive smithing experience when ores are smelted.

3.1 - Conveyor Belt Operator
Zybez RuneScape Helps Blast Furnace Conveyor Belt Screenshot

Running the conveyor belt is essential because it brings the ores to be smelted into the melting pot. Riding on the bicycle runs the conveyor belt. Doing this job gives 1 agility experience every half second, and requires 30 agility to operate. However, it is hard work to transfer heavy ores along a conveyor belt, so it will drain your energy while operating the conveyor belt. You can also drink and eat while operating the conveyor belt, so bringing a few energy potions will give you extra time on the bicycle.

3.2 - Furnace Stoker
Zybez RuneScape Helps Refuel Furnace Screenshot

The furnace stoker shovels coke into the furnace to heat it up. Without the coke, there isn't enough heat to smelt the ore. Stoking the fire once gives 5 firemaking experience, and requires 30 firemaking to stoke the fire right. This job requires a spade, which can be found right beside the coke bin, as shown in the picture.

3.3 - Heat Pumping
Zybez RuneScape Helps Pumping Screenshot

Pumping the heat is a delicate job. If you heat it up too little the ores cannot be smelted; however, too much heat causes the furnace to overheat, which in return will inflict damage toward you by flames.

3.4 - Gauge Checker

Being the gauge checker yields no experience, making it one of the lowest jobs, it is not really required if you watch where the bars come out. If you are worried about taking damage and want to smelt efficiently get a friend or someone else to watch the gauge. When the needle is pointing to the green area, the ores will begin smelting into bars. Instruct your heat pumper to stop when it is in the low red and to start when it is in the high white. The gauge also displays a small "part broken" sign when something is broken, and needs to be fixed.

Zybez RuneScape Helps Gauge Screenshot

3.5 - Mechanic
Zybez RuneScape Helps Repair Pipes Screenshot

This job is important because these people keep the blast furnace in working order. Understandably, a machine this complex is bound to break, and this one breaks a lot! Repairing the furnace requires 30 crafting, and yields 50 crafting experience when you fix something. This job also requires a hammer, which can be found at the back of the room. Broken machinery causes the melting pot's temperature to drop, so fixing the machines as quickly as possible is of top priority. Having more than one mechanic is a very good idea, if you don't want to waste time.

4.0 - Smelting Your Ores

When the workers do their job, your bars should appear in the bar dispenser, still piping hot from being melted. Grab the nearby bucket, fill it with water, and cool down the bars with the bucket of water.

Grab your bars, and then either smith them at the nearby anvils, or feel free to bank them.

Zybez RuneScape Helps Pouring Water Screenshot

5.0 - FAQ's
Q: When I try to put ore on the conveyor belt, it doesn't let me, why?

A: You are trying to smelt too many ores at one time. Finish up your other ores and try again.

Q: The ore seller doesn't seem to restock right. He'll get 30 of one type of ore, but none of the others, is this a glitch?

A: No, this is not a glitch. The game has it set up where the dwarves bring in from about 20 to 40 ores of a random kind in to the merchant, which goes to restock the shop if the amount of that ore is less than 100.

Q: Why doesn't the guy who sells armour restock? What does "player-fed" mean?

A: He does not restock because he only sells what he's bought from other players. This is what it's meant by player-fed. This is the same system taken by the general stores.

Q: Why am I not getting smithing experience?

A: Perhaps nobody is smelting anything, the workers only get smithing experience if there are people smelting. The gauge checker does not get any experience though.

Q: Can I make cannonballs with the blast furnace?

A: No, you can only smelt ores into bars here.

Author: Staticlike

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