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- 3 Quest Points
- 2,800 Agility XP, 2,800 Attack XP, 2,800 Crafting XP, 2,800 Defence XP, 2,800 Fishing XP, 2,800 Fletching XP, 2,800 Hitpoints XP, 2,800 Strength XP, 2,800 Thieving XP, 2,800 Woodcutting XP.
- Access to Rellekka's facilities.

Start PointStart Point

Talk to Chieftain Brundt in the long hall of Rellekka (North of Seers' Village).

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 5/5


Skill: 25 Fletching, 40 Crafting, 40 Woodcutting.
Item: Knife, Tinderbox, Beer, Raw Shark, Woodcutting Axe, Potato, Onion, Cabbage, 5,250GP.
Other: Ability to defeat Draugen (Level-69) and Koschei the Deathless (several forms) without any Weapons or Armour.


Skill: 60+ Combat.
Item: Weapon (Dragon or better), Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape), Camelot Teleport Runes, Food (Lobsters), Raw Bass (instead of Raw Shark, if you have Ring of Charos(a)), Rings of Recoil.

The council would like to inform our citizens that our recent restoration work on the footpath leading to the Barbarian town of Rellekka, North-west of Sinclair Mansion, has now been completed.

Those traders and adventurers who have been seeking access to this (slightly backwards) region of RuneScape may now do so using the provided footbridge. The council would also like to make it's citizens aware that this large barbarian town has its own laws and customs, and those seeking fortune in these strange lands may be required to first prove their worth in The Fremennik Trials.

Part 1:
Fremennik Initiation

Step 1
Ask Brundt for a quest.
Talk to Swensen and do his maze.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Brundt the Chieftain Talk to Brundt the Chieftain in the long hall and ask for a quest. He will ask you if you want to become a Fremennik which will involve persuading the council members to vote to allow you in. He then says that you will need 7 votes out of the 12 council members to get in. Finally, say that you want to become a Fremennik.

Go talk to the Swensen the Navigator (Picture), who is north-west of the entrance to the village. He will give you a challenge to prove to him that you are able to navigate. This challenge is a maze that he constructed himself. Accept his challenge.

Go down the ladder in the south-west room of his house and you will find yourself on a small cave with a number of portals (Picture). To successfully complete the maze you will have to use the Navigators name, Swensen. You need to go through the portals as follows: south, west, east, north, south, east, and north. When you get to the end of the maze you will see a ladder. Climb up it and Swensen will confirm that you have his vote in becoming a Fremennik.

Part 2:
Merchant's Challenge

Step 2
Talk to Sigmund and take his challenge.
Talk to the Sailor.
Talk to Bard, then Yrsa.

Find and talk to Sigmund the merchant elder in the marketplace (Picture). In order to gain his vote, you will need to bring him a rare flower from somebody in the village. He says that you will need to demonstrate your merchant skills on the person in order to obtain it. Accept his challenge.

Go north and talk to the Sailor about the Merchants trial. He will admit he has the flower, but he says that it's only for the woman he loves. When you suggest that he does something else to impress her, he will agree to give you the flower if you find a love ballad to write a romantic song for him.

Go to the eastern part of the village and talk to Olaf the Bard about the Merchants trial. He will say that he is fully versed in all types of romantic music. He would like to write a song for you except that he cannot concentrate because his boots are worn out.

Talk to the Yrsa about the Merchants trial, in the clothing shop near the Marketplace. She will say that she can make you boots if you are desperate for them, however you must convince Brundt to lower the taxes on the Fremennik Shopkeepers because it hurts the business.

Step 3
Talk to Brudnt, then Sigli.
Ask Skulgrimen for bowstring.
Ask the fisherman for a fight.
Ask Swensen for the map.
Ask Peer the Seer for map.

Go talk to Brundt about the Merchants trial in the long hall. He will want a hunting map from Sigli, who knows the best hunting grounds, to increase productivity so he can lower taxes. Talk to Sigli the Huntsman in the town entrance. Since revealing this information would be costly to him, he will want a custom bowstring for the map.

Go to the amour shop, North-East of long hall, and talk to Skulgrimen about the Merchants trial. Skulgrimen will say that this bowstring is very expensive so instead, he will ask for a rare exotic fish that the sailor on the docks caught. Go talk to the Fisherman who is on the pier just west of the shop about the Merchants trial. In exchange for this fish, the Fisherman wants a map of the deep sea fishing spots that the navigator has stowed away.

Go back to the Navigators hut and talk to Swensen about the Merchants trial. Since it's so valuable he cannot 'just give it away' so he will want a weather forecast from the Fremennik Seer who is just west of the long hall. Talk to Peer the Seer just north-west of the Navigators hut about the Merchants trial. He will want a bodyguard for protection in exchange for the weather forecast.

Step 4
Talk to Thorvald.
Ask Manni for his Champions' Token.
Ask Throa about the cocktail.
Pay Askeladden to stay out of the hall.
Take all the items back to the people who wanted them.

Head back to the amour store and talk to Thorvald the Warrior about the Merchants trial. Thorvald feels that the task of body guarding is below him, he will want a seat on the Champions table in the long hall where he would be honored with a feast. The problem is that all the seats have been filled 'many moons ago'. He says that if you persuade one of the warriors to give up their Champions' Token, he would take their place and he would serve as a bodyguard as payment.

Head to the long hall and talk to Manni the Reveller about the Merchants trial. He says that he has one because he survived over 5000 battles. Since he finds the beer in the long hall to be lousy, he will want a legendary cocktail from Thora for the champions token.

In the same building, Talk to Thora about the Merchants trial. When you ask her to make the 'legendary cocktail', she will eventually agree to make it if you get Askeladden to sign a contract so he will stay out of the hall. Go find Askeladden, directly outside the hall, and although he found the longhouse to be 'fun' he will agree to leave for 5000gp. Give him the money and he will give you a 'Promissory Note'.

Follow everything you've just done in reverse, to get back to the merchant so he can give you the rare flower. He says that he has no choice but to recommend you to the elders due to your abilities as a merchant.

Part 3:
Warrior's Challenge

Step 5
Talk to Thorvald.
Go down the ladder and fight Koschei.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Koschei the Deathless Go to the amour shop and talk to Thorvald the Warrior (Picture). He says that he is an elder and will laugh at the fact of an outsider becoming a Fremennik. He says that you will only get his vote if you prove yourself in a combat situation. You will need to fight Koschei the Deathless, located in the basement, without equipment, till the death in order to prove yourself.

Note that you must either defeat Koschei, or let him kill you. You don't have to kill him (only kill him if you want the Fremennik Blade, which is also dropped by Market Guards here), and if you are killed during the fourth round, you will spawn upstairs with all your items intact, and you will have past the test. If you need to deposit everything you have with you into your bank account, you can talk to Peer the Seer because he knows some sort of spell that will do this for you. You are allowed to bring food and potions in if you wish to finish him off.

Go down the ladder near Thorvald and Koschei the Deathless will eventually appear and attack you. He is fairly easy to beat at first, however if you die to him before the fourth room, you will be sent to Lumbridge or Falador, depending on your spawn location, with no items.

Note: Koschei becomes stronger after each stage, and will learn to defend from your attack styles every now and then, so make sure you swap between aggressive, accurate and defensive modes every now and then. His last form will drain all your prayer at the start. If you have prayer restore potions, save them for the last form and use Protect from Melee then. Just let yourself die at the fourth form and you'll still receive the vote, and won't lose any items.

When you either defeat him or die after the fourth stage, Thorvald will give you his vote.

Note: If you really wish to defeat him, Lobsters and Rings of Recoil help a great deal.

Part 4:
Seer's Challenge

Step 6
Accept Peer the Seer's challenge.
Follow step.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of an Abstract Mural Talk to Peer the Seer (Picture) and he will say that you have to convince him that you can help the Fremennik to gain his vote. His test is a puzzle, in the building south of him, to prove your ability to work things out. Agree to take the test, and agree to let Peer deposit your items into your bank account.

Go to the west door of the building, and click 'Open'. You will be presented with a riddle (Picture). If you plug the correct answer into the combination lock, the door will open. The possible answers for the lock are: Fire, Wind, Mind, Tree, Mage, Life, or Time.

Enter the door and go up the ladder to a small room (Picture). Search the various boxes, crates, bookcases, and cupboard throughout the room and you will get an 'Empty Bucket', an 'Empty Jug', and a 'Red herring'. The other items are useless. Then by 'Studying' the Unicorn and Bulls heads you will get a 'Red Disk' and a 'Wooden Disk'.

Use the red herring on the cooking range and you will get some sort of red sticky goop. Use this goop on the wooden disk and it will turn into another red disk. Go down the east ladder, and 'study' the abstract mural. You will see that here is room for two red disks. Exit the window and use your two disks on the mural and the center of it, and a 'Vase Lid' will fall out.

Step 7
Follow step.
Go down the trap door.
Use your key on the door and talk to Peer.

Now on the west side of the top floor you will see a chest. Try to 'Open' it and you will see that it has a four painted on it. If you examine the bucket and jug you will see that the bucket has a 5 painted on it, and the jug has a 3. These numbers mean that the balance holds 4 units of water, the bucket can hold 5 units of water, and the jug can only hold 3.

Go to the west side of the house and you will see a tap next to a drain. Fill the jug with water, then empty the it into the bucket. Do this again, so you'll now have 1/3 full jug, and a full bucket of water. Empty the bucket of water into the sink, then use the 1/3 filled jug with the bucket. Fill the jug up with water again, and use it on the bucket to obtain a 4/5ths full bucket of water.

Use your 4/5 of a bucket of water on the chest to unlock it. Inside is a vase; shake it, and you will find a 'metallic object' inside. To get it out you will have to fill it up with water, screw on the lid, and then freeze it using the frozen table'. By doing this the vase will break open and you will be left with a 'Frozen Key'. Use the key with the range to get a 'Seer's key'.

Go down the eastern trapdoor, use you're key with a door, and Peer the Seer will commend you for your efforts. You now have the Seers vote in becoming a Fremennik.

Part 5:
Bard's Challenge

Step 8
Talk to Olaf twice.
Cut branch from musical tree, fletch it into a lyre.
Ask Lalli about golden wool.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Swaying Tree Items needed: Woodcutting Axe, Raw Shark (or Ring of Charos(a) and Raw Bass), Knife, Beer, Tinderbox, 2 Camelot Teleport Runes, Weapon, Armour, an Onion, Potato and Cabbage.

Now talk to the Olaf the Bard (Picture) who says he is a member of the council. To gain his vote he wants you to prove that you have musical talent, so he wants you to write an epic. Talk to him again and he will tell you of a musical tree, south of the town that makes very good instruments. Then he will tell you of a Troll, to the south-east that has golden wool that could be used to string your lyre. Then you will need the blessing of the Fossegrimen, a lake spirit to the south west, to tune the lyre. He says that an offering of fish may be necessary to convince the Fossegrimen to do this. Finally he says when you're done all that, you need to perform in the long hall.

Go to the entrance of the city and head directly east until you reach the Swaying Tree. Cut a branch off it and then use your knife on the branch to get an 'unstrung lyre'. Next go just south-east of here to Lalli's home (Picture) and ask about golden wool. You will be sent away after being told that Askeladden stole some of his wool.

Step 9
Talk to Askeladden.
Talk to Lalli about the pet rock, then stone soup.
Make the soup and get gold fleece.
Spin the fleece and complete the lyre.
Play your lyre on the long hall stage.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Fossegrimen Go speak to Askeladden in front of the long hall. He will explain how he tricked Lalli into trading his pet rock to 'guard the golden apples' for golden wool. He will give you a pet rock. Go back and talk to Lalli, but he won't fall for the pet rock trick again. However, you will think up some cunning plan that involves the pet rock, an onion, a potato, and a cabbage. Talk to Lalli again and you will explain to him how to make 'stone soup', which is a 'delicacy'.

Use your pet rock, onion, potato, and cabbage with Lalli's Stew, and he will agree that the soup is very tasty. Talk to him again and he will trade you some 'Golden Fleece'. He will also says, 'HA! I tricked you human!' because he thinks that he got a rare soup-making stone. Use this fleece on a spinning wheel to get 'Golden Wool' then use it on your lyre, to make a complete lyre.

Now go to the village again but as you get to the point where the dirt tracks cross the road just south head South-West until you find a small shrine in the water. Use a Raw Shark on the strange alters and a Fossegrimen will appear to enchant the lyre. You can now play it perfectly.

Go back to the village and go through the door that the 'Long hall Bouncer' is guarding. Go up onto the stage and 'Play' your enchanted lyre. You will sing about some of your accomplishments. You will sing so well that you will be commended by the Bard. He says that you have his vote in becoming a Fremennik.

Part 6:
Reveler's Challenge

Step 10
Accept Manni's challenge, get fake beer from poison salesman (Seers' Village).
Give the workman a beer.
Put the strange object in the pipe.
Switch kegs and begin the contest.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Pipe Talk to Manni the Reveller (Picture) and he will challenge you to a drinking contest in order to prove you that you are physically up to standard. If you take the keg of beer like he says and perform the contest, you will lose. I think that you'd better CHEAT!

Go talk to the poison salesman in Seers' Village pub about the Fremennik Trials (Picture). He will offer to sell you a keg of Peter Potters Patented Party Potion. It has no alcohol, so you won't get drunk! Buy some for 250gp.

On your way back to the village, give the council workman a beer. He deserves one for rebuilding that bridge all by himself. He will give you a strange object, that makes a loud BANG when you light it. Continue on back to Manni the Reveller for the drinking contest, however don't start yet.

Go to the east side of the building and find a pipe with the option 'Put in'. Use your tinderbox with the Strange object, then select the 'Put in Pipe' option. Now go inside.

Talk to Manni to start the drinking contest. Grab a REAL keg of beer then use your 'low alcohol keg' with it. Manni and the barmaid will be distracted by the loud bang you made with your 'strange object' so they won't see you switch the kegs. When it comes your time to drink you won't be drunk at all. Manni will be so impressed that he agrees to give you his vote.

Part 7:
Huntsman's Challenge

Step 11
Accept Sigli's challenge.
Find the Draugen and kill it.
Talk to Sigli.
Collect reward from Brundt.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Draugen Go and talk to Sigli the Huntsman (Picture) in the entrance to town to being your next trial. He says that you need to demonstrate your hunting ability to gain his vote. He will give you a Hunters' Talisman to track down an invisible and indestructible Draugen (Level 69), which is a ghost from Fremennik mythology.

Click 'Locate' on the hunters' talisman, and you will be told where the Draugen is. Follow these directions until you find it. Sometime the Draugen will change locations so you will have to start all over again. Remember that this can take a really long time and can be very frustrating, so just stick with it and you will be fine.

When you find the Draugen (Level 69), it will attack you. The creature has a high Range defence however, so stick to melee. Defeat it. Go back and talk to Sigli the Huntsman. He will say that he saw the entire hunt and that he would be glad to put a good word in for you to the council.

Go back to the long hall and talk to Chieftain Brundt. He will tell you of how he's been monitoring your progress very closely. He will welcome you as an honorary Fremennik.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much are the helmets?

A: They are 78,000GP each. There are four types, Farseer (Mage), Archer, Berserker and Warrior.

Q: Is there an easier way to get my lyre back if I throw it away?

A: Yes. Just kill one of the citizens walking around in the town until they drop the lyre or you can go cut another branch from the swaying tree. Then you can buy some more golden fleece from the troll for 1,000GP.

Author: DY2003 and TheExtremist

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