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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Woodcutting is one of the well-recognized skills of RuneScape because there are trees scattered all over RuneScape. It is an ideal skill to start if you wish to gain some decent money at low levels.

Woodcutting is a very profitable skill. Although you will have to get a high woodcutting level to start earning some decent money, with dedication you could be earning millions.

Other uses for Woodcutting are firemaking and fletching, a members skill. With firemaking, you burn the logs. They are wasted, but you gain firemaking levels. Other uses for normal logs with fletching are making arrow shafts. All other logs are limited to making various items.

2.0 - Basics

You start with a bronze hatchet you get on the tutorial and you click on a tree. You will then swing at the tree until you gain the logs, and then the tree will disappear. As you gain higher levels, and get up to oak and willow logs you will swing multiple times at the tree, and gain multiple logs before the tree disappears.

There are four free player logs, and four members only logs. Normal, oak, willow and yew logs are available to free players and members, while members have maple, teak, mahogany and magic logs. Note that Maple logs are indeed tradable on F2P as a firemaking tool, but cannot be chopped, as they are found only in Members areas of the RuneScape world.

To aid in finding rare trees (Maple trees and above), Jagex has put in a rare tree icon Zybez RuneScape Help's City Key of a Rare Tree Spot on the minimap.

3.0 - Levels, Requirements and Apparel

As you know, there are many trees in RuneScape. In fact, the only thing that outstrips the number of trees in the game is players. The table below outlines the eight log-types players can attain, the level required to chop them, and the experience gained. The Arctic Pine tree is located only in the Fremennik Isles, and you must have at least started the Fremennik Isles quest to be able to chop them.

Picture Type Level to Cut Experience Members
Zybez RuneScape Help's Log Image Regular Log 1 25 No
Zybez RuneScape Help's Achey Tree Log Image Achey Log 1 25 Yes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Oak Log Image Oak Log 15 37.5 No
Zybez RuneScape Help's Willow Log Image Willow Log 30 67.5 No
Zybez RuneScape Help's Teak Log Image Teak Log 35 85 Yes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Maple Log Image Maple Log 45 100 Yes*
Zybez RuneScape Help's Mahogany Log Image Mahogany Log 50 125 Yes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Arctic Pine Log Image Arctic Pine Log 54 40 Yes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Yew Log Image Yew Log 60 175 No
Zybez RuneScape Help's Magic Log Image Magic Log 75 250 Yes

* Maple logs are a free to play item, although the trees are only found in members areas.

There are many axes you can use to cut logs. The better the axe, the easier it will be to chop trees and get logs faster, but different axes have different level requirements.

Picture Name Level Required Members
Bronze axe 1 No
Iron Axe 1 No
Steel Axe 6 No
Black Axe 6 No
Mithril Axe 21 No
Adamant Axe 31 No
Rune Axe 41 No
Dragon Axe 61 Yes

Lumberjack clothing can be obtained from killing undead Lumberjacks during the Burgh de Rott minigame (the broken bridge puzzle). Each piece of lumberjack clothing, when worn, will increase the amount of XP you receive from chopping a log. When wearing the whole set, you will attain a 3.5% XP bonus for each log chopped.

Level 44 woodcutting is required to wear these members only, untradable items, and to obtain them you must have completed the Priest in Peril, Nature Spirit, In Search of the Myreque and In Aid of the Myreque quests. Considering the intensity and time required to get them, it would be going out of your way to get them if you have not done any of the requirements as it is. However for the avid woodcutter, it is time well spent.

Picture Name Individual XP boost
Lumberjack hat 0.4%
Lumberjack top 0.8%
Lumberjack legs 0.6%
Lumberjack boots 0.2%

Zybez RuneScape Help's Normal Tree Training Location Map
4.0 - Training Methods and Locations
Level 1 to 35

Level 1 is the starting point for all great woodcutters. At this level, you can cut normal and evergreen trees. Members can use the regular logs they obtain from such trees, to fletch arrow shafts. A good spot to train for non-members is by draynor manor with the forest of dead trees. At level 15, you can chop oak trees. However, these can be a little slow, so if you stay around the same general area of Draynor woods, you can interchange between regular trees and oaks. At level 25, you should now be able to chop oaks fast enough; continue chopping in the forest just east of Draynor. At level 30, you can chop willows, but continue with oaks until around level 35 - allowing you to chop willows faster. Members should consider training in McGrubor's Woods, as it is not crowded and the trees are more spread out.

Level 36 to 60

Zybez RuneScape Help's Willow Log Location Animation From level 36, you should be able to chop willows fast enough. For Free players, the best place to chop and bank your willows is Draynor Village, just south of the bank. For Members, you can't go past the willows outside the Barbarian Assault mini game, as there are eight willow trees, accompanied by a deposit box just inside the mini game. Willow logs can be a very good money-maker for lower levels, making up to 25k per hour. Other good spots include South of Rimmington, West of Port Sarim, East of Port Sarim, and beside the Champions' Guild. Unfortunately these spots are second-rate, due to the fact that there are no nearby banks. However, if you are dropping or burning your logs as you go, these places are never crowded, so are far better than Draynor. For members, there are also large amounts of willow trees located by the Lady of the Lake, in Taverley. Once again, there is no bank handy for banking logs, so this spot is better for people burning or dropping their logs.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Maple Log Location Animation Members can also cut maple trees at level 45. Maples don't give quite as good experience as willows, but if you are cutting for money, fletching or firemaking, then these will give a bonus over willows in that they give more experience when fletched or burned, and sell for more. Members can make use of make use of the massive maple tree plantation north of Seers Village, or the smaller grove just above the Seers' Village Bank. There are also several trees scattered elsewhere around Seers' Village, if you don't mind running around a bit. Barbarian Outpost has four willow trees, and a deposit box for banking them. They are quiet, but the lack of a proper bank may put some people off.

Free players: Willows are the best experience for free players up until the time when you can chop yews quickly.

Members: You can continue with willows past level until yews or you can swap over to Maple Trees, in Seers Village, and outside Sinclair Mansion. If you are only chopping for Woodcutting experience, willows give the best experience until, like Free players, you can chop yews quickly. Use a Games Necklace to quickly teleport to the Barbarian Assault mini game.

Level 60-75

At level 60, you can now chop yew trees. Trying to do so at this level, though, is utterly pointless. The only reason you would even bother is if you are after money; however, yew logs only make around 30k an hour at level 60, so it's really not worth it. There are three locations where free players can chop yews easily. These three free world locations are Edgeville, North of Varrock Castle and South of Falador, as detailed in the image below. There are also less-crowded, but more out-of-the-way, locations North-East of Port Sarim, East of Draynor Village, and in Lumbridge Churchyard.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Free Yew Log Location Animation

Members have a few more options for chopping yews, namely the very popular grove of trees at Catherby, and the three churchyard trees in Seers' Village, as shown in the image below. There are some other less-crowded spots as well, including several Yew trees in the Tree Gnome Stronghold and Zanaris, as well as a large number in the Piscatoris hunting area.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Members' Yew Log Location Animation

Free players: If you are only after money, you can begin chopping yews. Otherwise, stick with willows if you are after experience. At level 70, woodcutting yews picks up a bit, although not enough to outrun willows in the experience per hour department.

Members: Once again, if you are only after money, you can start chopping yews now. However, it's advisable to continue to train on willows, or maples, until at least level 75, which is the earliest time where you can chop yews easily. A good place to cut willows or maples is north of the Seers bank.

Level 76-99

Zybez RuneScape Help's Magic Log Location Animation You are an expert at woodcutting at this point. You can chop every log in the game, and you can do it well. You should know the best places to chop whatever it is you are after, but we'll cover some good magic tree locations all-the-same.

At level 75, members can chop magic trees. However, if you are after experience, stay with willows. Even at level 80, magic trees are very slow. The magic tree areas are often crowded, so you also have to put up with that if you decide to chop magic trees for money. You would be better off chopping yews until at least level 85 before you begin trying to chop magic trees. The best places to cut magic trees are South-west of Lletya, South-west of Seers Village (near the Range Guild), outside Thormac the Sorcerer's Tower, and at the Mage training area.

Free players: The best trees free players can chop are yews, and the best locations for yews are outlined in the previous section.

Members: Stick with yews until at least level 85, which is the earliest chopping magic trees becomes a speedy option. Even then they are not 'fast' though. Until 85, yew trees will deliver some decent money, and willows will give you the best experience.

A lot of players are also cutting willow logs for very fast experience, yet the profit isn't that high. While cutting willows, you can get bird nests faster and you can sell the seeds, or either plant them yourself. To get more money, crush your bird nests and sell them to herblorists. The best place is now next to Barbarian Assault, as the deposit box is really close to the trees.

5.0 - Making Money

For lower levelled woodcutters, the recommended logs to chop are normal logs. These can sell for lots of cash because players desire them in fletching and construction. For firemaking, they sell for around 30gp per log if being sold to Free players. They can sell for up to 100-120gp each if you are selling to fletchers or constructors. I would suggest to keep cutting these if you wish to gain a bigger profit; cut these until level 30. You can even chop these until level 45 for members, or 60 for F2P players, as willow logs sell for around 30gp each.

Cutting yew logs at level 60 is hard, they are the best logs for F2P and I suggest cutting them at level 65 - 70. It is a great way to make money and cut these for money until level 99 for F2P or level 80 - 85 for P2P. They can easily go for a hefty 400-440gp each.

At level 85 magic logs are easier to get than at level 75, but they are still hard. There is no level at which they become 'easy'. Cut these until level 99 if you want, or stay at yews until you think you get enough magic logs. Don't be fooled by the money, you will work long hours if you're planning on selling magic logs in bulk.

6.0 - Random Events

There are four random events that can occur while woodcutting.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Ent Image

The first is an Ent. When it appears, a small face will show on the tree, and the tree will begin to shake. If you try to cut it, you will break your axe and have to get it repaired by Bob the axe salesman.

The second is a tree spirit. They appear at different levels depending on your level, and attack you. If you kill one they drop axes, coins and nature runes. If you run away far enough, they disappear.

The third is a bird nest, which will occasionally, fall from a tree, and onto the ground while you woodcut. Search the nest to find a ring, tree seeds, or a bird egg. Wearing a rabbits foot necklace will increase the chance of this random event.

The fourth is axe separation. It happened at any random time (mostly when you initially hit a tree). The head of your axe would fly off. To fix it, all you needed to do was simply pick the head up, and use it with the handle to repair the hatchet.

7.0 - Growing Trees

With the addition of the Farming skill, players are now able to grow their own trees to cut. There are five locations where a player can grow a tree. You can grow oak, willow, maple, yew and magic trees in these spots, which are located in Lumbridge, Falador Park, Taverley, Varrock and Tree Gnome Stronghold. You get normal woodcutting experience for cutting the trees you have grown. See the Farming Guide for more information on growing trees.

8.0 - Canoes
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Canoe on a Rack

Canoes are a recent addition to RuneScape, which allow members to paddle along the River Lum. Every type of canoe can take you down up and down the river, but only one type can take you into the wilderness. The Waka canoe takes you through an underground river into level 35 wilderness, by the moss giants. Take note that you cannot return by canoe in the wilderness, so make sure you want to go there first!

To make a canoe, use your hatchet the "canoe station," which actually looks like a dead tree. Then, once the log has fallen onto the carving station, use your hatchet with it, to create the canoe. The lower-grade metal type your axe is, the longer it takes to make a canoe. Check out the Getting Around guide to learn where the canoes can take you and how many hubs each canoe can sail past.

Canoe Name Woodcut level Experience
Log 12 30
Dugout Canoe 27 60
Stable Dugout Canoe 42 90
Waka Canoe 57 150

9.0 - Woodcutting Mini Game

There is a mini-game involving woodcutting. What this mini-game involves is cutting back the jungle around the Tai Bwo Wannai Village and repairing the fence around the village. While hacking away at the jungle with your machete, you can find one of several events. A monster may jump out at you such as a Broodoo Victim, Bush Snake Tribesmen or some Mosquitoes. You could also find a gem rock or uncover a rare goutweed plant.

Jungle Type Experience
Light Jungle 32
Medium Jungle 55
Dense Jungle 81

See the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup guide for more information on this game.

10.0 - FAQ
Q: Where can I find Maple trees in F2P?

A: Unfortunately, free players cannot chop maple trees, despite the fact they are tradable and can be burnt on free worlds.

Q: Where are Teak and Mahogany trees?

A: Teak and Mahogany trees can be found in the Tai Bwo Wannai village area, to the right of Trufitius' hut. To gain access to the tree enclosure, you will have to pay 100 trading sticks, which you can obtain by doing the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup mini game. Teak logs can also be found somewhere in the Kharazi Jungle, Uzer and on the peninsula South-West of Castle Wars, while Mahogany logs can be found somewhere on Ape Atoll.

Q: Can I use a regular axe handle with my Dragon axe head?

A: Yes, it does not matter what type of woodcutting axe handle you use on the head. The dragon axe handle, just has a different look, but it will attach to a regular axe head though when the head flies off the next time, it will be a regular handle and not a dragon axe handle anymore.

Q: Is the Dragon axe better than the Rune axe?

A: Yes. Jagex released an update to make the Dragon axe cut logs faster than a Rune axe. Before that it just looked different, but cut logs at the same pace.

Q: Is the Dragon axe worth buying?

A: This depends. If you have enough money then do buy a Dragon axe, then go ahead. However, there is no need to stress if you can't - a Rune axe is more than sufficient to train woodcutting all the way to 99 with.

Q: What is the quickest way to gain woodcutting levels?

Cutting willow trees down for woodcutting experience will offer you the best experience per hour, opposed to cutting down yew or maple logs for experience. You can expect to receive approximately 20,000 to 45,000 woodcutting experience an hour via willows, however the experience you receive per hour may alter, depending on your woodcutting level. Yews = Good money, bad experience. Maples = Average money, average experience. Willows = Great experience, bad money.

11.0 - Quests for Experience

Quests with a choice Experience

Author: Pk3hit4u and Ben_Goten78

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