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- 2 Quest Points.
- 2,000 Attack XP, 2,000 Defense XP, 2,000 Strength XP, 2,000 Crafting XP.
- Ability to make and wield a Rod of Ivandis. Ability to make a Guthix Balance Potion.
- Access to the new city of Burgh De Rott.

Start PointStart Point

Myreque Dungeon Shortcut in Canifis Swamp. Speak to Veliaf.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 15 Mining, 25 Crafting, 25 Magic.
Quest: Nature Spirit, In Search of the Myreque.
Item: Food, Silver Sickle(b), Spade, Pickaxe, Buckets (spawn in city), Pot (spawns in city), Hammer (spawns in city), 45 Nails, 11 Planks (Mort'ton Builder General Store), 1 Swamp Paste (Mort'ton Building Store), 4 Tinderboxes (Mort'ton General store), 10 Bronze Axes, 10 Snails or Mackerel, 2 Steel Bars, 1 Coal, 1 Soft Clay, 1 Silver Bar, 1 Cut Sapphire, 1 Mithril Bar, Rope, Level 1 Enchant (1 Water, 1 Cosmic Rune), ~1000GP, Weapon, Armor.


Skill: 50+ Combat, 43+ Prayer.
Item: 10+ Lobsters depending upon your hitpoints, Weapon and Armor, Energy or Super Energy Potions - To continue running throughout the walk to Mort'ton, Steel Chainbody, Steel Platelegs, Steel Medium Helmet, 15 Cooked Stew, Salmon, Slimy Eel and/or Snail for Ivan, Kharyrll Teleport Runes or Teleport to House Runes if you have a Kharyrll Portal.

The peasants of Burgh De Rott are nervous. With no champions to defend them, it is only a matter of time before the Vampyres bleed them dry and leave them to disappear into the swamps. Will you allow the persecution to continue? Can you sit by as the Myreque, damaged from their last struggle from the previous quest: In Search of the Myreque, try in vain to stem the tide?

Part 1:
A Headquarters Found

Step 1
Speak to Veliaf.
Head to Burgh De Rott.
Speak to Villager.
Despoit food in chest.
Talk to Villager.

Items needed: Silver Sickle(b), Spade, 3 Tinderboxes (Noted), 10 Bronze Axes (Noted), Nails, 1 piece of Food. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of The Gate

To begin the quest speak to Veliaf in the Myreque Dungeon Shortcut. You get there by using the trapdoor (Picture) behind the pub in Canifis. Ask him about joining his group. He will give a long history of Morytania. He will eventually direct you to Burgh de Rott and check out the town as a site to relocate of the group.

Head to Burgh de Rott. The village is to the South of Mort'ton, so just take the boat through the swamp to Mort'ton. Head south and you will see a new bridge. Cross the bridge and approach the gate (Picture). Speak to one of the villagers, then deposit some food in the chest (Picture). You will then be given access to the village.

Next talk to any of the villager. Eventually, they will tell you that the old inn (pub) would make a good location for a hideout. However you'll need to clear the way to the cellar first.

Part 2:
A Village Reborn

Step 2
Go to Pub.
Use Pickaxe on Rubble.
Climb down Trapdoor.
Talk to another Village.
Speak with Aurel.

Items needed: Pickaxe (obtained in City), Bucket (obtained in City), Pot (obtained in City), 3 Planks, Nails, Hammer, Silver Sickle(b), Spade, 3 Tinderboxes (Noted), 10 Bronze Axes (Noted). Zybez RuneScape Help's Mining Rubble Image

Head to the pub. Climb over the broken wall and use your pickaxe on the rubble covering the trap door. Then go down into the cellar and clear the rubble there. To do this, you will need a pickaxe, bucket, pot, and about 7 free inventory spaces. Use your pickaxe on a pile of rubble (Picture), then use a pot (Picture) and this will put the rubble into a bucket. While clearing you will find a tattered note, a bit of plaster, various types nails, rocks and broken glass. You can drop the rock and glass.

Once the buckets are full of rubble, go upstairs and use it on the pile of rubble to the South of the pub. In total you will need to clear 15 piles. When you have cleared all the rubble, you will see a short cut scene that points you to a plaque on the north wall (Picture). Talk to another villager to get your next task.

There is a pickaxe spawn is east of the village, North-East of the furnace near the Vampyre Juvenates. This part will go a lot faster if you have 5 buckets in your inventory. There is a bucket spawn by the well and a pot spawn is found on the upper floor of the building to the West of the pub.

When talking to the villager, say you want to help the city. He will tell you to go talk to the general store owner, Aurel, and help him fix his building. Speak with Aurel and he will ask you to fix the roof and walls. Get several planks out of the bank then go up the ladder to get on the roof, and use a plank with the hole to fix it (Picture). Go down, and use a plank with the hole on the front wall to fix it.

Head to Mort'ton before this step and buy your planks. You can also buy a hammer here.

Step 3
Talk to Aurel.
Stock Aurel's Store.
Talk to Villager when the shop is open.
Repair the Bank.
Recruit a Banker.

Items needed: 3 Tinderboxes, 10 Snails or Mackerel, 10 Bronze Axes, 5 Planks, 20 Nails, 1 Swamp Paste. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Roof Repairing

After you repair the store, Aurel wants it stocked. He asks you to get 3 tinderboxes, 10 snails or 10 mackerel, and 10 bronze axes. He gives you a crate to put all of these items in. If you were assigned mackerel, there is a fishing spot located to the South of town. The best place to kill snails is just to the West of Mort'ton as there are no Ghasts there. Use the items with the crate until it is full. Once the shop is open for business, you'll be able to talk to the villagers and get the next task.

If you brought your items noted, head to the general store in Mort'ton to un-note them and to buy your tinderboxes. While you are there pick up the planks and swamp paste you will for the next part. Bob, in Lumbridge stocks 10 bronze axes.

If you ask Aurel what you can do to help, he will send you to the bank. Talk to the Cornelius and then repair the bank. You have to first repair the bank booth with 2 planks, 1 swamp paste, and 8 nails. Then you need to repair the hole in the outside wall on the west side using 3 planks and 12 nails. When this is done talk to Cornelius again, and he will say you need to recruit someone to be banker. Ask him if he wants the job and he will accept. The bank is now open.

You no longer need any nails, plank, swamp paste, or pots. You can store these or discard any extras.

Step 4
Talk to a Villager.
Go to the Furnace.
Search the Furnace.
Repair the Furnace.
Go to the General Store.
Fight 3 Monsters.
Speak with Veliaf.

Items needed: 2 Steel Bars, Hammer, 1 Coal, Tinderbox, Silver Sickle(b), Armor, Food. Zybez RuneScape Help's Cutscene Image

After you are finished with the bank, ask a villager what you can do to help. He will tell you the furnace needs to be repaired. You will need 2 steel bars, a hammer, a lump of coal, and a tinderbox. Head over to the furnace on the East edge of the village. Search it and you'll find that the chimney is broken. Use the steel bars with the chimney to repair it. Once it is repaired, place your coal in the furnace, and light the coal with a tinderbox.

At this point there is a cut scene. Gadderanks, one of Lord Drakan's blood tithe collectors, is apparently out of villagers to drain, but Vanstrom Klause notices the smoke from the furnace you just lit, and sends Gadderanks to Burgh de Rott (Picture).

Be sure to get your blessed silver sickle and whatever armour you may need prior to heading to the general store. The fight is not too difficult.

Head over to the General Store and you will find Gadderanks there. Talk to the villager inside and he will say that he is giving them his blood. Gadderanks will tell you that you cannot stop him and he will attack you. You will have to kill Gadderanks and two level 54 Vampyre Juvenate assistants. Using your Silver Sickle (b), kill Gadderanks. The Vampyre Juvenates will try to protect him. Attack them next. They actually will not die, but will turn into mist and disappear (Picture). While you are attacking the Vampyres, Veliaf will appear and help you killing them.

After the Vampyres are dead speak with Gadderanks who is dying, and he will tell you the ingredients to make the new Guthix balance potion. Next speak with Veliaf, who will give you Gadderanks' warhammer.

Part 3:
The Myreque's Relocation

Step 5
Speak to Veliaf.
Go to the Original Hideout.
Speak to 2 Myreque members & escort Ivan.

Items needed: At least 10GP (for the boat ride), Weapon (Silver Sickle(b)), Armor, Food, Steel Armor (for Ivan), 15 Cooked Stew, Salmon, Slimy Eel and/or Snail (for Ivan). Zybez RuneScape Helps Image of the Route

Speak to Veliaf to see what you need to now do. He will ask your help in moving the Myreque to Burgh de Rott. You need to meet him in the original hideout. Go back to where the quest started and speak to Veliaf there again and he'll ask you to speak to two of the other Myreque and tell them to go to the Inn and then to escort Ivan to the safety in the Temple on the Salve.

You may want to equip yourself at the bank before heading out. Remember 10 coins for the boat ride back through the swamp.

When escorting Ivan, you can choose one of 2 paths. Both have the chance of getting attack by Vampyres on the way. The shorter route has only 2 Vampyres, but of higher level (Picture). The longer route has 4 Vampyres, but they are of lower level (Picture).

You will need to kill the Vampyres to continue. You just have to go back to the quest starting point and speak to Ivan again to try again if you "fail" to escort him to the Temple. It is possible to cast entangles on the Vampyres and hold them so that you can kill them one at a time.

Step 6
Speak to Drezel.
Open the Bookcases.
Read the Books there.
Go to the Original Hideout Entrance.
Enter the Boarded up Cave Wall.
Use Soft Clay on the Tomb.

Items needed: Key from Drezel, Book: The Sleeping Seven (obtained during Quest), Hammer, Soft Clay. Zybez RuneScape Help's Trapdoor Image

Once you get to the temple on the Salve with Ivan, go through and speak to Drezel about Ivandis. Hassle him until he gives you a key and then use this key on the keyhole in the bookcases on the Eastern wall. This opens a trap door to a library. Climb down there go to the South end of the library and search the bookcases and read the books there.

The book "The Sleeping Seven" details where the tomb of Iscari is. The Sleeping Seven can be found in the western bookcase of the ones situated in the middle of the room (Picture).

The tomb of Iscari is in the short cut to the South of the Inn in Canifis. Once again, use the trap door behind the pub (Picture) in Canifis. Use a hammer on the boarded up cave wall on the East wall just after entering the tunnel from the room below the trap door (Picture).

In this cave you will find a tomb with a staff embedded in the top of it. Use soft clay on the tomb to get an impression of the staff and make a mould.

Part 4:
The Rod of Ivandis

Step 7
Go to a Furnace.
Create the Staff.
Enchant the Staff.
Lower the staff into the well.
Go to the Basement in Burgh De Rott.

Items needed: Sapphire, Mithril Bar, Silver Bar, Level 1 Enchant Runes (1 Cosmic, 1 Water), Rope. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Rod and Well

Go to a furnace and take with you a sapphire, bar of mithril and bar of silver and use one of the bars on the furnace to make the staff. This staff needs to be enchanted by both mortal and god-magic. To enchant it with mortal magic just cast Level 1 Enchant on it.

There is a nearby furnace located in Falador and in Al-Kharid.

Once you have the Rod of Ivandis, you will need a divine enchantment. Making sure you have a rope with you, take the Rod of Ivandis to the basement of the Temple on the Salve. Go to the room where there are all the statues surrounding a well. Use the staff on the well and you will lower the staff into the well with the rope to give it the divine enchantment (Picture).

Finally head back into the basement of the pub in Burgh de Rott, and speak to Veliaf. Give him the Rod of Ivandis.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to complete the quest to access the bank?

A: No, but you do have to start it and complete through the repairing of the bank.

Q: How do I make the Guthix Balance Potion?

A: To make this potion add harralander, red spiders eggs, garlic (whole, not ground) and then silver dust to a vial of water. To make silver dust, use a bar of silver with the bone grinder above the Ectofuntus.

Q: Do I get to keep the Rod of Ivandis?

A: You will give your Rod of Ivandis to Veliaf to complete the quest. However, you can make another just by repeating the steps required to make it originally.

Q: How is the Rod of Ivandis used?

A: It has a special (takes about 5% of the special bar) that when used on a "Vampyre Juvenate", it will freeze it in the air. At this point you can then use the "Guthix Balance Potion" on the trapped "Vampyre Juvenate". This will either kill the creature or will free and leave a human. If it frees it, the human will give you a "certificate" of treasure.

Author: Lizarick

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