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Falador offers many different specialties. There are places for training combat, mining, smithing, and cooking. There are many different shops to go to as well as a hairdresser, a few quests, plenty of ranges for cooking, and even a furnace located near a bank. In addition, for members, east Falador, offers the biggest marketplace around.

Zybez Runescape Help's Bank Key - Bank
Zybez Runescape Help's Cooking range Key - Cooking range
Zybez Runescape Help's Dairy churn Key - Dairy churn
Zybez Runescape Help's Dungeon Key - Dungeon
Zybez Runescape Help's Estate agent Key - Estate agent
Zybez Runescape Help's Farming shop Key - Farming shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Farming spot Key - Farming spot
Zybez Runescape Help's Furnace Key - Furnace
Zybez Runescape Help's General store Key - General store
Zybez Runescape Help's Hair dresser Key - Hair dresser
Zybez Runescape Help's Loom Key - Loom
Zybez Runescape Help's Mace shop Key - Mace shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Platebody shop Key - Platebody shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Pub or bar Key - Pub or bar
Zybez Runescape Help's Quest start Key - Quest start
Zybez Runescape Help's Rare trees Key - Rare trees
Zybez Runescape Help's Shield shop Key - Shield shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Shortcut Key - Shortcut
Zybez Runescape Help's Spinning wheel Key - Spinning wheel
Zybez Runescape Help's Water source Key - Water source

NPC's and Shops
  • Ambassador Spanfipple: He thinks that the White Knight's Castle should be pink.
  • Apprentice Workman: Learning a trade from the Workman.
  • Cassie: Sells shields. Owner of shield store.
  • Dairy Cow: Fit for Milking.
  • Dog: Bow wow.
  • Dwarf: Guards the entrance to the mining guild. Also sells the mining cape of achievement.
  • Elstan: Watches over your crops.
  • Emily: Works in the Rising Sun Inn.
  • Estate Agent: Sells you a player owned house and allows you to change the house style and location.
  • Flynn: Sells maces. Owner of mace store.
  • Gardener: Sells you bagged plants for your player owned house.
  • Hairdresser: Changes hairstyle and colour for small fee.
  • Herald: Sells you a family crest for your player owned house; also sells portraits and maps for your house.
  • Herquin: Sells gems. Owner of gem store.
  • Heskel: Farmer who watches over your tree patch.
  • Kaylee: Works in the Rising Sun Inn.
  • Lucy: Sells beer on upper level of the party hall.
  • Megan: Sells beer on upper level of the party hall.
  • Party Pete: Dances, and gives information about the party hall.
  • Pig: Porker/Swine.
  • Piglet: Porcine.
  • Rooster: Rules the roost.
  • Sarah: Runs the Farming Store.
  • Sheepdog: A dog who likes bones.
  • Shop assistant: Sells items in the general store.
  • Shop keeper: Sells items in the general store.
  • Sir Amik Varze: Talk to him to begin the Black Knights' Fortress quest.
  • Sir Renitee: Talk to him to get a family crest, or a painting.
  • Sir Tiffy Cashien: Talk to him to begin the Recruitment Drive quest, Wanted! quest and The Slug Menace quest.
  • Sir Vyvin: Needs distracting during The Knight's Sword quest.
  • Squire: Talk to him to begin The Knight's Sword quest.
  • Swan: Swims around on ponds.
  • Tina: Works in the Rising Sun Inn.
  • Town Crier: Gives information about the game and player moderators to players.
  • Wayne: Sells chainmail armour. Owner of chainmail store.
  • Workman: Works above the smelting house.
  • Wyson the Gardner: Sells you Woad leaves.
  • Chicken (Level-1)
  • Cow (Level-2)
  • Cow Calf (Level-2)
  • Drunken Man (Level-3)
  • Duck (Level-1)
  • Dwarf (Level-10)
  • Dwarf (Level-11)
  • Gardner (Level-3)
  • Gardner (Level-4)
  • Guard (Level-19)
  • Guard (Level-21)
  • Guard (Level-22)
  • Imp (Level-2)
  • Man (Level-2)
  • Rat (Level-1)
  • White Knight (Level 36)
  • White Knight (Level 38)
  • White Knight (Level 39)
  • White Knight (Level 42)
  • Woman (Level-2)

Flynn's Mace Market
Talk to: Flynn
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Flynn's Mace Market
  • Bronze mace: 18gp
  • Iron mace: 63gp
  • Steel mace: 225gp
  • Mithril mace: 585gp
  • Adamant mace: 1,440gp

General Store
Talk to: Shop Keeper or Shop Assistant
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the General Store
  • Pot: 1gp
  • Shears: 1gp
  • Bucket: 2gp
  • Bowl: 5gp
  • Cake tin: 13gp
  • Tinderbox: 1gp
  • Chisel: 1gp
  • Hammer: 1gp
  • Newcomer map: 1gp
  • Security book: 2gp

Cassies' Shield Shop
Talk to: Cassie
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Cassies' Shield Shop
  • Wooden shield: 20gp
  • Bronze square: 48gp
  • Bronze kiteshield: 68gp
  • Iron square: 168gp
  • Iron kiteshield: 190gp
  • Steel square: 540gp
  • Steel kiteshield: 544gp
  • Mithril square: 1,248gp

Herquin's Gems
Talk to: Herquin
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Herquin's Gem Shop
  • Uncut sapphire: 25gp
  • Uncut emerald: 50gp
  • Uncut ruby: 100gp
  • Uncut diamond: 200gp
  • Sapphire: 250gp
  • Emerald: 500gp
  • Ruby: 1,000gp
  • Diamond: 2,000gp

The Gem store will buy any cut or uncut (besides Dragonstone, opal, jade, red topaz and onyx). Note: Players sell gems to the store supply the stock, so do not expect many gems to be in there when you check (with the exception of sapphires).

Wayne's Chains! -Chainmail Specialist
Talk to: Wayne
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Wayne's Chainmail Shop
  • Bronze chainbody: 60gp
  • Iron chainbody: 210gp
  • Steel chainbody: 697gp
  • Black chainbody: 1,440gp
  • Mithril chainbody: 1,950gp
  • Adamant chainbody: 4,800gp

Garden Center
Talk to: Garden Supplier
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Garden Center
  • Tall Box Hedge: 100,000gp
  • Bagged Magic Tree: 50,000gp
  • Tall Fancy Hedge: 50,000gp
  • Fancy Hedge: 25,000gp
  • Bagged Yew Tree: 20,000gp
  • Topiary Hedge: 20,000gp
  • Bagged Bluebells: 15,000gp
  • Bagged Maple Tree: 15,000gp
  • Bagged Roses: 15,000gp
  • Small Box Hedge: 15,000gp
  • Bagged Daffodils: 10,000gp
  • Bagged Marigolds: 10,000gp
  • Bagged Plant 3: 10,000gp
  • Bagged Willow Tree: 10,000gp
  • Nice Hedge: 10,000gp
  • Bagged Flower: 5,000gp
  • Bagged Oak Tree: 5,000gp
  • Bagged Plant 2: 5,000gp
  • Bagged Sunflower: 5,000gp
  • Thorney Hedge: 5,000gp
  • Bagged Nice Tree: 2,000gp
  • Bagged Dead Tree: 1,000gp
  • Bagged Plant 1: 1,000gp

Temple Knight Armoury
Talk to: Sir Tiffy Cashien
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Temple Knight Armoury
  • Initiate sallet: 6,000gp
  • Initiate cuisse: 8,000gp
  • Initiate hauberk: 10,000gp
  • Initiate harness m: 20,000gp
  • Proselyte sallet: 8,000gp
  • Proselyte cuisse: 10,000gp
  • Proselyte hauberk: 12,000gp
  • Proselyte tasset: 10,000gp
  • Proselyte harness m: 25,000gp
  • Proselyte harness f: 25,000gp

White Knight Master Armoury
Talk to: Sir Vyvin
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the White Knight Master Armoury
  • White platebody: 3,840gp
  • White 2h sword: 1,920gp
  • White halberd: 1,920gp
  • White platelegs: 1,920gp
  • White plateskirt: 1,920gp
  • White kiteshield: 1,632gp
  • White chainbody: 1,440gp
  • White battleaxe: 1,248gp
  • White sq shield: 1,152gp
  • White full helm: 1,056gp
  • White warhammer: 980gp
  • White longsword: 960gp
  • White scimitar: 768gp
  • White boots: 576gp
  • White med helm: 576gp
  • White mace: 432gp
  • White claws: 360gp
  • White dagger: 240gp
  • Magic staff: 200gp
  • White gloves: 6gp

Special Attractions
The Rising Sun Inn

The Rising Sun inn sells Dwarven Stouts, Wizard Mind Bombs, and Asgarnian Ale. The Rising Sun inn is also a bar location that is required in the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. You can buy the Dwarven stouts for 3gp, the wizard mind bombs for 2gp, and the Asgarnian ale for 2gp. Dwarven stouts temporarily give +1 level to Mining and Smithing. The Wizard mind bomb gives a temporary 3 levels to the Magic skill, and the Asgarnian ale does nothing.


The furnace is very rarely abandoned. Since the furnace is near the Dwarven mines, and the bank, it is a popular place for smithers.


The Hairdresser offers to change the player's hairstyle or facial hair for the cheap cost of 1,000gp for men and 1,000gp for women (2,000gp in total if you wish to change both). You can change the look of it, as well as the colour.

East Bank

The eastern bank of Falador is the ultimate members market area. Out of any RuneScape city, Falador east bank, and park, is the busiest on world 2. If you are looking for a members item, this is the place to go. You will usually find the largest crowd on world 2; however, there is always a market on every other world as well.

Entrance to Miners' Guild

The Miners' Guild requires a level of 60 mining to get into. There are a total of 37 coal rocks, and 5 Mithril rocks inside the Mining guild. It is usually crowded, so you might have others to compete with to get ores. However, since the bank is right near the entrance to the guild, this is the one of the best places to mine coal very quickly and efficiently.

Dwarven Mines

For players who mining level is below 60, the Dwarven Mines is a very popular place to mine ores. Since it is closer to a bank than the normal entrance to the mines, it gets a fair amount of use. In the scorpion area of the mines, there are 5 tin rocks, 9 copper rocks, 5 iron rocks, 8 coal rocks, 2 gold rocks, 2 Mithril rocks, and 3 adamant rocks.

Woodcut Training

There are many trees south of Falador. Essentially, there are 6 yew trees, and some oak and regular trees alongside of the yews.

Falador Center

Falador center has a few uses itself. It is a multi-combat zone, so any combat training you do might have some interference by other players. In addition, if you are a member, you can thieve from the guards in the center.

Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent has found a home in Falador; just east of the Furnace. This agent sells blocks of land, can re-decorate your house, or move it's location - for a fee of course. He also provides you with a useful book detailing land and construction types.

Falador Park

The Falador Park is involved in a few different quests. Players frequently throw drop parties here. The park is the major trading area for the more expensive of the members items, such as god, trimmed, dragon armour, party hats, and other rune items.

The Party Room

The Party Room is for player hosted drop parties. Drink some beer and have some food, and celebrate an occasion with your friends. There is a lever located on the wall that you can use to summon the Party Room Knights, or you can have balloons dropped from the ceiling, that may contain an item. You will know if there are items inside some of the balloons by checking the Chest, located on the eastern side of the room.

Giant Mole

The Giant Mole is located underneath Falador Park, and can be accessed by digging with a spade on any of the mole hills. You must also take a light source and it is advisable to take a tinderbox in case your light source is extinguished. The Giant Mole is level 230. It will sometimes disappear and reappear somewhere else in the cave. He will drop Mole Skin and Mole Claws, and other things that are not 100% drops. To get out you must use the rope at the southern end of the dungeon. You can trade the Mole Claws and Skin for two birds nest when you speak to Wyson the gardener in Falador Park.

  • The Knight's Sword: Speak to the Squire inside the White Knight's Castle on the ground floor.
  • Black Knights' Fortress: Speak to Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of the White Knight's Castle.
  • Recruitment Drive: Speak to Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of the White Knight's Castle.
  • The Slug Menace: Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien at Falador Park
  • Wanted!: Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in the Falador Park.

Miscellaneous Information
Spawn Points

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of notable spawns in Falador
  • At the green dot, two bronze arrows spawn. These take approximately 35-40 seconds to appear.
  • At the orange dot, a bronze axe spawns upstairs. These take approximately 40-45 seconds to spawn.
  • At the pink dot, a hammer spawns upstairs. These take approximately 37-42 seconds to spawn.
  • At the yellow dot, a spade spawns. These take approximately 40-45 seconds to spawn.
  • At the blue dot, cooked chicken spawns in the upstairs of the Shield Store. These take approximately 80-85 seconds to spawn.

  • Arrival
  • Fanfare
  • Nightfall
  • Scape Soft
  • Workshop

Speak to: Flynn
  • Bronze mace (5): 18gp
  • Iron mace (4): 63gp
  • Steel mace (4): 225gp
  • Mithril mace (3): 585gp
  • Adamant mace (2): 1,440gp

Speak to: Shopkeeper
  • Pot (5): 1gp
  • Jug (2): 1gp
  • Shears (2): 1gp
  • Bucket (3): 2gp
  • Bowl (2): 5gp
  • Cake tin (2): 13gp
  • Tinderbox (2): 1gp
  • Chisel (2): 1gp
  • Hammer (5): 1gp
  • Newcomer map (5): 1gp
  • Security book (5): 2gp

Speak to: Cassie
  • Wooden shield (5): 20gp
  • Bronze sq shield (3): 48gp
  • Bronze kiteshield (3): 68gp
  • Iron sq shield (2): 168gp
  • Iron kiteshield (0): 238gp
  • Steel sq shield (0): 576gp
  • Steel kiteshield (0): 850gp
  • Mithril sq shield (0): 1,560gp

Speak to: Herquin
  • Uncut sapphire (0): 25gp
  • Uncut emerald (0): 50gp
  • Uncut ruby (0): 100gp
  • Uncut diamond (0): 200gp
  • Sapphire (0): 257gp
  • Emerald (0): 500gp
  • Ruby (0): 1,000gp
  • Diamond (0): 2,000gp

Speak to: Wayne
  • Bronze chainbody (3): 60gp
  • Iron chainbody (2): 210gp
  • Steel chainbody (1): 750gp
  • Black chainbody (1): 1,440gp
  • Mithril chainbody (1): 1,950gp
  • Adamant chainbody (1): 4,800gp

Speak to: Sarah
  • Rake (500): 6gp
  • Seed dibbler (500): 6gp
  • Secateurs (500): 5gp
  • Spade (500): 3gp
  • Gardening trowel (500): 12gp
  • Watering can (500): 8gp
  • Plant pot (500): 1gp
  • Bucket of Compost (500): 20gp
  • Empty sack (500): 1gp
  • Basket (500): 1gp
  • Potato (0): 1gp
  • Onion (0): 3gp
  • Cabbage (0): 1gp
  • Tomato (0): 4gp
  • Sweetcorn (0): 9gp
  • Strawberry (0): 17gp
  • Watermelon (0): 48gp
  • Hammerstone hops (0): 4gp
  • Asgarnian hops (0): 5gp
  • Yanillian hops (0): 7gp
  • Krandorian hops (0): 10gp
  • Wildblood hops (0): 15gp
  • Jute fibre (0): 6gp
  • Barley (0): 4gp
  • Plant cure (100): 40gp

Speak to: Sir Tiffy Cashien
  • Initiate sallet (30): 6,000gp
  • Initiate cuisse (30): 8,000gp
  • Initiate hauberk (30): 10,000gp
  • Proselyte sallet (30): 8,000gp
  • Proselyte cuisse (30): 10,000gp
  • Proselyte hauberk (30): 12,000gp
  • Proselyte tasset (30): 10,000gp
  • Initiate harness m (30): 20,000gp
  • Pros'yte harness m (30): 25,000gp
  • Pros'yte harness f (30): 25,000gp

Speak to: Barmaid
  • Dwarven stout (0): 3gp
  • Wizard's mind bomb (0): 3gp
  • Asgarnian ale (0): 3gp

Speak to: Elstan
  • Gardening trowel (0): 15gp
  • Rake (0): 15gp
  • Seed dibbler (0): 15gp
  • Watering can (0): 25gp
  • Plant cure (0): 25gp

Speak to: Heskel
  • Gardening trowel (0): 15gp
  • Rake (0): 15gp
  • Seed dibbler (0): 15gp
  • Watering can (0): 25gp
  • Plant cure (0): 25gp

Speak to: Wyson the garderner
  • Woad leaf (0): 15gp
  • Woad leaves (2) (0): 20gp

Speak to: Sir Vyvin
  • White chainbody (20): 1,440gp
  • White platelegs (20): 1,920gp
  • White dagger (20): 240gp
  • White plateskirt (20): 1,920gp
  • White med helm (20): 576gp
  • White sq shield (20): 1,152gp
  • White mace (20): 432gp
  • Magic staff (20): 200gp
  • White longsword (20): 960gp
  • White full helm (20): 1,056gp
  • White kiteshield (20): 1,632gp
  • White platebody (20): 3,840gp
  • White boots (20): 576gp
  • White gloves (20): 6gp
  • White warhammer (20): 980gp
  • White battleaxe (20): 1,248gp
  • White scimitar (20): 768gp
  • White claws (20): 360gp
  • White 2h sword (20): 1,920gp
  • White halberd (20): 1,920gp

Speak to: Garden Supplier
  • Bagged dead tree (20): 1,000gp
  • Bagged nice tree (20): 2,000gp
  • Bagged oak tree (20): 5,000gp
  • Bagged willow tree (20): 10,000gp
  • Bagged maple tree (20): 15,000gp
  • Bagged yew tree (20): 20,000gp
  • Bagged magic tree (20): 50,000gp
  • Bagged plant 1 (20): 1,000gp
  • Bagged plant 2 (20): 5,000gp
  • Bagged plant 3 (20): 10,000gp
  • Thorney hedge (20): 5,000gp
  • Nice hedge (20): 10,000gp
  • Small box hedge (20): 15,000gp
  • Topiary hedge (20): 20,000gp
  • Fancy hedge (20): 25,000gp
  • Tall fancy hedge (20): 50,000gp
  • Tall box hedge (20): 100,000gp
  • Bagged flower (20): 5,000gp
  • Bagged daffodils (20): 10,000gp
  • Bagged bluebells (20): 15,000gp
  • Bagged sunflower (20): 5,000gp
  • Bagged marigolds (20): 10,000gp
  • Bagged roses (20): 15,000gp

Air wizard (level-13) More information
Examine: At least he looks solid enough to fight.
Notes: These are spawned by Malignius Mortifier, a master of necromancy. Air wizards are immune against air spells.
Chicken (level-1) More information
Examine: Yep definitely a chicken.
Notes: Each feather sells for 5-15gp each. Eggs are often found at chicken coops on farms.
Chicken (level-3) More information
Examine: Yep definitely a chicken.
Notes: Each feather sells for 5-15gp each. Eggs are often found at chicken coops on farms.
Cuffs (level-3) More information
Examine: He looks a bit dodgy.
Notes: None.
Drunken man (level-3) More information
Examine: One of Runescapes many citizens, currently incapacitated by alcohol.
Notes: None.
Duck (level-1) More information
Examine: Mr. and Mrs. Quackers
Notes: Attacking these with range will result in a loss of arrows.
Earth wizard (level-13) More information
Examine: His hands are covered in mud. At least, I hope that's mud.
Notes: These are spawned by Malignius Mortifier, a master of necromancy.
Farmer (level-7) More information
Examine: He grows the crops in this area.
Notes: Members can thieve farmers (level-10 Thieving) for 9gp and the occasional Potato and Onion seeds.
Fire wizard (level-13) More information
Examine: Caution - HOT!
Notes: These are spawned by Malignius Mortifier, a master of necromancy.
Gardener (level-4) More information
Examine: An old gardener.
Notes: None.
Giant mole (level-230) More information
Examine: Holy Mole-y!
Notes: You will need a light source to get into the dungeon (preferably a bullseye lantern as anything weaker will be blown out by the mole). The Mole skin and claws can be traded to Wyson the Gardener for birds' nests that may contain Tree seeds, Allotment seeds, a Rannar seed, and rings; also each time you receive an item along with an empty nest. (used for herblore). Big bones, mole claw, and mole skins are always dropped.
Goblin (level-13) More information
Examine: These goblins have grown strong.
Notes: None.
Guard (level-21) More information
Examine: He tries to keep order around here. His bizarre uniform isn't helping.
Notes: None.
Highwayman (level-5) More information
Examine: He holds up passers by.
Notes: This man will attack low level players as they attempt to pass the path south of Falador.
Jeff (level-2) More information
Examine: Untrustworthy.
Notes: -
Narf (level-2) More information
Examine: Looks Unpleasant.
Notes: None.
Ram (level-2) More information
Examine: White and Fluffy.
Notes: The Ram's skull is only dropped during the Rag and Bone Man quest.
Rooster More information
Examine: He rules
Notes: This monster can be found wandering around the normal chickens.
Rooster More information
Examine: He rules
Notes: This monster can be found wandering around the normal chickens.
Rusty (level-2) More information
Examine: Seems to be loitering.
Notes: -
Sheep More information
Examine: A Sheep?
Notes: These aren't killable, but can be sheared (with shears) for wool.
Water wizard (level-13) More information
Examine: Hydro-power!
Notes: These are spawned by Malignius Mortifier, a master of necromancy.
White knight (level-36) More information
Examine: Shiny armour!
Notes: White knights also come in a Proselyte form which are level 38 and an Acolyte form which is level 39.
White knight (level-38) More information
Examine: A White Knight proselyte.
Notes: White knights also come in a partisan form which is level 42 and an Acolyte form which is level 39.
White knight (level-42) More information
Examine: A White Knight partisan.
Notes: White knights also come in a Proselyte form which are level 38, an Acolyte form which is level 39.
White knight (level-39) More information
Examine: A White Knight acolyte.
Notes: White knights also come in a Proselyte form which are level 38 and an Acolyte form which is level 39.

Author: Colton

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