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- 3 Quest Points.
- 2,500 GP.

Start PointStart Point

Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of White Knight Castle, Falador.

Available to Free Players

Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Quest: 12 Quest Points.
Item: Cabbage, Bronze Medium Helm, Iron Chainbody.


Skill: 40 Attack, Strength and Defence.
Item: Armour (Black or better), Food (Salmon or better).

The Black Knights are up to no good. You are hired by the White Knights to spy on them and uncover their evil scheme.

Part 1:
Dastardly Black Knights

Step 1
Talk to Sir Amik Varze, White Knight Castle, Falador .
Grab cabbage from Monastery.
Enter Black Knights' Fortress (west entrance).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Black Knight Fortress Items needed: Bronze Medium Helm, Iron Chainbody, Armour, Food, Cabbage.

Make your way to the White Knights' castle in Falador, and up the stairs in the western room (Picture). Go up to the third floor, and you will find Sir Amik Varze just to the south. Speak to him, and he will tell you of the Black Knights' Fortress. He will also give you a dossier to tell you about your mission which disappears three seconds after you read it.

To get to the fortress, go north out of the gates of Falador then go north-east towards Edgeville. Stop at the gate going into Barbarian Village and go north up to the Monastery, grabbing a cabbage from out the back. Go south-west from the Monastery until you reach the entrance to the Ice Mountain area, go in and head north until you reach the Black Knights' Fortress (do not go into the wilderness, and do not go up Ice Mountain).

You will notice that you can't get through the front door, but there is a side door to the west. Equip your bronze med helm and iron chainbody only, and go through the door.

Step 2
Follow ladders and spy on Witch.
Use cabbage in hole near Black Knights.
Talk to Sir Amik Varze.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Secret Passage When you're in, go to where the front entrance is, and you'll see a secret passage to a room with a ladder in it. Go through the wall and climb up the ladder.

Go down the next ladder, through the two east doors, up the next ladder, down the east one, through the sturdy door to the north, then down.

Click on the grill and listen (Picture) and you will hear a Witch talking to a Black Knight about a concoction of some sort. They say that they need a special cabbage, and a normal cabbage will ruin it. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Witch If you have the cabbage already, go down to the ground floor and through the eastern door, where the Black Knights are having a meeting. Say you're brave and go in. Either kill the Black Knight or run up the nearby ladder. Now go north-east and you'll see another hidden wall. Go through it and use the cabbage on the hole (Picture).

Now go back to the third floor of the White Knight Castle in the middle of Falador and talk to Sir Amik Varze to collect your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why won't a cabbage from Draynor Manor work?

A: Because it's not supposed to. The soil is supposedly "magical" there (The Draynor cabbages raise 1 def instead of HP), and they need the one HP for their invincibility potion.

Q: Why do I keep dying from the Black Knights?

A: Either you don't have good enough armour, your level is too low, or you don't run fast enough. It's pretty simple, just bring some food along to heal yourself while attacking.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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