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- 1 Quest Point.
- 1,000 Agility XP, 1,000 Herblore XP, 1,000 Prayer XP.
- Initiate Helm.
- Makeover Mage Voucher (if you changed your gender for the Quest).
- Ability to spawn in Falador, rather than Lumbridge when you die (Saradomin's Gaze).

Start PointStart Point

Falador Castle, western wing of the third floor.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Quest: Black Knights' Fortress, Druidic Ritual.
Other: Ability to defeat Sir Leye (Level 20) without any Weapons or Armour, and solve puzzles and logic problems.


Item: Falador Teleport Runes.

The Temple Knights of Saradomin, a secret organization founded many centuries ago by Saradomin himself, are currently looking to expand their ranks with some new blood.

After the successful thwarting of the Black Knights' plans to take over Asgarnia, and with the personal recommendation of Sir Amik, you have now been offered the chance to apply for membership in this organization... but are you up to the challenge?

Part 1:
Tiffy's Temple Knights

Step 1
Talk to Sir Amik Varze, White Knight Castle.
If you're a male, change your gender to female (see note).
Deposit all your items and equipment into your bank.
Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien, Falador Park.

Speak to Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of the western side of Falador castle, and ask him if he has any quests (Picture). He will say he does have one: a task set for you to become a Temple Knight, and that you are to meet Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador park.

Note: if your character is male, you must change go to the Makeover mage south-west of Falador to change your gender. Only do this during the quest (i.e. when the quest is yellow in your list), or you won't be reimbursed the 3,000gp makeover fee.

Deposit all your items and equipment into your bank before you continue. Speak to Sir Tiffy and he will ask you if you wish to begin the initiation. Say yes, and you will be taken down to the first puzzle. These puzzles appear in random orders mostly. They are all detailed below. When you finish them, go back to Sir Tiffy to be initiated was a Temple Knight. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Talking to Sir Tiffy Cashien

Part 2:
Riddles: Itchwood, Terprett or Tinley.

Step 2
Solve some riddles.

When you first enter you will be told some form of riddle by either Sir Ren Itchood, Ms. Hynn Terprett, or Sir Tinley.

Sir Ren Itchood's riddles are very easy. Just take the first letter of the first word of every line of the clue and you will be able to form a word. This word is the combination to door (Picture). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Talking to Sir Ren Itchood Sir Tinley will give you the test of patience (Picture). All you have to do is stay still for 10 seconds and you will be allowed to pass.

Ms. Hynn Terprett will give you the hardest challenges of all (Picture); here are the riddles and their answers.

  1. If you can choose how to die would you: Drown in lake of acid. Burned in a fire. Thrown to wolves that have not eaten in a month. Thrown from a castle that is hundreds of feet high.
    1. The wolves since they are already dead.
  2. The number of false statements here is one. The number of false statements here is two. The number of false statements here is three. The number of false statements here is four. How many false statements are there?
    1. There are 3 False Statements.
  3. Counting the creatures and humans in RuneScape you get about a million inhabitants. If you multiply the fingers on their left hand, how many would you get?
    1. Say 0. You don't know how many fingers they have.
  4. My husband is four times older than my daughter. In twenty years time, he will be twice as old as my daughter. How old is my daughter now?
    1. She is 10 years old.
  5. There are 4 buckets: 32 Degrees, 33 Degrees, 34 Degrees and 35 Degrees. If I drop a stone in all of them at the same time, which will hit the bottom last?
    1. The 32 degree bucket.

The Bridge Room

Take chicken.
Then fox.
Bring chicken back.
Take grain.
Then chicken.
Next room.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Bridge Room This section is pretty straight forward. You have to take three things across a bridge: a fox, a chicken, and grain.

The fox cannot be left alone with the chicken, and the chicken cannot be left alone with the grain.

Take chicken over, then take the fox, but bring the chicken back; take the grain over, then take the chicken over, and you're done (Picture)!

The Chemistry Room

Grab everything from shelves/crates.
Make a replica of a key and door handle.
Follow instructions in this step.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Items from the room This section is slightly trickier. You need to open a door with no handle and use the key that is chained to one side of the room, to open a door on the other side. To do this make a replica of the key and make a door handle for the stone door. Firstly, grab everything you can out of each shelf and crate. Once you have all the vials, a chisel, a cake tin, and a metal spade (spawns on the table), you can start (Picture)

Use the Gypsum on the cake tin, then use vial of liquid on the tin. Use the cake tin (hardening white substance), on the key chained to the wall near the entrance; you will make an impression. Next use the cupric ore powder and tin ore powder on the tin to make an impression inside the cake tin. Use the cake tin on the bunsen burner, then use the chisel on the tin and you should have a bronze key.

Now that you have a bronze key, use the metal spade from the table on the bunsen burner and it will burn the handle. Use your metal spade on the door (Picture). Use every one of your remaining potions (Acetic acid etc), with the exception of any vials of liquid you have, on the door handle. Once all of the chemicals are on the spade, use a vial of liquid on the handle, and it will expand, allowing you to open the door.

The Combat Room

Must be female character.
Kill Sir Kuam Ferentse.

Here you will find Sir Kuam Ferentse who will tell you that you have to kill Sir Leye (Level 20), who has been blessed by Saradomin (Picture).

He will say that no man can kill him, which means you must be a woman. If you are already a woman kill Sir Leye, and go through the portal. If you didn't change your gender before, you must leave now and restart the rooms once you're female.

The Statue Room

Find the missing statue.

The statues section is quite easy. What you have to do here is look amongst the randomly placed statues for ten seconds, and see which one has been added after your ten seconds is up. There are three different colors of statues; bronze, silver, gold (Picture).

Look for which color there is only three statues of, and take note of their weapons. The weapons are either: halberds, swords, flails, or a great axe. One of them will not be there in the first ten seconds. You can also try taking a screenshot of the room then comparing afterwards.

You will be given ten seconds to check them. Once your ten seconds is up, touch the statue that wasn't there before (Picture).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What stats does the Initiate armour give?

A: A full set gives: Attack: Magic: -57; Range: -19 | Defence: Stab: +83; Slash: +80; Crush: +69 | Other: Prayer: +14. It costs 20,000GP from Sir Tiffy.

What is the Saradomin Gaze?

A: Basically when you die, you will appear in Falador instead of Lumbridge.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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