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- 2 Quest Points.
- 4,500 Thieving XP, 4,000 Agility XP, 4,000 Woodcutting XP.
- Amulet of Catspeak.

Start PointStart Point

South-East of the bridge over the River Elid.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: None.
Quest: Must have completed Gertrude's Cat.
Item: ~500GP, Tinderbox, 3 Waterskins(4), Willow Log, Bag of Salt (Slayer Master), Bucket of Sap (use a Knife on an evergreen tree with a Bucket in your inventory), must have a Kitten/Cat/Overgrown Cat, Amulet of Ghostspeak, Shantay Pass.
Other: Ability to defeat Possessed Priest (Level-91), and an aptitude for puzzles would be an advantage.


Skill: 50 Hitpoints, 43 Prayer and high Agility would be an advantage.
Item: Anti-Poison & Prayer Potion, a Knife, Bucket or Bowl to re-fill your Waterskin, Armour & Weapons, Food (15 Lobsters or better), Desert Robes.

In the deep south of the desert, unrest is brewing... The cities of the Menaphites have barred their gates to all. An unsettling desert wanderer may know of a secret entrance, though, to Sophanem - the city of the dead.
But by entering will you become Icthlarin's Little Helper? Enter into a titanic struggle for the soul of the high priest of Icthlarin in a land where the cat is top dog.

Part 1:
The Wanderer & the Sphinx

Step 1
Find the Wanderer.
Do as she asks.
Enter the secret passage.

Note: whenever you have a grey circle running around your screen, it is because you are in a dreamlike state. This means that you are reliving a situation in the past. After you have completed Step 4 of this guide you will see that a lot has happened without you knowing. Every time you enter the dream state, you will be re-living what happened before. Think of this quest as almost 2 stories. It will all make sense at the end. You will also require waterskins throughout the quest as the desert effect is almost always present.

To begin the quest, make sure you have all the required items, and set off towards the Shantay pass. Head southwest of the pass, towards the Bandit Camp (desert); or South-East towards Pollnivneach. Once there, make your way southeast of the Bandit Camp (desert), or southwest of Pollnivneach, until you reach a bridge (just east of the pyramid). Go south over that bridge, and you will soon come across a Wanderer, south of some gold rocks.

Speak to the Wanderer. Her cat will appear and hiss at yours, and she will ask you to put it away. Ask the wanderer what's the problem with it, and she will tell you if you take it away, she'll tell you of a secret passage. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Being Asked to Put Away the Cat

Pick up your cat and you will talk to her again. Before she tells you where the secret passage is, you will have to give her a tinderbox and a full waterskin. Speak to her again and say you have the items, and she will take you through the secret passage. For future reference whenever you refer to your 'Mistress' it is the wanderer you are talking about.

Part 2:
The Tomb & Burial

Step 2
Remember your jar type.
Listen to Klenter.
Enter the tomb.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Being in Sophanem You will fall through, and end up being in Sophanem (Picture); you will also have a Canopic jar in your inventory. Examine it, and remember which one you had, as there are four; crocodile, bug, ape, and man.

There are four Canopic jars in all, and they are randomly given out to each person. After appearing in Sophanem, a ghost of Klenter will demand you return the burial jar that you now have in your inventory to him. Since you don't think you stole it you will deny his accusations.

At the front of the temple where there is a picture of a cat, choose the "touch" option, and you will go in. You will then revert into some sort of dreamlike state.

Step 3
Evade the wall crusher.
Pass the trap doors.
Continue then jump over the pit.
Unlock the puzzle.

Items needed: Anti-Poison Potion. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Path to Take

Make your way east, and you will come across a wall crusher. Try and stick to the furthest side of the path from where the wall crusher is coming out of the wall. Failing to do so will result in the loss of 8 hitpoints. Make sure you watch the crushers movements. Passing without losing hit points, is all about common sense and predicting where the walls will be.

Next comes the trapdoors. Follow the path, zigzagging your way along. Fail, and you will be back at the start of the maze (Picture).

Continue following the maze, and you will come across more wall crushers. Pass them, and you will come to a pit in the middle of the room. Click right at the start of the pit area, and a small cinematic view will show you jumping across (Picture). If you don't have enough energy, it will notify you that you need to rest. Failing the pit will result in you appearing just before the second wall crusher.

Once across, head west to a small chamber. Open the doorway, and a puzzle will appear. Complete the puzzle by turning the tiles over and over, until they are all up the right way (Picture). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Puzzle

The code can be challenging to some, and easy for others. After a while, you will begin to realize that each panel turns a certain area of panels around, and you can use that knowledge to beat it. To start, try turning the panels over from the top left corner, then across two, down two, and turn the panel, then across two down two, and turn the panel. This should get you relatively close to completing it. Also, if you are really stuck, try to continuously restart the puzzle until you find one that looks relatively easy.

Once completed, you will end up outside the temple again, with a slightly clearer head. You will be out of the hypnotic state you were in.

Step 4
Talk to the Sphinx.
Speak to the High Priest.
Navigate back through the tomb.
Take your jar and defeat it's guardian.
Return the jar.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Entering the Chamber Speak to the Sphinx, and tell him you need help. He will tell you a riddle; A husband and a wife have six sons, each son has one sister, how many people are there in the family?. The answer is 9. If you answer incorrectly, he will take your cat. Continue the conversation, and he will end up giving you a token, and tells you to talk to the new high priest.

Just west of the Sphinx, is a smaller temple, with the High Priest inside. Speak to him, and he will tell you that you must return the burial jar, and that cats act as guardians.

Make your way back to the northern side of the big temple, and open the door. You must have your kitten/cat with you. Make your way through the dungeon again, until you reach the pit. Click "jump over pit" and if successful, you will find yourself at the entrance to the western chamber. At this point you will find yourself back in a dream-like state. Enter the chamber (Picture).

Walk over to the Canopic jars on the floor (Picture). This is where you need to remember what jar you had before. Examine the jars that are on the floor, until you've found the one you had before. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Canopic Jars

Note: You will now be attacked by a medium leveled monster. Use your protection prayers to defeat them.

Bug Stomach - Click "take Canopic jar" and Scabaras (Level-75) will appear. He will use Melee attacks. Once you have defeated him, take the Canopic jar.
Crocodile lungs - Click "take Canopic jar" and Crondis (Level-75) will appear (Picture). He will use Magic attacks. Once you have defeated him, take the Canopic jar.
Man liver - Click "take Canopic jar" and Het (Level-81) will appear. He will use melee attacks. Once you have defeated him, take the Canopic jar.
Ape intestines - Click "take Canopic jar" and Apmeken (Level-75) will appear (Picture). He will use magic attacks. Once you have defeated him, take the Canopic jar.

Once you've killed the creature that appeared for you, take the Canopic jar, and head back to the pit. After jumping over, you will realize that you really have stolen it, and that you should return it. Make your way back to the west chamber over the pit, and you have to redo the door code. Once it's completed, go to where the empty space is between the Canopic jars, and drop the one you have in your inventory.

Part 3:
The Ceremony

Step 5
Leave the chamber.
Talk to the high priest.
Prepare the holy symbol.

Exit the chamber, jump over the pit, and follow the path back to the entrance of the cave, and climb the ladder. Head west to the head priest again, and tell him that you will help the embalmer and carpenter prepare for the final prayers of the old high priest.

Go south; straight out of the high priests temple, to the embalmer. Speak to him, and he will tell you that he needs some linen, salt, and some sap. If you haven't brought the sap and bag of salt with you, head back to the bank, and get it. At this point, if you bank, bring a willow log back as well.

Once you're back in Sophanem, speak to the linen worker in the eastern side of town. Tell him the Embalmer needs some linen to perform a ceremony, and he will quickly give you some linen in exchange for 30gp.

Just south of the linen worker, is the Carpenter. Tell him that the high priest requires a new holy symbol, to perform the ritual. The carpenter requires a willow log in order to craft the holy symbol. Speak to him again, and you will give him your willow log.

Head back to the Embalmer in the southwest side of town, with your linen, bucket of sap, and bag of salt. He will take them, and inform the high priest. Head north of the embalmer, and tell the high priest that you're just waiting on the carpenter to make the holy symbol. Make your way east back to the carpenter, and he will have the holy symbol ready. He will say the high priest has already started the ceremony.

Step 6
Go back to the tomb.
Hide the symbol.
Warn the high priest of the Devourer.
Defeat the Possessed Priest.
Talk to the high priest.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Needing to Hide the Symbol The high priest has gone inside the pyramid. So, make your way back through the pyramid's traps, and this time, go east after the pit (Picture).

Once you've crossed the pit, you will enter the dreamlike state again. You will tell yourself that you must hide the symbol so that the mistress can enter the pyramid whenever she pleases. You will be at the western chamber door. Head east, and walk through the eastern chamber's door. Use the unholy symbol that appeared in your inventory, on one of the Sarcophagus' located all around the wall.

Once you've put the unholy symbol in the Sarcophagus, leave the chamber, and you will find yourself by the pit again. You will see yourself say that you must warn the High priest about The Devourer.

Head back to the entrance to the eastern chamber, and open the door. The high priest will be performing the ceremony as you enter (Picture). You will tell the high priest that The Devourer is coming! At that moment, the person you initially knew as "The Wanderer" will appear. However, the Wanderer was actually The Devourer and will command you to kill the priests. You however, will tell her that you cannot be controlled by her mind games. The Wanderer will then call a creature to kill you and the priests; the high priest asks you to protect them, so they may finish the ceremony (Picture).

After the conversation has ended, you will have to click to continue into the fight. A Possessed Priest (Level-91) will appear, and attack you with fire strike (Picture). Put on protect from mage if you need it, and kill it. It will drop a four dose potion, and bones. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Icthlarin

Speak to the high priest again, and he will tell you The Devourer has been defeated. For the final time you will enter the dreamlike state. You will appear at the entrance to the tomb, and Icthlarin will appear (Picture). Icthlarin will tell Klenter's spirit to protect you. You will then leave the temple. This concludes the last dreamlike state you will go through. If you piece them all together, you will realize you were working for the mistress by trying to steal the Canopic jar and allowing her access to the temple. You will find yourself back in the eastern chamber again after your flashback.

Get out of the temple and speak to the high priest, and he will thank you. If you are still confused about the quest you can now talk to your cat with the amulet you are given.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Icthlarin's Little Helper Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I died (or teleported) out of the town and can't get back in? How do I get in?

A: When you talked to the Wanderer he mentioned that he found an entrance near his rocks. Enter the rocks and you will appear within the city walls.

Q: I've lost my canopic jar, how can I regain it?

A: Talk to the Wanderer again, or retrieve it once more.

Q: I've lost my canopic jar and the Wanderer is not near her tent!

A: This is a very commonly made mistake. All you have to do is try and remember which jar you had for later in the quest. If you have lost it, and the wanderer is gone, you no longer need it.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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