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Dictionary: To take (something) by theft or commit theft.

In RuneScape, thieving is a very diverse skill. You can pick locks, loot chests, steal from stalls, and even pick pocket certain people. All these acts can be very rewarding; however, they are still dangerous since there are always characters on the lookout for annoying thieves. A level 99 thief wrote this guide, providing all the best locations and strategies to help you level faster.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Picking a Lock

Lock Picking

Throughout the RuneScape world, you will find that you are unable to open certain doors. If you are lucky, the door you are trying to pass through can be pick locked. To pick a lock, simply right click on the door and select "Pick Lock." If you are successful the door will open you will automatically walk through. If you fail, you will have to try again.

Successfully opening some locked doors requires you to have a lockpick in your inventory in order to pick their locks. You can obtain lock picks from other players, or pick pocketed from bandits and rogues. Martin Thwait in the Rogue's Den also sells lock picks.

Door Location Required Level Experience Lockpick? Location Picture
Door to 10gp Chest East Ardougne 1 3.5 No Picture
Door to Nature Chest East Ardougne 14 15 No Picture
Ardougne House Door East Ardougne 14 15 No Picture
H.A.M. Trapdoor East of Draynor Village 17 4 No Picture
Axe Hut Door Level 54 Wilderness 32 25 Yes Picture
Ardougne Sewers Gate Ardougne Sewers 31 25 No Picture
Pirate Hall Level 54 Wilderness 39 35 Yes Picture
Chaos Druid Tower North of Ardougne 46 37.5 No Picture
Paladin Door Ardougne Palace 61 50 No Picture
Yanille Agility Dungeon Door Eastern Yanille 82 50 Yes Picture

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Stealing From a Chest

Chest Looting

Unlike doors, the chests you are able to thieve from in RuneScape are not safe. If you do not take care when thieving from chest, the traps hidden in them will hurt you. To find a trap on a chest, right click on it and select "Search for Traps." Your character will automatically find the trap and disarm it if your thieving level is high enough.

To add onto the danger of thieving from chests, you have a chance of getting a poison cloud any time you search for a trap. The cloud doesn't poison you, but it can do a little bit of damage so be sure to take along some food if you plan on thieving from these chests.

Please note that when you loot the Paladin and Blood Rune chests, you will be teleported outside their containing buildings. For the most part, chests do not give very good experience. The only chest that is really worth thieving is the Blood Rune Chest since it produces a fair amount of profit on top of the experience given.

Chest Location Required Level Experience Items Thieved Respawn Time Location Picture
10gp Chest Ardougne (x2)
Axe Hut (x3)
13 7.5 10GP 7 seconds Picture
Nature Chest Ardougne (x2)
28 25 3GP, Nature Rune (1) 10 seconds Picture
50gp Chest Ardougne
43 125 50GP 70 seconds Picture
Arrow Tip Chest Hemenster
47 150 5 Steel Arrow Tips and 20GP 210 seconds Picture
Average Chest Dorgesh-Kaan 52 200 Oil lantern, bullseye lantern, cave goblin mining helmet, frog armour, cave goblin wire, rope, frog armour, bone bolts, bone crossbow, bone dagger, H.A.M. clothes, spade, bucket, hammer, newcomer map, big bones, coins, runes (air, earth, fire, water, body, mind, cosmic, chaos, nature, death or law), staff orb, talisman (water, air, earth or fire), Dorgeshuun light orb, empty light orb, Oldak's Marvellous Moving-over-distance Sphere, clue scroll 165 seconds N/A
Blood Rune Chest Chaos Druid Tower 59 250 500GP, Blood Rune (2) 135 seconds Picture
Paladin Chest Ardougne Palace 72 500 1,000GP, Raw Shark, Adamant Ore, and Uncut Sapphire 240 seconds Picture
Rich Chest Dorgesh-Kaan 78 650 Uncut gems (including semi-precious), bullseye lantern, cave goblin mining helmet, frog armour, iron bar, Dorgeshuun light orb, empty light orb, 500-2500 coins 510 seconds N/A

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Stealing From a Stall

Stall Thieving

In the past, you could only thieve stalls in the city of Ardougne, however recently there have been many stall-thieving additions to the game. Stealing from stalls is a lot like chest looting; however, there are no traps on the stall. Instead, certain in game characters will be on the lookout for thieves like you and will fight you or knock you out if they catch you.

To thieve from a stall, right click and select "Steal from." If nobody catches you in the act, you will take the items from the stall and they will appear in your inventory.

You may be caught by the stall owner or any guard type NPC surrounding the stall. To avoid this, try to stay out of their lines of sight.

When training the skill of thieving, the stall that require a high thieving level to steal from are not very useful because of their slow rates of respawn. I would recommend thieving from the Vegetable, Baker's, Tea, Silk, Seed and Fur stalls for the best experience.

Stall Required Level Location Experience Items Thieved Respawn Time
Vegetable Stall 2 Miscellania and Etceteria 10 Onion, Cabbage, Potato, Tomato, or Garlic 2 seconds
Baker's Stall 5 Ardougne
16 Cake, Chocolate Slice, or Bread 2 seconds
Crafting Stall 5 Marim
10 Chisel, Ring Mould, or Necklace Mould 7 seconds
Monkey Food Stall 5 Marim 16 Banana 7 seconds
Monkey General Stall 5 Marim 10 Pot, Hammer, or Tinderbox 7 seconds
Tea Stall 5 East Varrock 16 Cup of Tea 7 seconds
Silk Stall 20 Ardougne
24 Silk 4 seconds
Wine stall 22 Draynor Village Market 27 Jug of water, Jug of wine, Grapes, Jug, Bottle of wine 14 seconds
Seed Stall 27 Draynor Village Market 10 See Master Farmer 11 seconds
Fur Stall 35 Ardougne 35 Fur, Gray Wolf Fur 15 seconds
Fish Stall 42 Rellekka 42 Raw Salmon, Raw Tuna, or Raw Lobster 10 seconds
Crossbow Stall 49 Keldagrim 52 3 Bronze Bolts, Wooden Stock, or Bronze Limbs 10 seconds
Silver Stall 50 Ardougne
54 Silver Ore 30 seconds
Spice Stall 65 Ardougne 81.3 Spice 80 seconds
Magic Stall 65 Marim 100 Air, Earth, Fire, Water, or Law Rune (1) 80 seconds
Scimitar Stall 65 Marim 160 Iron Scimitar 80 seconds
Gem Stall 75 Ardougne
16 Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond 180 seconds

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Pick pocketing a Hero

Pick Pocketing

Pick pocketing is one of the major aspects of thieving since there are so many characters to pick pocket around RuneScape. To pick the pocket of a NPC, right click on it and select "Pickpocket."

If you are successful, you will have gained some loot and thieving experience. If you fail, the NPC will stun you. When you are stunned, you will be unable to move.

Remember the higher the thieving level you have, the lower the chance that you will fail.

Pick pocketing will usually bring the best experience for thieving enthusiasts. The best NPC's to thieve from for the most efficient training would be Men/Women, Warrior women, Warriors, Rogues, Master Farmers, Guards, Desert bandits, Knights of Ardougne, Yanille Watchmen and Paladins.

NPC Required Level Experience Stun Effects Locations
Man/Woman 1 8 5 seconds
1 Damage
Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Edgeville
Farmer 10 14.5 5 seconds
1 Damage
Lumbridge, Falador, Ardougne
9GP, Potato seeds, Onion seeds
Female H.A.M. Follower 15 18 6 seconds
1-3 Damage
H.A.M Hideout
Bronze-Steel Dagger, Bronze-Steel Pickaxe, Uncut Jade, Uncut Opal, Buttons, Damaged Armour, Rusty Sword, Bronze-Steel Arrows, Clue Scroll(level 1), Herbs, Bronze-Steel Hatchet, Needle, Thread, 2-22gp, Iron Ore, Coal, Ham Hood, Ham Shirt, Gloves, Ham Skirt, Boots, H.A.M Logo, Ham Cloak, Anchovy, Feathers, Hardleather Body, Cow Hide, Logs, Raw chicken, Buttons.
Male H.A.M. Follower 20 22 6 seconds
1-3 Damage
H.A.M Hideout
Bronze-Steel Dagger, Bronze-Steel Pickaxe, Uncut Jade, Uncut Opal, Buttons, Damaged Armour, Rusty Sword, Bronze-Steel Arrows, Clue Scroll(level 1), Herbs, Bronze-Steel Hatchet, Needle, Thread, 2-22gp, Iron Ore, Coal, Ham Hood, Ham Shirt, Gloves, Ham Skirt, Boots, H.A.M Logo, Ham Cloak, Anchovy, Feathers, Hardleather Body, Cow Hide, Logs, Raw chicken, Buttons.
Warrior Woman 25 26 5 seconds
2 Damage
North Ardougne, Varrock Castle
Warrior 25 26 5 seconds
2 Damage
Rogue 32 35.5 5 seconds
2 Damage
Rouge Castle
2-50GP, Air Runes (8), Lockpick, Jug of Wine, iron(p) dagger
Cave Goblin 36 40 5 seconds
2 Damage
Coins, iron ore, tinderbox, swamp tar, oil lantern, torch, green gloop soup, frog spawn gumbo, frog burger, crispy froglegs, bat shish, wall beast fingers, bullseye lantern, cave goblin wire
Master Farmer 38 43 5 seconds
3 Damage
Draynor Village Market, North Ardougne
Asgarnian Seed, Barley Seed, Belladonna Seed, Bittercup Mushroom Spore, Cabbage Seed, Cactus Seed, Cadavaberry Seed, Dwellberry Seed, Hammerstone Seed, Herb Seeds, Jangerberry Seed, Jute Seed, Krandorian Seed, Limpwurt Seed, Marigold Seed, Nasturtium Seed, Onion Seed, Poison Ivy Seed, Potato Seed, Ranarr Seed, Redberry Seed, Rosemary Seed, Strawberry Seed, Sweetcorn Seed, Tomato Seed, Watermelon Seed, Wildblood Seed, or Yanillian Seed
Guard 40 46.5 5 seconds
2 Damage
Varrock, Falador, Ardougne
Rellekka Citizen 45 65 5 seconds
2 Damage
40GP, Steel nails(1)
Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit 45 65 4 seconds
5 Damage
Desert Bandit 53 79 5 seconds
3 Damage
Bandit Camp
30GP, Lockpick, Antipoison (1)
Knight of Ardougne 55 84.5 5 seconds
3 Damage
Pollnivnian Bandit 55 84 5 seconds
5 Damage
Watchman 65 137.5 5 seconds
3 Damage
Yanille Watch tower
60GP, Bread
Menaphite Thug 65 137 5 seconds
5 Damage
Paladin 70 151.75 5 seconds
3 Damage
80GP, Chaos Runes (2)
Gnome 75 198.5 5 seconds
1 Damage
Tree Gnome Stronghold , Tree Gnome Village
GP, Swamp Toad, King Worm, Gold Nugget, Fire Orb, Earth Rune (1)
Hero 80 275 6 seconds
4 Damage
GP, Fire Orb, Wine, Death Runes (2), Blood Rune (1), Gold Nugget, Cut Diamond (1)
Elf 85 353.5 6 seconds
5 Damage
GP, Jug of Wine, Gold Ore, Cut Diamond, Death Runes (2), Natures (3), Fire orb, Unicorn horn

Training Methods

The following steps are a guide to help level you thieving stat as fast as possible. Remember that they are just guidelines.

Level 1-5

When you first start out thieving, there is no choice of what to thieve. You must start out thieving men and women because they are the only thing you can thieve at levels 1-4. Once you have reached level 5 make your way to the Baker's stall.

Level 5-25

After reaching level 5 thieving you can now thieve items from the Baker's stall, which is the best experience at your level for a while. I recommend thieving from the Baker's stall until about 25 thieving. Then you can take your shot at warriors.

Level 25-42

Finally, you can thieve more things around the RuneScape world. You should start thieving warriors to get your level up then when you reach 32 you can try rouges in the wilderness. They are good experience, but you should probably keep going with warriors.

Level 42-65

You should be 42 thieving now and stealing from guards. Yes, the guards catch you a lot and use food, but they are good for your level. Thieving the guards in Ardougne would be the best recommended location. You could thieve some lighter food from the Bakers Stall whenever your health starts to get low. If you do wish to take a break from guards try the master farmers, easy left click theiving and they should catch you less than the guards.

Level 65-72

You can thieve without having to waste your own food! You should head down to the Yanille Watch tower or teleport over there if you have completed the Watch tower Quest and begin. If you escape detection every time you steal from a Yanille Watchman, they will give you some bread and GP. Although that sounds like a good deal you should probably bring 10 units of food until you steal from a few Yanille Watchmen or are a higher level.

Should you have done the The Feud quest, you can thieve Menaphites, provided you have access to the Menaphos desert city, using a blackjack at level 65. This can get you up to 150k xp an hour, depending on your thieving level.

Level 72-99

You can now thieve Paladins at 70 thieving, but you have two options here:

  1. If you want to make a lot of money, you should thieve paladins to whatever level you wish.
  2. If you want to make less money and get the best experience then you should go find a knight and begin thieving.

Whatever you choose it only gets easier from here to thieve things with every level.

The best and also the fastest way to train your thieving at this level is to use Pyramid Plunder. You can get up to 150,000 experience per hour at level 71 and the experience gets better by every new room you can access.

Other Information
Random Events
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Pillory

There are only three random events for thieving. These are watchmen, poison gas clouds and the pillory.
Watchmen: These can appear while doing any type of thieving activity. They attack you and your current combat level determines their level combat level.
Poison Gas Cloud: This random event only appears while thieving chests. Any time you thieve a chest you have a chance of getting a poison cloud. This deals a small amount of damage, but will not poison you.; much like the Undead Ones in Shilo Village.
Pillory: This random event gets you sent to the pillory where the game locks you in a cage and you have to unlock it to get out. While you are in the cage, a NPC will throw tomatoes at you, also other players can throw you while you are caged.

Tips and Tricks

When pick pocketing NPC's always try to corner them into a building. Thus, they will stand still while you thieve from so you are not chasing them.

You should make sure that you let them wander around every few minutes, or they reset to their spawning point. In addition, if you attack your NPC by mistake just go up some near by stairs and come back down and it will stop attacking you. Another method to use that will ensure that you don't attack your NPC is by equipping any type of bow, without equipping arrows. This will prevent you from accidentally attacking them.

When thieving, click to theive someone as fast as possible to get the best experience. If you get stunned start clicking pickpocket again a second before the stun wears off due to the fact it takes a second to register the command in game.

If you are thieving in Ardougne Center, do not bother to bring your own food. Just buy cakes from the baker on the server with the most cakes or just thieve.

If you are thieving from a stall try and lock the shop owner or nearby guards into a building so they catch you less often. However, it does not always help, most of the time it does.


Jagex introduced items called blackjacks during The Feud quest. These are very handy in pick pocketing, because depending on the type of blackjack, it can stun your opponent for a certain period, allowing you to pickpocket them successfully, without them stunning you. Though you can only use them on the NPC's in the quest city of Pollnivneach.

Rogues Den

Jagex introduced a mini game to train and test your thieving skills. Check out the guide on Rogue's Den.

Sorceress's Garden

Osman from the Sorceress's Garden minigame gives very generous thieving experience in exchange for Sq'irk juice.

Pyramid Plunder

Pryamid plunder is currently the best way to train your thieving. The fast experience appeals to a lot of master thieves. For more information on this mini game check out our guide.

8.0 - Quests for Experience

Here is a list of the quests that give Thieving experience as a reward upon completion.

Quests with a choice Experience

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