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- 4 Quest Points.
- 15250 Magic XP.
- 5000GP.
- Ability to Teleport to the Watch Tower.

Start PointStart Point

The third floor of the watch tower north-west of Yanille, Speak to Watch Tower Wizard.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Length Rating: 5/5


Skill: 14 Herblore, 14 Magic, 15 Thieving, 25 Agility, 40 Mining.
Item: 2 Ropes, Jangerberries, Dragon Bone, Bat Bone, Lit Candle (obtained during quest), Tinderbox (in case Candle goes out), Pickaxe, Water-Filled Vial, ~400GP, Death Rune, Pestle and Mortar, Gold Bar, Guam Leaf.


Skill: 50+ Combat.
Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, etc), Extra Ropes, Armour (Adamant or better), Food (10 Lobsters or better - carry throughout), Anti-Dragon Shield (optional), Dueling Ring (or a few sets of POH Teleport Runes if your House is in Yanille).

The Wizards of the Yanille Watch Tower have been reporting increased ogre sightings recently. Use a wide variety of your skills to help the wizards recover their stolen power crystals and stop the advance of the ogre hordes!

Part 1:
A Terrible Theft!

Step 1
Talk to Watch Tower wizard, third level of Watchtower.
Search bushes for fingernails.
Talk to Watch Tower wizard.

Go to the building just north-west of Yanille and try to climb the ladder, but when you do, the guard will tell you that you are not allowed to go up there (Picture). Go outside the building and to the north wall. If you move your cursor slowly over the wall you should find a trellis on the side (Picture); click on it and you will climb up into the second level of the tower (Level 18 Agility required). You should be in a room with several Watchmen. Climb to the third floor, they won't try to stop you.

Upstairs there will be four wizened looking Watch Tower Wizards. Talk to one of them and he will say 'Oh my, oh my', choose the first option 'What's the matter?' (Picture). The wizard will tell you that 'the watch tower isn't working' and as such they cannot protect the people of Yanille. You will ask the wizard what he means and he will reply that the watch tower is magic and it has a spell which wards off Ogres. He will then tell you that the spell has since past from knowledge, however the essence of the spell has been kept in four orbs to keep the tower protected (Picture).

Ask the wizard the first option 'So how come the spell doesn't work?' he will reply that the crystals have been stolen (and he should tell a joke). Reply with the first option 'Can I be of help?' the wizard will graciously accept your offer and ask you to search for clues, you will reply that you would be happy to. The wizard will then tell you to search the surrounding area and bring anything unusual to him. The dialogue will then end.

Leave the Watch Tower and search all of the bushes that have the option search (Picture) until you find some Finger nails. Go back to the wizard who examines them and tells you that the creature that took the crystals is a Skavid, a servant of the Ogres, who live in the caves (Picture). Ask what you should do, and the Wizard tells you that it would be useless to search the caves without a map, and add that the Ogres may have one. Ask him how he knows this, then what you should do. He will then suggest that you go to the surrounding tribes to see whether you can find anything out.

Part 2:
The Ogre Relic

Step 2
Talk to Og.
Grab some Jangerberries from swing-to island.
Talk to Grew.

Note: The Ogres around Gu'Tanoth are aggressive, so watch out for them. Just run straight past them.

From Yanille's west gate, head north-west until you reach a small camp which should have a ruined building in it. Talk to the Ogre called Og (Picture), and he will ask you 'Why are you here little rat?'. Choose the first option 'I seek entrance to the Ogre city.' He will reply that you have no business there, then stop and say that maybe if you do something for him he will help you.

Og will tell you that the chieftain (toban) of a village south-east of where you are has stolen some gold from him and if you retrieve it from a large chest in his village, he will help you. If you agree to help, Og will give you a key, which is going to be used later on to open Toban's chest.

Head to the island just south of the camp and use a rope with the Branch, note this is not the long branched tree but the 'BRANCH' (Picture). You need to be standing right beneath the branch to use the rope. You will skillfully swing across to the other side and be on the island.

Grab a couple of Jangerberries which you will need later on in the quest if you do not already have them. Now talk to Grew. He will muse about eating you, choose the first option 'Don't eat me, I can help you' (if you choose the second one of the ogres will attack you). Grew will ask 'what a morsel like you can do for me?', to which you will reply that you are a mighty adventurer, slayer of monsters and user of magical powers. Grew will reply that if you think you are so tough, perhaps you could find his enemy Gorad and knock out one of his teeth! The dialog will end.

Swing on the rope-swing to get back to the mainland. Now go to the south of Yanille, until you reach an island, try to climb over the battlement, it says that you cannot get to the island from here, but there is a ladder that you may be able to climb up if you find the tunnel to it.

Step 3
Enter cave SW corner of outer-Gu'Tanoth.
Talk to Toban.
Open Toban's chest.
Kill Gorad.
Grab a rope.
Return to Grew.
Give relic parts to Watch Tower Wizard.

Items needed: Rope (obtained during Quest), Dragon Bone.

Continue go south along the line of the fence line that should be to your west until you reach a point where the fence allows you to go west, continue west until you reach a cave entrance guarded by an Ogre (Level-53) (Picture). Enter the cave. You should pop up on the island, next to an Ogre called Toban, talk to him and choose the first option 'I seek entrance to the city of ogres. Toban will laugh at you, choose the second option 'I could do something for you!' Toban will tell you to prove your might by bringing him the bones of a dragon to gnaw on, talk to him again and in exchange for the bones he will give you a Relic Part 3 (Picture).

Now use the Toban key with the chest just north of the ladder, you should retrieve a bar of gold. Finally, attack Gorad (Level-68) (Picture), and you will get his tooth (you don't need to pick it up, it will appear in you inventory), there is also a rope spawn here, and I suggest you grab one or two of them.

Now retrace your steps (go back down the ladder), return to Grew by using a rope to swing onto the island again and give him the Ogre tooth. He will in return give you the Relic Part 2 (Picture) and a crystal. The ogre will laugh and the dialogue will end. Swing back onto the mainland, and go north to talk to Og again. Choose the first option 'I have your gold', and Og will give you the Relic Part 1 (Picture).

Now take all of the relic parts to the Watch Tower Wizard use all of them in turn with the wizard. Once you have given him all of the pieces he will give you an Ogre Relic (Picture) and tell you that if you wanted to make friends with an ogre, giving him this would a be a good way. The dialog will end.

Part 3:
The Ogre City

Step 4
Grab a lit candle downstairs.
Go to Ogres guarding entrance to Gu'Tanoth.
Enter, steal a rock cake.
Cross bridge blocked by battlement, give guard rock cake.
Pay 20gp, jump over ledge.
Kill ogre, talk to City guard about Skavid caves.
Use death rune with guard for map.

Items needed: 20GP, Death Rune, Armour, Weapon, Food.

Go downstairs and grab a lit candle of the table on the first floor if you don't already have one. Head south of Yanille where you should find a path leading up into hills (Picture). Take the west path until you reach a City gate. Try to open that gate and the Ogre Guard will ask you for proof of your friendship before you can enter. Give him the relic and he will let you through.

Now that you are inside the ogre city, take the east path into the marketplace. Head south from the place you enter until you see a counter, with several things that look like rocks (Picture), steal from this stall and you should have get a rock cake in your inventory.

Now go back to the path you just came out of, and this time take the south path, until you reach a bridge blocked by a battlement, try to climb over this, and the Guard will threaten you, choose the first option 'But I am a friend of the ogres' (Picture), he will ask you to prove it by getting him something from the market, try to climb over again and you will give him the rock cake, he will let you pass.

Continue down the path until you reach another bridge. It will have some rocks, so click on them to jump from, an ogre on the other side will tell you that you must pay 20gp to jump, pay and jump over.

The ogre on the other side will attack you once you jump across, kill him, then continue across the next bridge. Talk to one of the city guard ogres (mind you don't attack by mistake), and choose the second option 'I seek passage into the Skavid caves.' (Picture). The ogre will give you a riddle: the answer is of course death rune, the dialogue will end. Use you death rune with the guard and he will give you a Skavid map. Now retrace your steps and get out of the ogre city, return to the fork in the paths into the mountains.

Part 4:
Mad & Scared Skavids

Step 5
Go on SE path at entrance.
Try to open gates twice.
Ensure you have lit candle.
Go in Scared Skavid cave.
Go to all skavid caves, respond to them (see step).
Grab guam leaf and bat bones from one of the caves.
Go back to Scared Skavid.
Talk to Mad Skavid, different cave.
Pick up 2 nightshades (do NOT eat it).
Go to Ogre marketplace.

Items needed: Lit Candle, Food, Tinderbox, Gold Bar, Skavid Map.

Now take the south-east path until you reach another set of city gates which should be guarded by two Ogre Guards (Level-83). Try to open the gates and the Ogres will tell you that they will only let through if you give them a gold bar. Now click on the gates again, and the ogre will ask you if you have brought him the gold, you will reply that you have and it will disappear from you inventory, now you can pass through the gates.

Note: If at any point you should enter the caves without a lit candle you will get lost and appear in a HUGE cavern. To get out, climb the climbing rope that hangs from the ceiling (Picture).

Before you pass through the gates, enter the cave to the east and talk to the Scared Skavid in the cave. It will ask you not to hurt it, the dialog will continue for a bit then choose the second option 'Ok, ok I wont hurt you.' It will then tell that the thing you seek is in the possession of the mad Skavids, and you will need to learn the language of the Skavids, he teaches a few words and tells you to learn more.

Now go into all of the Skavid caves and talk to each of the Skavids you see. If the skavid says Gor Cur, reply with Ar; Cur Bidith, reply with Ig; Tanath Gor, reply with Nod; Bidith Tanath, reply with Cur. In one of the caves you should see a guam leaf spawn and some bats. Kill the bat, grab its bones and pick up a guam leaf.

Now that you have done that, return to the Scared Skavid cave, talk to one of them, he will tell you that his kinsmen have told him you have learned their language (Picture), and you should now 'try to talk to the mad ones in the cave'.

Exit the cave and now go through the normal entrance. Continue down the path until you reach the mad Skavid cave (the cave also has a hole in the ground for easy teleporting to Yanille) talk to one of the mad Skavids and he will say something. Answer Tanath, the Skavid will tell you that it is impressed you know a little of it's language, and give you a Crystal (Picture), pick up two nightshades from the spawn but do not eat it or you will lose lots of hit points. Now go back to the Ogre city where you stole the rock cake.

Part 5:
Restoring the Watch Tower

Step 6
Use Nightshade on Enclave guards.
Go through cavern carefully, exit other end.
Talk to Watch Tower wizard.
Make the magic ogre potion.

Items needed: Nightshade, Guam Leaf, Jangerberry, Water-Filled Vial, Ground Bat Bones or Bat Bones, Pestle and Mortar.

Use the nightshade on one the Enclave Guards (Picture) and you should make you way past him into a large cavern. Head to the north of the cave and exit the cave by the cave entrance. You will appear at one of the cave entrances south of Yanille.

Note: This cavern is full of very dangerous monsters. The most dangerous of all the Ogre Shaman (Level-113) and Blue Dragons (Level-111). Do NOT talk to the Shaman.

Walk back and talk to the Watch Tower wizard. You will tell him that you have seen the Shaman, but cannot hurt them. He will tell you they have very powerful magic and warns you not to talk to them. He then suggests you make a potion and gives you the ingredients in the order of the following: a Guam leaf, Jangerberries, and Ground bat bones, let him finish talking to you or you won't be able to make the potion. The guam leaves and bat bones can be obtained from one of the skavid caves on the northern side of the city.

Put the guam leaf in an empty vial, add jangerberries then ground bat bones. Now talk to the Watch Tower Wizard again and he will infuse it with magic.

Step 7
Use nightshade on enclave guard.
Use magic ogre potion on all ogre shaman.
Mine rock in middle of cavern for crystal.
Return to Watch Tower Wizard.

Items needed: Nightshade, Pickaxe, Magic Ogre Potion, Food, Anti-Dragon Shield.

Now go back to the cave entrance in the ogre marketplace and use a nightshade on the enclave guard. Once inside, use the magic ogre potion with all six of the Ogre Shaman (Level-113). When you do, they will disappear in a puff of smoke! Once you have done this a crystal should appear. Head into the center of the cavern and prospect the rock in the middle and mine it.

Return to the Watch Tower Wizard with your four crystal pieces and talk to him. You will tell him you have destroyed the ogre shaman and he will be very happy that they can now restore Yanille's shields. He will tell you to throw the switch to activate the shields.

Pull the lever on the wall, then place the green crystal on the north-west pedestal, yellow on the south-west, white on the south-east, and pink on the north-east. You will receive a spell scroll (Picture). Read the spell scroll and you have now unlocked Watch Tower teleport (provided you have Level 58 Magic and the required runes).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: If I kill all the guards of the tower at the start, can I just climb up the ladder?

A: No

Q: I killed Gorad, yet his tooth has not appeared with his bones, have I done something wrong?

A: No, the Ogre Tooth should appear in your inventory (if you have space) once you kill Gorad.

Q: Can Nightshade kill me?

A: Yes, if you eat enough of them.

Author: Robin Hood

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