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- 2 Quest Points.
- 2,500 Mining XP, 2,500 Smithing XP, 2,500 Crafting XP, 1,500 Magic XP, 1,500 Firemaking XP, 1,500 Thieving XP.
- Ability to do jobs for the Dwarven Consortium.

Start PointStart Point

Keldagrim, north-east of Rellekka. Follow the Dwarven statues to the underground river. Speak to the Boatman.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 12 Crafting, 14 Thieving, 16 Firemaking, 33 Magic.
Item: Log (any kind), Coal, Iron Bar, Tinderbox, 3 Cut Sapphires, Redberry Pie (if you don't have the Blurite Sword), Telekinetic Grab Runes, 200GP, 12-30 of either Copper, Tin, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Silver or Gold ores, 2-5 bars of either Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Silver or Gold.
Other: An affinity for diplomacy.


Skill: 20+ Smithing, 20+ Mining.
Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape etc), at least 20 Clay, Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Silver or Gold Ore and at least 10 Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Silver or Gold Bars in your bank, Amulet of Glory(4), POH Teleport (if house is in Rellekka), extra Redberry Pie (in case you eat the other). No Armour or Weapons required.

Five hundred years have passed since the rule of King Alvis, saviour of Keldagrim, victim of his own inventions. He founded the Consortium: the gathering of mining companies that were to serve the monarchy. But eventually the monarchy came to serve the Consortium. By the time of his death, the monarchy was all but abolished. Now the Kings in Keldagrim are but a distant memory... with only the statue of King Alvis to remind the people of the old days. The dark days.

So begins the Rise of the Red Axe, the new multipart storyline centered around the dwarves and their capital of Keldagrim. The first quest, The Giant Dwarf, introduces the city and the powerful business Consortium that rules the Dwarven realm. Discover weird going-ons, narrowly escape from falling chunks of rock, ride around in mine carts and... make sure you don't bump into the wrong person on the way to the city!

Part 1:
Welcoming you to Keldagrim.

Step 1
Go through the Keldagrim passageway.
Ta;l to the boatman.
Switch to high res if necessary, then view cut-scene.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Keldagrim Make your way to the entrance to Keldagrim either via Rellekka or the Fairy Ring DKS. Once you enter the cave, you will see two Dwarven statues to the east with a passageway between them (Picture). Enter this passageway. From here, speak to the Dwarven Boatman who is a few steps to the north.

He will greet you and offer to take you to Keldagrim. You mention to him that you thought it was off-limits to humans due to an incident, but he tells you that the Black Guard fixed up all the trouble a few days ago. He even offers to take you there for free! Tell him "That's a deal!" He'll warn you that the trip will take a few minutes. Reply to him "Yes, I'm ready and don't mind it taking a few minutes." If you are in low detail, a disclaimer from Jagex pops up telling you to switch to high resolution for the following cut-scene since you will only be able to see this once.

The cut-scene shows a sweeping camera through the city of Keldagrim and introduces the quest to you. The cut-scene ends with you and the boatman riding the ship and talking about the giant dwarf statue near the river. You make mention of passing by the statue when the boatman says there seems to be a problem. Just then the boat smashes into the side of the statue and it crumbles to pieces. Not good. As the boat docks, you are immediately arrested by the Keldagrim Black Guard. Again, not good.

Step 2
Talk to Dondakan and agree to talk to the Sculptor.
Talk to Blasidar in Keldagrim East.

You'll find yourself in a small building to the west of the city. In front of you is Commander Veldaban. He greets you and announces himself as the son of Dondakan. You may recall Dondakan from the Between a Rock... quest. You tell him that you were the one who helped him with the impervious stone. He then asks you about the statue. He laughs at your response saying that a King has not ruled in Keldagrim for many years. He wants you to speak to a sculptor living in Keldagrim East and help him rebuild a new one. Agree to this.

Head off to the north-east and cross the bridge over the river Kelda into Keldagrim East. Make your way to the south of the drunken dwarf's hut (not hard to miss on the mini-map due to all the broken glass spawns) and speak to Blasidar the sculptor (Picture). You and he greet and introduce yourselves. He thinks you are trying to get a job with him. He tells you that he can do the work without problem and he isn't hiring a model either.

Riki is handling that job just fine, so he assigns you as an errand boy. He tells you that the Consortium hired him to rebuild the statue. But dwarves aren't good painters and he has no pictures of what the King looked like long ago. So he is making his design from a live model. He needs you to get him the most exquisite boots you can find, clothes that look like King Alvis' clothes and a battleaxe.

Part 2:
Boots of Alvis

Step 3
Ask Saro about special boots.
Talk to Dromund, then steal his boots.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Left Boot Go to the south-west corner of Keldagrim West and speak to Saro the Armourer (Picture). Ask him about any special boots. He will tell you that he deals with all kinds of boots. After all, he is the one who sold the granite boots of Dondakan. He talks about a pair of exquisite boots he recently sold to Dromund, an old stodgy dwarf. You ask for directions to Dromund's house, and he informs you that it is directly north of the bank.

Go to Dromund's house and speak to him. He quickly asks you if you are with the Black Guard. When you reply no, he wants you to go away. You quickly ask him about the boots but he makes it clear that you aren't going to get them, no matter how much you offer. Time to acquire the boots like a good thief.

Dromund walks around the large table in the center of the room. Just to the right of the southern door is a stand with the left boot on it. Stand in front of the stand and once Dromund has walked to the north-west corner of the table, click the boot and you will have it in your inventory. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Right Boot

If you mess up, take a step backwards so Dromund has room to walk by you and try again. The other boot is located near the north-west corner of the table near an open window. If you try to pick up the right boot inside the house, Dromund's cat will catch you.

Withdraw one law and one air rune from the nearby bank and stand next to the window on the northern wall outside the house. Watch Dromund as he walks around the table. Once he has past the window, cast telekinetic grab on the right boot.

If you mis-timed it, Dromund will yell at you but you at least you don't cast the spell and waste the runes. Keep trying until you successfully cast telekinetic grab. The right boot will appear in your inventory and instantly become a pair of exquisite boots!

Part 3:
The Clothes

Step 4
Go over the river and talk to woman.
Talk to Vermundi, then the Librarian.
Attempt to use the ladders.

From Keldagrim West, enter the large building over the River Kelda. Head to the northern stall where you will see two clothes merchants. If you speak to the male dwarf, he will dismiss you since your taste in fashion is lacking. Speak to the woman and she will berate you as simply a human. If you speak to her about where she gets her clothes, she will refer you to a seamstress in Keldagrim East. She describes the eastern side of the city as a slum; filled with dirty people.

Cross the river at the bridge (or climb up one of the two staircases and cut across the Trade Octagon) and make your way to the eastern section of the same building. In the south-western corner is the seamstress Vermundi. She will be able to make clothes that King Alvis once wore. But she needs to see designs of his clothes. She directs you to the Librarian.

The Librarian (Hugi) is located inside the library which is the north eastern most building on the western side (Picture). He will tell you that book is rather old, so it should be located at the top of one of the bookcases. Scattered around the room and the second floor are several bookcases with small ladders in front of them. Click on the ladders and you will learn that your weight is not supported by the frame of these Dwarven-sized ladders.

Step 5
Bank heavy items and get the book.
Talk to Vermundi again and fuel the machine.
Light the machine.
Pay Vermundi.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Machine Items needed: 1 Log, 1 Coal, Tinderbox, 200GP.

Go the nearby bank and deposit all heavy objects you may be carrying. Once you are less than 20 kg in weight, return to the library and reattempt to climb the ladders. As long as you are light enough, you will search the tops of the bookshelves and eventually retrieve the book that Vermundi needs (Picture).

Return to Vermundi and talk to her again. She will read the book and tell you that she can handle the job easily. However, her dwarfish sewing machine is out of fuel. Since the machine (much like nearly all Dwarven machinery) is powered by steam, she needs coal and some wood to power her machine.

Use either the coal or log on the machine to automatically put it in. Now use your tinderbox on the machine to ignite it. Once it is burning, the machine will roar to life! Speak to Vermundi again. When you ask her for the clothes, she will request a service fee of two hundred gold pieces. Pay the seamstress and she will make the clothes and hand them to you (Picture).

Part 4:
The Battleaxe

Step 6
Talk to Santrini in the Armor Shop.
Place the sapphires into the battleaxe..
Take Thurgo a redberry pie.
Give him the axe and bar to fix the axe.
Get teleported to Keldagirm.

Items needed: Redberry Pie, Iron Bar.

Now go to the weapon shop which is the north-western building on the western side of Keldagrim (Picture). Speak to the owner, Santiri, about a special battleaxe, and he will tell you that he possesses the actual axe of King Alvis. His great-great grandfather found the axe downstream of the river Kelda. It is in very poor condition and the sapphires once mounted in the hilt have fallen out long ago. He mentions that it can not be repaired as only the Imcando dwarves have the knowledge to repair the blade. You mention that you know an Imcando dwarf. Thurgo helped you repair a knight's sword once before. Impressed, Santiri gives you the battleaxe to be repaired. Use one of the cut sapphires with the battleaxe and you will insert them all into it.

Leave Keldagrim and make your way south of Port Sarim to Thurgo, the Imcando dwarf. If you ask him about the battleaxe (and have previously completed The Knight's Sword quest), he quickly cuts you off and reminds you about his love of redberry pie. If you remember from when you did that quest, you should have a redberry pie ready for him.

Talk to him a second time and select the option about the redberry pie. Thurgo will quickly take the pie from you and devour it. Now talk to him a third time and talk about the battle axe again. He will ask you where you got the battleaxe. When you mention Keldagrim, he will talk about the city briefly and say that we'll be back there soon. "We?", you ask. "Never mind.", he replies and continues on with the axe. He can repair the axe; all he requires is an iron bar.

Give Thurgo the bar and he'll repair the axe and hand it back to you. You will then receive an option if you want to return to Keldagrim immediately (Picture). If you select yes, you will be transported instantly to Blasidar's house.

Part 5:
Part title

Step 7
Give Riki the items.
Talk to Blasidar.
Talk to the secretaries and collect their ores.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Headless Statue Items needed: The Ores and Bars you will be told to collect.

Speak to Riki the model in Blasidar's house and you will hand him all three items. Now speak to Blasidar and he will mention that the statue is completed except for the head. It is not a crown that is needed but an actual head. It seems that the Consortium wants one of their faces to appear on the new statue since they are the rulers of Keldagrim now, not a king. Blasidar can not continue the statue until the Consortium has decided on whose head will be sculpted. You learn that your best course of action is to speak to one of the Consortium directors.

Enter the large central building and climb to the second floor. On this floor, you will find a total of eight desks, four on the east side and four on the west. Each desk has a different colored secretary and director. All the companies are the same except for the South-Western-most desk which is represented by the Red Axe. They are not very friendly individuals to say the least. Choose one of the other seven companies and speak to the secretary. If you ask the secretary if you may speak to the director, he (or she) will tell you that you need to do some work for the company first. Ask the secretary if there are any jobs you can do. He or she will then order you to collect a number of a certain type of ore within a set timeframe. Just load up with one type of ore and bar and speak to all the directors until you get the task of collecting the ore and bars that you have.

Note: you may be able to buy some of the ores from the shop by the Blast Furnace. If you log out during the errands, the director will not speak to you and you will need to redo the errands. You can also refuse a task and not be punished so just keep trying till you get whatever ore or bar you have. Also, the Brown Engine group will also refuse female players to work for them.

Step 8
Talk to the director and ask him what you can do.
Collect the ores for the director and take them to him.
Talk to Commander Veldaban and pick the option you want.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Statue Speak to your company director and mention what an honour this is. He (or she) will talk about the Consortium, the Trade Octagon in the center and the statue. They decided that replacing the face of the statue with the face of a Consortium member was a good idea. The city is thriving now because of them and not a king. Hreidmar, the leader of the Red Axe was the party who made the suggestion in the first place. You offer your support to have your director's head on the statue. The director will think it over but can not do it since you are not part of one of the Consortium companies. You offer to join your company but you have not performed enough work yet. Ask the director what you can do and the director will order you to collect a number of a certain type of bar within a set timeframe.

Same thing as the secretary, bring back to the director the number of bars as he or she requests. Continue this step until the director mentions that you may join the company. Ask the director to accept you in and you will become a member of your company! Since you are an outsider, you may be able to convince the other directors to put your director's head on the new statue. All it requires is good timing. You decide that now would be a good time to speak to Veldaban (Picture).

Return to Commander Veldaban. You tell him of the events and he tells you that a meeting is just about to start. You can either attend the meeting (and go through a cut scene) or choose to read the minutes of the meeting after it is completed. Either way, your presence is enough to convince the Consortium to put your director's head on the statue. The statue is fully restored and you have made an enemy with the Red Axe.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there any way to join the Red Axe instead one of the other companies?

A: No. The secretary and director is too busy to deal with the likes of you.

Q: If you wear a Catspeak amulet, does the Red Axe cat have anything useful to say?

A: No, it is fast asleep and you can't bring yourself to wake it up.

Q: What about Dromund's cat?

A: The cat will tell you that he knows what you did. He knows you stole his master's boots. You'll explain to the cat that it was done for a greater good. You'll get a hiss in response.

Q: Where can you travel to with the Mine Cart system?

A: You can either travel to Ice Mountain (the Dwarven Mines) for 150GP or to the passageway underneath White Wolf Mountain for 100GP. The ticket seller for the Ice Mountain is located to the west of the railway system and the ticket seller for White Wolf Mountain is to the south of the tracks. The return trip is the same cost. You can not use the Mine Cart system until you have entered Keldagrim (and destroyed the statue).

Q: What if you didn't complete the Fishing Contest quest? Can you still travel to the passageway?

A: Yes, you may.

Author: Hemlock

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