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- 1 Quest Points.
- 2437 Fishing XP.
- Access to the underground shortcut between Taverley and Catherby.

Start PointStart Point

Either side of the tunnel under White Wolf Mountain connecting Taverley and Catherby.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Skill: 10 Fishing.

Item: 5GP, Fishing Rod, Garlic, Spade, Bait, Food.


Skill: 30 Hitpoints.
Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, etc), Food for Lower-Leveled Players.

The Mountain Dwarves home would be an ideal way to get across White Wolf mountain safely. However, the Dwarves aren't too fond of strangers. They will let you through if you can bring them a trophy. The trophy is the prize for the annual Hemenster fishing competition.

Part 1:
The Contest

Step 1
Talk to the Dwarf.
Enter McGrubor's Wood.
Get red vine worms.

Items needed: Spade, Food. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Dwarf tunnel

To start the quest, go to one of the small buildings on either side of the tunnel which allows you to travel beneath White Wolf Mountain. One building is just north of Taverley, and the other building is just north of Catherby (Picture). Try to go down the stairs within the building and the Mountain Dwarf will tell you that you are not permitted to (Picture).

Ask him why, and he will ask how would feel if someone tried to take a shortcut through your home. Tell him that you wouldn't mind if it was your friend. The dwarf will now state the obvious - he doesn't even know you. Next say "Well, let's be friends." He will tell you that you need to earn his trust first however. Ask him how you are supposed to do that and he will tell you that Dwarves are big fans of gold and the certain gold artefact they want is the first prize trophy at the Hemenster fishing competition. He will then tell you that the Dwarves have a pass to enter the competition but Dwarves do not make very good fishermen. Tell him that you are all right at fishing (Picture). He will then give you the pass you need to enter the contest.

You can get red vine worms with your spade from McGrubor's Wood which is just north of Hemenster and just west of Seers' Village (Picture). You cannot enter through the front gates (Picture), so you must use the alternate entrance. Along the north side of the wood, by the small house, there is a loose railing which you can squeeze through (Picture). Be aware before entering that the wood is guarded by aggressive Guard Dogs (Level-44). The vines are located in the North-West of the wood. You have to click on the ends of the vines in order to get several red vine worms (Picture).

Step 2
Go to the contest.
Use garlic on pipe.
Catch 3 giant carp.
Return to the mountain dwarf.

Items needed: Garlic, Competition Pass, Fishing Rod, 5GP.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Fishing Contest The fishing contest area is just beyond the gate in the north-west of Hemenster (Picture). The man standing at the gate (Morris) will ask you for your competition pass and will let you through. If you have managed to lose your pass, you can get another one from the mountain dwarf at Catherby.

Prior to beginning the contest, you must pay Bonzo 5gp. Now, to win, you must fish where the Sinister Stranger is currently fishing. Use your clove of garlic on the pipes just near him, and he'll move away; he's a vampire and hates the smell of garlic. Fish in the spot the stranger left open for you. When the fishing contest begins, try and catch a fish. If you've done everything right, you should soon catch a giant carp.

Catch two more giant carp and the competition will end; Bonzo will announce you as the winner. You will receive the Hemenster Fishing Trophy for your efforts. Go back and talk to the Mountain Dwarf and you will be rewarded for bringing back the trophy.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are there any enemies in the underground shortcut between Taverley and Catherby?

A: There are level 20 dwarves. However, these are not aggressive. Another feature of the shortcut is that there are 3 Dwarven Stout respawns surrounding the dwarves.

Q: Why can I only catch shrimp in the fishing competition?

A: You either forgot to put the garlic into the wall pipe or you don't have any red vine worms.

Q: Can you catch any other fish with the red vine worms?

A: No. You can only catch giant carps with the red vine worms.

Q: I have done the quest and have lost my contest pass. Can I still go in the contest?

A: No, you cannot.

Author: Edgeofinsanity

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