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Taverley is a quiet town, west of Falador, on the member's side of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. Taverley has many features, Herblore being prominent among them, with Druids to kill, and a Herblore store. The RuneScape god, Guthix, seems to have a pocket of influence around Taverley.

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NPC's and Shops
  • Alain: Farmer who watches over the tree patch.
  • Achietties: Speak with to start or finish the Heroes Quest.
  • Assistant Stan; Looks after the balloon service after completion of Enlightened Journey quest.
  • Austri: Speak with to start, or finish the Fishing Contest quest.
  • Boy: Speak with to start the Witch's House quest.
  • Gaius: Owns the two-handed shop.
  • Jatix: Owns the Herblore store.
  • Kaqemeex: Speak with to start the Druidic Ritual Quest. Also sells the herblore cape of achievement.
  • Nora T. Hagg: The Witch in the Witch's House quest.
  • Sanfew: Speak with during the Druidic Ritual quest. He is located on the second floor of the Herblore store.
  • Tegid: Druid who is washing clothes in the lake.
  • The Lady of the Lake: Involved in Merlin's Crystal quest.
  • Sylas: talk to him to start Grim Tales quest.
  • Witch's experiment: Kill this to get the ball for the Boy.
  • Druid: (Level-33)

Jatix' Herblore Shop
Talk to: Jatix
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Jatix' Herblore Shop
  • Empty vial: 12gp
  • Pestle and mortar: 4gp (Max Stock: 3)
  • Eye of newt: 3gp (Max Stock: 800)

Gaius' Two-Handed Shop
Talk to: Gaius
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Gaius' Two-Handed Shop
  • Bronze two-handed: 80gp
  • Iron two-handed: 280gp
  • Steel two-handed: 1,000gp
  • Black two-handed: 1,920gp
  • Mithril two-handed: 2,600gp
  • Adamant two-handed: 6,400gp

Special Attractions
Heroes' Guild

The Heroes' Guild can be found near the border of Burthorpe and Taverley. Players can only access this guild upon completion of the Heroes Quest. Within the Heroes' Guild, you can recharge your glory amulets, mine coal-rune ore, and fight a blue dragon (basement). You can also recharge your prayer and buy a dragon mace or battleaxe (second floor).

Dragonstone Chest

The Dragonstone chest is located just south of the Witch's House. You need a crystal key to open it, which can be obtained by putting the two halves of a key together. These are the loop and teeth halves. When you open the chest, you will get an uncut Dragonstone as well as other random rewards.

Taverley Centre

In the heart of Taverley, there are two fountains, and level 33 druids. Buy empty vials from Jatix, and fill them here. You can also collect herbs and second ingredients, as the druids drop them frequently.

South Taverley Mine

This mine is located south of Taverley, and is right next to the crumbling wall, leading to Falador.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the South Taverley Mine

Dark Wizard's Tower

The Dark wizard tower is a good place to train and collect runes for lower levels. The tower has three levels, with Level 20 and level 7 dark wizards on each. It is also a destination when using the teleport doors on the top floor of the Magic Guild.

Druid's Circle

The Druid's circle is located north of the Witch's house, in Taverley. Here, you can recharge your prayer at the dolmen, and speak with Kaqemeex in regards to the Druidic Ritual quest. A number of druids also inhabit this area.

Player Owned House

There is a portal out the front of the house that you must go through, to be able to enter your own, or a friends house. If you wish to move, speak to the Real Estate Agent located in Varrock. It will cost you 5,000gp to move here.

  • Druidic Ritual: The starting point for the Druidic Ritual quest is in this city. Speak with Kaqemeex, north of the Witch's House.
  • Eadgar's Ruse: Speak to Sanfew on the top floor of the Herblore store to begin this quest.
  • Fishing Contest: The Fishing Contest quest, starting point is located in Taverley, just south of the Heroes' Guild. Speak to the Mountain dwarf.
  • Heroes Quest: The Heroes Quest, starting and finishing point is located in Taverley. The Heroes' Guild is located north-west of the Witch's House. Speak to Achietties to begin and end the quest.
  • Grim Tales: Speak to Sylas to begin the quest, the starting point is located in Taverly, close to the Witch's house.
  • Witch's House: The Witch's House quest, starting and finishing point is located in Taverley. The Witch's House is located north-east of Taverley, just south of the Druidic Circle. Alternatively, as you enter Taverley from Falador, it will be just north. Speak to the Boy to begin and end the Quest.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Arrival: South of the mine in Taverley
  • Fishing: By the shore of the river
  • Horizon: From Taverley dungeon to the Witch's house
  • Principality: Entrance to Burthorpe.
  • Splendour: Around the Witch's house

Speak to: Jatix
  • Vial (1000): 12gp
  • Pestle and mortar (3): 4gp
  • Eye of newt (800): 3gp

Speak to: Gauis
  • Bronze 2h sword (4): 80gp
  • Iron 2h sword (3): 280gp
  • Steel 2h sword (2): 1,000gp
  • Black 2h sword (1): 1,920gp
  • Mithril 2h sword (1): 2,600gp
  • Adamant 2h sword (0): 6,400gp

Speak to: Alain
  • Gardening trowel (0): 15gp
  • Rake (0): 15gp
  • Seed dibber (0): 15gp
  • Watering can (0): 25gp
  • Plant cure (0): 25gp

Baby blue dragon (level-48) More information
Examine: Young but still dangerous.
Notes: A dusty key or level 70 agility to enter the blue dragons' lair. No anti-dragon breath shield is required.
Black demon (level-172) More information
Examine: A big, scary, jet-black demon.
Notes: Meleeing demons with Silverlight or Darklight will take the effect of meleeing them with a Rune longsword.
Black dragon (level-227) More information
Examine: A fierce dragon with black scales!
Notes: As with all dragons, wear an anti-dragonbreath shield. The max hit shown above is only their max hit using melee. Using firebreath it is much more.
Black knight (level-33) More information
Examine: A dark-hearted knight.
Notes: The black knights have two lairs; one in Taverley dungeon, and their fortress on Ice Mountain.
Blue dragon (level-111) More information
Examine: A mother dragon.
Notes: A Dragonfire Shield is a must. Whip or Dragon Scimitar along with Dragon Dagger Poison is recommended. If ranging from a safe spot, Magic Short Bow (Steel Arrows+) or Crystal Bow and also 70+ range to train efficiently. Otherwise, you will need a rune crossbow so you can equip an antidragonfire shield.
Chaos druid (level-13) More information
Examine: A crazy, evil druid.
Notes: Chaos Druids are the best way for members to obtain herbs. They cast bind on their victims, which reduces your attack, rather than binding you in place.
Chaos dwarf (level-48) More information
Examine: A dwarf gone bad.
Notes: The muddy key opens a chest in the Lava Maze in level 40 wilderness. The cage in the middle of the maze contains two Lesser demons, the chest, and a gold necklace spawn and steel platebody spawn. The chest contains a number of useless items, such as a mithril dagger, a mithril bar, an uncut ruby, 10 chaos runes, 10 death runes, and an anchovy pizza.
Druid (level-33) More information
Examine: Loves nature.
Notes: None.
Experiment no.2 (level-109) More information
Examine: A very odd looking creature.
Notes: Kill these if you run out of ogleroots for Grim tales.
Ghost (level-19) More information
Examine: Eeek! A ghost!
Notes: None.
Giant bat (level-27) More information
Examine: Annoying flappy thing.
Notes: None.
Hill giant (level-28) More information
Examine: A very large foe.
Notes: These are a good source of big bones, perfect for Prayer training.
Jailer (level-47) More information
Examine: Guards prisoners for the black knights.
Notes: The Jail key unlocks the cell with Velrak the Explorer. Talk to Velrak to receive the Dusty key, which allows further access to Taverley Dungeon.
Lesser demon (level-82) More information
Examine: Lesser, but still pretty big.
Notes: Meleeing demons with a Silverlight will take the effect of meleeing them with a Rune longsword. Meleeing demons with a Darklight will take the effect of meleeing them with a Dragon longsword
Magic axe (level-42) More information
Examine: A magic axe with a mind of its own.
Notes: Be careful in the wilderness, players may attack you whilst training.
Monk of Zamorak (level-45) More information
Examine: An evil human cleric.
Notes: These monks do not drop Zamorak robes, despite wearing them.
Mouse (level-95) More information
Examine: A huge mouse. It looks hungry...
Notes: You will need to drink the shrinking potion near the mouse-hole in the witch's house to access these. The objects it drops will shrink to your size as you pick them up.
Poison scorpion (level-20) More information
Examine: It has a very vicious looking tail.
Notes: You may be poisoned if you are attacked by this monster.
Poison Scorpion (level-20) More information
Examine: It has a very vicious looking tail.
Notes: None.
Poison spider (level-64) More information
Examine: I think this spider has been genetically modified.
Notes: These can damage up to six poison.
Suit of armour (level-19) More information
Examine: A dusty old suit of armour.
Notes: If you try and open the gate, two sets of armour will attack you. You can go through the gate without killing them, just by running.
Witches experiment (level-19) More information
Examine: Looks unnatural.
Notes: For more information read the Witch's House quest guide.
Witches experiment fourth form (level-53) More information
Examine: Looks unnatural.
Notes: For more information read the Witch's House quest guide.
Witches experiment second form (level-30) More information
Examine: Looks unnatural.
Notes: For more information read the Witch's House quest guide.
Witches experiment third form (level-42) More information
Examine: Looks unnatural.
Notes: For more information read the Witch's House quest guide.

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