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- 1 Quest Point.
- 11,000 Herblore XP.
- Ability to use Trollheim Teleport (Level 61 Magic Required).

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Sanfew, upstairs in the Taverley Herblore Store

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Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: Level 31 Herblore.
Quest: Troll Stronghold, Druidic Ritual.
Item: Ranarr Weed and Water-Filled Vial OR Unfinished Ranarr Potion, 5 Raw Chicken (You can kill Chickens near the Sherpa's Hut), 10 Grain, Knife, Pineapple (take 2 as a precaution), Vodka (buy 2 as a precaution). Climbing Boots (12GP from Tenzing), Tinderbox, 2 Regular Logs, Pestle and Mortar.
Other: Ability to fend off Thrower Trolls (Level 68).


Skill: 40 Prayer for Protect from Missiles, Use of Fairy Rings will make for a lot of time saving, as the combination AJR teleports you relativley close to Eadgar.
Item: Teleport Runes to Camelot/ Ardougne (or Teleport to House if you have a Camelot and Ardougne portals) OR Games Room Necklace.

Sanfew requires a rare herb for the next part of the purifying ritual. Travel back to the Troll Stronghold to find this herb that the trolls use as an ingredient for their favourite dish.

Part 1:
Beginning the Quest and Trollheim

Step 1
Get all your items
Make your way to the Arena.

Items needed: Carry all Items with you throughout the quest.

I recommend obtaining all the items you need before starting the quest. Teleport to Draynor Village, to grab the grain from the field north-east of the bank. Just east of the grain field is a chicken farm. While you're there, get the logs. Grab the pineapple (1gp) and vodka (5gp) from the Heckel Funch on the second floor, eastern wing of the Grand Tree. You can also buy a knife here. Go back to Tenzing and buy the climbing Boots just after you've started the quest. You can also kill chickens here for the required five raw chickens.

To begin the quest, speak with Sanfew, who can be found upstairs in the Taverley Herblore Store. Ask him "Have you anymore work for me, to help reclaim the circle?" He will tell you that he needs a rare herb that Trolls use in their cooking. It is called Goutweed and you need to visit the Trolls to acquire it.

When you reach Burthorpe, go to Tenzing's house and over the stile. Head north-east to the first climbing rocks. Wearing your climbing boots, climb over them, and keep heading north-east until you come to the Arena Entrance. Enter the Arena (Dad won't attack you like last time) and then go through the north-west door, then west a bit to the cave Entrance.

Step 2
Go through the cave.
Make it to the top of Trollheim past the Thrower Trolls.
Enter Eadgar's cave and talk to him.
Go downstairs in the Stronghold and talk to Burntmeat.
Talk to Eadgar again.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Cave Entrance Once in the cave, go around to the other side and exit it. You will be at the bottom Trollheim. Head north-west around the mountain until you come to the Thrower Trolls (Level 68). Run past them, and they will all throw rocks at you, dealing you 20+ damage, depending on how fast you run. If you use Protect from Range while running past them their boulders will have no effect on you.

When you're just past the Thrower Trolls, start heading to the top of Trollheim, where all the Mountain Goats are. On the south-east side of the top you will find a Cave Entrance. Enter it, and head to the north side of the cave to Eadgar (Picture).

Speak to Eadgar and tell him you need to find some Goutweed. Eadgar will tell you to speak to one of the Troll Chefs. Exit Eadgar's Cave and head west down Trollheim, into the Troll Stronghold. Once in the Troll Stronghold, run north up the path to the Stronghold Entrance.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Burntmeat

Now head south and go down the stairs. A Troll Chef named "Burntmeat" will be standing by a big cauldron.. Speak to him and he will ask you what you are doing here. You will tell him you are seeking Goutweed. He needs you to go on a quest for him first. He wants you to bring him a human for a stew.

Head back north and leave the stronghold. Run past the Troll Stronghold and head east up to the top of Trollheim again. Speak to Eadgar once more. Eadgar will tell you he has a plan. He will need you to find a Parrot for the stew (Picture). He says to look in the Zoo.

Part 2:
The Parrot and Eadgar

Step 3
Get your items and talk to Parroty Pete in Ardougne Zoo.
Make Alco-chunks and catch a parrot.

Items needed: Knife, Pineapple, Vodka.

If you decide to walk out, you will have to head east to the bottom of Trollheim. Run past the Thrower Trolls (Level 68) and go through the Cave Entrance, over to the other Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Talking to Parroty Pete side and exit the cave. Head south into the Arena, then west, then south until you reach Tenzing's house. From here you should be able to travel out to Taverley. From here you can either teleport to Ardougne or walk out. Then, go to a bank and withdraw your knife, pineapple and vodka.

Once in Ardougne Zoo, speak to Parroty Pete. Ask him "When did you add it?" and "What do you feed them?". Now, you should be able to mix vodka with pineapple chunks.
Be careful not to eat/drink the pineapple or vodka. Use your knife with the pineapple and choose the "Dice" option. You will now have pineapple chunks in your inventory. Use the pineapple chunks on the bottle of vodka you bought at the beginning of the quest. You will now have "Alco-Chunks".

Use the Alco Chunks, on the west side of the Aviary (Picture). A parrot will be attracted and you will catch it. Parroty Pete will try to stop you but you will make up a cover story, saying you'll take it to the Vet. You should now have a "Drunk Parrot" in your inventory.

Step 4
Show Eadgar the parrot.
Make the scarecrow with the list of instructions listed.
Enter the Troll Stronghold
Make your way to the rack and use the drunk parrot with it.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Searching the Rack Use Step 1 to get back to Eadgar. Tell him you have the Drunk Parrot. He will say his plan is to make a scarecrow which looks, sounds, smells and tastes like a human.

To make it look like a human, you will need to stuff it with 10 sheaves of grain.
To make it taste like a human, you will need to stuff the scarecrow with 5 raw chickens (everything tastes like chicken).
To make it sound like a human, you will have to plant the Drunk Parrot in the prison, in the Troll Stronghold.
To make it smell like a human, you will need to dress it in Dirty Clothes which Sanfew can provide.

Head west from Trollheim to the Troll Stronghold and enter it. Head north and go down the stairs, through the Prison Door, then down the stairs again. Head south-west to the Rack and use the Drunk Parrot with it.

Part 3:
The Scarecrow and End

Step 5
Go to Taverley and speak to Sanfew.
Get dirty robes from Tegid.
Snatch a troll thistle, the use it on a fire, and grind it; then add it to a water/ranarr vial.
Give the potion to Eadgar, get the drunk parrot, and give that to him as well.

Items needed: 10 Grain, 2 Logs, 5 Raw Chicken, the Dirty Robe, Pestle and Mortar, a Ranarr Weed and a Water-Filled Vial OR an Unfinished Ranarr Potion, Tinderbox, Teleport Runes or Games Room Necklace and Food (optional, but recommended). The Grain and Chicken cannot be in note form.

Once you've placed the Parrot under the Rack, go to Taverley (either teleport, use the games room necklace or walk out) and speak to Sanfew. You will tell him that Eadgar needs some Dirty Clothes for his plan. Sanfew will tell you to ask Tegid (outside) for some of his Dirty Robes. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Picking Thistle

Go outside, speak to Tegid and ask him for some Dirty Robes. He will say no. Tell him "Sanfew won't be happy..." and he will give you a Dirty Robe. Head back to Eadgar. He will take the grain, chicken and a log off you. He then goes on to tell you that you need a Troll Truth Potion. You will need a Troll Thistle, which you can pick from one of the 4 Grassy Patches near the highest points of Trollheim.
Light a fire and use the Thistle with it, to make a Dried Thistle. If you forgot your tinderbox, use the fire in the troll camp. Now use the pestle and mortar with the Dried Thistle to make a Ground Thistle, and use this with the unfinished ranarr potion to make a Troll Potion. Speak to Eadgar again and give him the Troll Potion.

Go back down into the Troll Stronghold. Go north, down two flights of stairs and retrieve the Drunk parrot by searching the rack. Head back to Eadgar. Speak to Eadgar, who will take your Drunk Parrot, and give you a Fake Man.

Step 6
Go down into the Stronghold and talk to Burnetmeat.
Get the key from the kitched nore and use it o the storeroom door.
Make it past the guard, get the Goutweed, and take it back to Sanfew.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Searching the Kitchen Drawer Head west from Eadgar and down into the Troll Stronghold. Now go south, down to Burntmeat again. Talk to Burntmeat and he will tell you where to find Goutweed. He says it is in the storeroom, but you will need a key, which can be found in the fake bottom of the Kitchen Drawer. Search it to get the Key

Once you have the Key go down the Stairs to the north-east (Picture). Keep going north-east until you reach the storeroom door. Use the Key with it (Picture). Walk in and wait by the next door.

Here comes the tricky part. To get the Goutweed, you need to make your way through this mini-maze of boxes, without a Guard Troll noticing you. When a Guard Troll sees you, he will deal you up to 8 damage (Picture).
There is no easy way to do this. You must run between the boxes, following the Guard Trolls so they don't notice you. When you've made it to the crate of Goutweed, search it, and the Troll guarding it will wake up and hit you as you get the Goutweed. This Picture shows the recommended and possible paths.

Now that you have the Goutweed, head back to Sanfew in Taverley, who will reward you. If you take back extra Goutweed, Sanfew will give you a random herb.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What happens when I "drop" the drunk parrot?

A: You will release it and it will fly to Eadgar who will give it back to you.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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