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There are several reasons to go to Draynor Village. Firstly, it's the best woodcutting destination in all of Asgarnia and Misthalin. Secondly, it's a common city in quests, and also the only place where free players can obtain dyes.

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NPC's and Shops
  • Adventurers: Four brave folks who want to destroy the Tree Spirit.
  • Aggie: An old witch who makes dyes for people.
  • Ava: Speak with to start the Animal Magnetism quest.
  • Bankers: Self-explanatory.
  • Bank Guard: A guard who is keeping a eye on the Draynor bank after its robbery by the Wise Old Man.
  • Diango: Owner of the toy horse shop.
  • Ernest: The guy you save from being a chicken.
  • Farmer: Farms the wheat fields.
  • Fortunato: Runs the wine stall.
  • Joe: Guards Prince Ali in Prince Ali Rescue.
  • Lady Keli: Has the key to Prince Ali's cell in Prince Ali Rescue.
  • Leela: The daughter of Osman, the girl who gives you tips to free the prince.
  • Martin the Master Gardener: A master gardener who starts you on the A Fairy Tale Part I quest. Also sells the farming cape of achievement.
  • Master Farmer: A farmer who you can steal all type of seeds from, except for tree seeds.
  • Miss Schism: A lady who is trying to preserve the Draynor Manor and is a busy-body.
  • Ned: A portly old sailor who will sell you rope for 15 coins, and sail you to Crandor.
  • Olivia: Owner of 2 seed stalls.
  • Pig: Swine/Porker.
  • Piglet: Mini-pig.
  • Professor Oddenstein: A crazy professor who turns Ernest into a chicken.
  • Sedridor: The head wizard of the tower, who helps you in the Rune Mysteries Quest.
  • Town Crier: Gives information about the game and player moderators to players.
  • Veronica: Ernest's girlfriend, the girl who starts you on the quest.
  • Wise Old Man: A slightly mysterious adventurer who has recently robbed the Draynor Bank and appears to have his sights set on the Wizard Tower. He also sells the quest cape of achievement.
  • Witch: Lives in the draynor manor
  • Wizard: Makes you Splitbark armour.
  • Wizard Mizgog: The wizard who wants the beads in the Imp Catcher quest.
  • Wizard Traiborn: Give him 25 bones for a key in the Demon Slayer quest.
  • Black Knight (Level-33)
  • Chicken (Level-1)
  • Count Draynor (Level-34)
  • Dark Wizard (Level-7)
  • Ghost (Level-19)
  • Goblin (Level-2)
  • Jail Guard (Level-26)
  • Lesser Demon (Level-82)
  • Man (Level-2)
  • Market Guard (Level-20)
  • Rat (Level-1)
  • Skeleton (Level-22)
  • Skeleton (Level-25)
  • Witch (Level-25)
  • Wizard (Level-9)
  • Wizard Grayzag (Level-41)
  • Zombie (Level-13)
  • Zombie (Level-24)

Diango's Toy Store
Talk to: Diango.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Diango's Toy Store Shop
  • Black toy horsey: 150gp
  • Brown toy horsey: 150gp
  • Grey toy horsey: 150gp
  • White toy horsey: 150gp
  • Spinning plate: 75gp

Wine Shop
Talk to: Fortunato
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Fortunato's Wine Shop.
  • Jug of wine: 1gp
  • Jug of vinegar: 1gp
  • Bottle of wine: 500gp
  • Jug: 1gp

Draynor Seed Market
Talk to: Olivia
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Draynor Seed Market Shop
  • Rosemary seed: 4gp
  • Barley seed: 2gp
  • Hammerstone seed: 2gp
  • Marigold seed: 2gp
  • Potato seed: 2gp
  • Asgarnian seed: 3gp
  • Onion seed: 3gp
  • Yanillian seed: 7gp
  • Jute seed: 6gp
  • Cabbage seed: 3gp
  • Watermelon seed: 67gp
  • Strawberry seed: 21gp
  • Wildblood seed: 16gp
  • Krandorian seed: 9gp
  • Sweetcorn seed: 9gp
  • Tomato seed: 4gp

Ava's Odds and Ends
Talk to: Ava.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Ava's Odds and Ends Shop
  • Feather: 2gp
  • Iron arrow: 3gp
  • Iron arrowtips: 2gp
  • Steel arrowtips: 7gp
  • Steel arrow: 15gp

Special Attractions
Dyes for Capes and other Applications

If you want to dye your cape or get some dyes for a quest, visit Aggie the Witch. She will make you dyes with different ingredients:

  • Yellow dye: Two Onions and 5gp.
  • Red dye: Three Redberries and 5gp.
  • Blue dye: Two Woad leaves and 5gp.
  • Green dye: Mix yellow dye with blue
  • Orange dye: Mix yellow dye with red
  • Purple dye: Mix red dye with blue

To dye a cape, use your bottle of dye on a cape of any colour. You can get capes by killing the Highwaymen who wander on the path going from Lumbridge to Port Sarim, or buy them in the Champions' Guild, or Varrock clothes store.


Draynor Village is commonly referred to as the best woodcutting spot in F2P. South-west of the bank there are a bunch of Willow Trees which are great for burning, or collecting in your bank.

Fishing Spots

This is pretty much the only place for level one fishers, and I would recommend training here until about level 25. The reason being is that it's safe, there is a bank nearby, and there are plenty of fishing spots.

Wizards' Tower

The Wizards' Tower is a good spot to train magic, with a lesser demon in a cage on the top floor. Within the tower, members can buy Splitbark armour.

The Jail

The jail is a great low-level combat training area. Here, you can three-item, and continue training on the jail guards until you die, then run back from Lumbridge and continue on, without losing anything.

The Sewers

The sewers are used as part of the Desert Treasure quest. There are many zombies down here to train on, as well as an anvil for smithers to use. The dungeon has 2 entrances, one near Diango's house and the other near the Jail.


Miscellaneous Information
  • Dream1
  • Spooky2
  • Start
  • Unknown Land
  • Vision

Speak to: Diango
  • Brown toy horsey (5): 150gp
  • White toy horsey (5): 150gp
  • Black toy horsey (5): 150gp
  • Grey toy horsey (5): 150gp
  • Spinning plate (250): 75gp

Speak to: Olivia
  • Potato seed (20): 2gp
  • Onion seed (10): 3gp
  • Cabbage seed (5): 3gp
  • Tomato seed (0): 4gp
  • Sweetcorn seed (0): 9gp
  • Strawberry seed (0): 21gp
  • Watermelon seed (0): 67gp
  • Barley seed (20): 2gp
  • Jute seed (5): 6gp
  • Rosemary seed (20): 4gp
  • Marigold seed (20): 2gp
  • Hammerstone seed (20): 2gp
  • Asgarnian seed (10): 3gp
  • Yanillian seed (5): 7gp
  • Krandorian seed (0): 9gp
  • Wildblood seed (0): 16gp

Speak to: Fortunado
  • Jug of wine (5): 1gp
  • Jug of vinegar (500): 1gp
  • Bottle of wine (2): 500gp
  • Jug (3): 1gp

Count Draynor (level-34) More information
Examine: Stop looking and run!
Notes: Kill him to complete the Vampire Slayer quest.
Jail guard (level-26) More information
Examine: I wonder who he's guarding?
Notes: They protect the jail where Prince Ali has been captured.
Skeleton (level-25) More information
Examine: Could do with gaining a few pounds.
Notes: None.
Wizard (level-9) More information
Examine: Slightly magical.
Notes: The blue robe bottom can be bought at Varrock clothes shop to obtain the full wizard outfit.
Wizard Grayzag More information
Examine: Master of imps.
Notes: Grayzag summons beasty little imps in the top floor of the tower.

Author: John

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