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- 1 Quest Point.
- Air Talisman.
- Ability to mine Rune Essence.

Start PointStart Point

Lumbridge Castle 2nd Floor, talk to the Duke of Lumbridge.

Available to Free Players

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 3/5




Skill: Level 25 Magic.
Item: Amulet of Glory (Members only), Varrock Teleport Runes.

Recent research at the Wizards Tower has found a way to create runes for the first time in centuries. Assist the head wizard Sedridor in his research and he too may teach you these secrets!

Part 1:
A Strange Talisman Discovered

Step 1
Talk to Duke Horacio.
Go to Wizard Tower.
Talk to Sedridor.

Talk to Duke Horacio, who is on the second floor of Lumbridge castle, ask him "Have you any quests for me?", he will tell you about the strange talisman he has discovered. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Receiving a Air Talisman

He will then ask you to take it to Sedridor, the head wizard at the Wizard's tower south of Draynor Village.

Choose the first option "Sure, no problem", the Duke will give you an Air Talisman.

Go to the Wizard's Tower south of Draynor Village, and climb down the ladder (Picture). Talk to Sedridor, and ask "I'm looking for the head wizard". You will tell him about the Duke sending you there.

Sedridor will ask you to give him the talisman, choose the first option; "Ok, here you are" He tells you the talisman may be the last piece of the puzzle to bring back the legacy of their ancestors. He will ask you take a package to Aubury in mighty Varrock and then bring something back.

Choose the second option "Yes, certainly", Sedridor will give you a package (Picture). If you happen to have a magic level of 25 or higher and have the needed runes handy, teleport to Varrock to save time.

Step 2
Take package to Aubrey.
Return to Wizard Tower.

Take the to package to Aubury, whose shop in the eastern of Varrock, just south of the bank, and is represented by a symbol that looks like a ball of fire on your mini-map (Picture).

Aubury will ask you if you want to buy some runes, select the third option "I have been sent here with a package for you", he will be stunned (not literally), and ask you to give him a few minutes to look at what you have bought, the dialog will end.

You can just talk to Aubury straight away, he will tell you that with his research notes Sedridor may be able to teach you to craft runes, he gives you the notes. End Dialogue. Now either use an Amulet of Glory (if you're a member,) or run back to Wizard Tower.

Step 3
Talk to Sedridor.

Return to Sedridor at the bottom of the Wizards Tower, you will begin a dialogue, and there are no options. Sedridor will tell you that he admires you for being honest with him, and will therefore let you in on the secret of crafting runes, he will tell you the story of his research with Aubury, one of the important lines to note is "if you find the appropriate talismans, you may be able to craft all the runes that are available in the world".

He tells you that to prevent a disaster should the information of how to craft runes fall into the wrong hands; he will keep the secret of how to teleport to the rune essence to himself and a few others (see Runecrafting guide).

He will also asks you for the research notes, and then he will begin to explain many things to you. He will talk of how the secrets were lost when the Wizards Tower was burnt down, and then of the process of crafting runes. He will talk about 'Rune Essence', the Teleportation Spell, and the alters where you will be able to create Magical Runes.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I find out how to Runecraft?

A: For all the information on Runecrafting, take a look at our Runecrafting guide.

Author: Robin Hood

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