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- 4 Quest Points.
- 300GP.

Draynor VillageStart Point

Front of Draynor Village.

Available to Free Players

Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Item: Spade - found during Quest.


Skill: 10 Defence.
Item: Food, Armour (Steel or better).

Veronica is very worried. Her fiancé went into the big spooky manor house to ask for directions. An hour later and he's still not out yet.

Part 1:
A Lost Boyfriend

Step 1
Talk to Veronica, in front of Draynor Manor.
Talk to Professor Oddenstein.

Talk to Veronica at the front gate of Draynor Village Manor. She will tell you that she needs your help. Tell her that you will help. She will tell you that her boyfriend, Ernest, has been in the manor for an hour and hasn't returned yet.

Note: There are dangers both inside and outside Draynor Village Manor that weak players should take notice of. Watch out for aggressive trees and vines outside the manor. They can do a maximum of 3 damage each time they hit and they cannot be attacked back: (Tree) (Vines).

Enter the Manor and go to the top floor where you will find Professor Oddenstein, a chicken and a strange machine (Picture). Tell him that you're looking for Ernest. He will tell you that Ernest has been changed into a chicken but can't be turned back to normal because his machine has broken. He asks you to bring back some Rubber Tubing, an Oil Can, and a Pressure Gauge. There are also dangers inside the manor. There are Ghosts (Level-19) on the middle floor that may cause weak players some problems. Once again, wearing full steel and eating food should keep you alive.

Part 2:
Finding the Rubber Tube and Pressure Gauge

Step 2
Dig up the compost.
Use the key on the door with the skeleton.
Use poisoned fish food on the fountain.

Items needed: Spade (obtained during step).

A spade can be found in the room found in the very east corner of the ground floor. Take the spade with you before you exit the manor (Picture). Exit the manor and go to the west of the grounds. You will find a pile of compost (Map). When you find the compost, dig there with the spade and you will find a key.

Re-enter the manor and use the key to enter the small room on the ground floor with a skeleton inside (Picture). Take the Rubber Tube and get out. Although the skeleton will attack you once you enter, you don't have to kill the skeleton to get the Rubber Tube. Just take the tube and get out, ignoring the skeleton. New players will find it difficult to get out in time. Wearing full steel and bringing some food, if you feel that you are not up to the task, will help.

Get Fish Food and Poison and use them together to make Poisoned Fish Food. You will need this for the next item. To find Fish Food, go to the middle floor and go to the room located directly south of the large stairs (Picture). To find Poison, go down to the ground floor and go to the west of the manor where you will find a room containing a range and a witch. Go into the small room south of this room and you will find Poison (Picture).

Exit the manor again and go south-west of the grounds where you will find a fountain (Map - Picture). Use the Poisoned Fish Food on the fountain. Search the fountain and you will find the Pressure Gauge.

Part 3:
Finding Oil Can and Finishing

Step 3
Find the secret passageway.
Get through the maze.
Return to Professor Oddenstein with items.

Go to the very west room of the ground floor and climb down the stairs. You may have noticed that there is no door to this room. You must use the secret entrance to enter this room. To use the secret entrance, search the two bookcases on the center of the western wall (Picture). To get back out of this room, pull the lever found next to the secret entrance (Picture). You will find a series of rooms (a small maze) to the north and a room containing the Oil Can to the west (Picture). In order to get into the room containing the can, you must complete the maze. The maze is operated by pulling the correct levers and entering the correct doors in the right order. Here's the correct order to complete the maze: Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a map for Lever's

Pull Levers A and B and go through the north-east door.
Pull Lever D, go through the south-west door and then the south door.
Pull Levers A and B again, go through the north-west door, then the west door and then the north door.
Pull Levers E and F, go through the east door and then the east door.
Pull Lever C, go through the north-west door and then the west door.
Pull Lever E, go through the east door, the south door, and then the next south door.
Go through the west door.

Once you have successfully completed the maze enter the room containing the oil can. Take the can and leave. Talk to Professor Oddenstein with the items. He will fix the machine and Ernest will turn back to normal. Ernest will reward you with 300gp. You have completed the quest!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I've tried to go out of the manor but I can't seem to open the door. How do I get out?

A: To exit Draynor Village Manor, you must use the back door. The back door is located in the far east room on the ground floor (where you found the spade) (Picture).

Q: I'm halfway through the maze but I want to get out. How can I leave without teleporting?

A: Just do all the steps you've done in reverse order. For example, if you've reached stage 3 but want to get out, go through the north door, then the east door, then the south-east door, then pull Lever D and go through the south-east door.

Author: The Adventurer

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