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Location Requirements Members
South of Varrock 32 Quest Points No

To find the Champions' guild, simply walk south out of Varrock, and head west at the wheat field.
This guild is home to the Champions' Challenge mini game, as well as two shops.

The Basement

The basement of the Champions' Guild contains a large arena used by members for the Champions' Challenge mini game. Once you have received a challenge scroll, you will be told to come to this basement, where you will face the champion who challenged you. For more information, see the Champions' Challenge mini game guide.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Champions' Guild Ground Floor
The Ground Floor

Here you will find a cooking range, the Guild Master, chickens to kill, and a trapdoor. The trapdoor is for members only, and is discussed in the above section.

If this is your first time here, the Guild Master will tell you of the Rune platebody, and how to get it; this is the starting point for the Dragon Slayer quest. He will also tell you a little about the Champions' Challenge.

The garden at the eastern side of the house contains level 1 chickens, which can be good magic and ranged training for lower levels. The range in the room behind the staircase is helpful if you wish to cook the meat you get from the chickens you kill.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Champions' Guild Ground Floor
The First Floor

The first floor is where you will find the Champions' Guild stores. Scavvo and Valaine stock items that are seldom traded elsewhere in RuneScape.

This floor also has a chest with nothing in it, and stairs leading back to the ground floor.

Scavvo's Rune Store
Talk to: Scavvo
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Scavvo's Rune Store
  • Rune plateskirt: 64,000gp
  • Rune platelegs: 64,000gp
  • Rune mace: 14,400gp
  • Rune chainbody: 50,000gp
  • Rune longsword: 32,000 gp
  • Rune sword: 20,800gp
  • Dragonhide chaps: 3,900gp
  • Dragonhide vambraces: 2,500gp
  • Coif: 200gp

Valaine's Shop of Champions
Talk to: Valaine
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Valaine's Shop of Champions
  • Cape: 41gp
  • Black full helm: 1,372gp
  • Black platelegs: 2,496gp
  • Adamant platebody: 17,024gp


Canoes are a new transportation method for members. One can hop in a canoe and paddle from Lumbridge all the way up the Lum river to Edgeville. Check out the Getting Around guide to learn more about how to use canoes and where you can land.

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