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Location Requirements Members
North of Taverley, South of Burthorpe Heroes Quest Yes

Zybez RuneScape Help's Heroe's Guild Map

To reach the Heroes' guild after using a games room necklace teleport, simply walk south out of Burthorpe castle and follow the pathway south until you see the guild to the west.
The Hero's Guild is an integral part of every RuneScape player's life. It provides many important features for a hero who has proven their worth. In order to attain access to the Heroes' Guild, you must have completed the Heroes' Quest.

The Dungeon
Zybez RuneScape Help Heroes' Guild Dungeon Screenshot

The dungeon is the place to go to if you have just arrived at the Heroes' guild. It contains coal, mithril and adamant rocks which are available for you to mine. If you have level 85 mining, then at the far end you can even mine from two rocks containing runite ore.

The dungeon also contains a single Blue dragon (Level 111). It is a good training spot for rangers and mages, especially if you are in need of a few quick dragon bones or blue dragon hides. Down near the end of the dungeon is the Fountain of Heroes; here you can charge your amulet of glory (enchanted Dragonstone amulet) by dipping it into the fountain. The amulet of glory is a useful peice of jewellry with four charges. Each charge can teleport you to either Draynor Village, Edgeville, Karamja Banana Plantation, or Al-Kharid Palace. When you run out of charges you can simply dip the amulet in the fountain again to refill it.

Zybez RuneScape Help Heroes' Guild Ground Floor Screenshot
The Ground Floor

The Heroes' guild is one of the more famous guilds throughout RuneScape; some historic players reside here. The mighty Achietties guards the door, allowing only the great to enter. The ground floor of the Heroes' guild is the focal point of the guild, containing a statue of Arrav and Camorra. You can gain access to a small woodcutting area, the first floor, and the Heroes' Dungeon from this room. The woodcutting spot contains many evergreen trees, a good area for low-level woodcutters.

The First Floor

The first floor is possibly the main center of attention at the Heroes' guild; the first floor contains a prayer altar, where you can offer yourself up to the mighty god, Saradomin. It also contains three ladders leading to the second floor, and also houses Helemos, who will sell you two of the mighty weapons within the dragon arsenal.

Zybez RuneScape Help Heroes' Guild First Floor Screenshot

Helemos' Shop, the "Happy Heroes' H'emporium" is the only shop in RuneScape that sells dragon maces and battleaxes.

Happy Heroes' H'emporium

Talk to: Helemos

Zybez RuneScape Help Heroes' Guild Shop Inventory Picture
  • Dragon battleaxe: 200,000gp
  • Dragon mace: 50,000gp

The Second Floor

The second floor of the Heroes' guild has a prayer altar where you can recharge your prayer. There isn't much else to the upper floors of the guild and it is more of a spot where you could just go to and chill out.

Speak to: Helemos
  • Dragon battleaxe (1): 200,000gp
  • Dragon mace (1): 50,000gp

Author: Redbird5

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