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- 1 Quest Point.
- 3,075 Attack XP, 3,075 Defence XP, 3,075 Hitpoints XP, 3,075 Strength XP, 2,825 Cooking XP, 2,725 Fishing XP, 2,575 Mining XP, 2,257.5 Smithing XP, 2,075 Ranged XP, 1,575 Firemaking XP, 1,575 Woodcutting XP, 1,325 Herblore XP.
- Ability to buy and wield the Dragon Battleaxe and Dragon Mace.
- Access to the Heroes' Guild.

Start PointStart Point

Heroes' Guild in Taverley.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: 50 Mining, 53 Cooking, 53 Fishing, 25 Herblore.
Quest: 55+ Quest Points, Shield of Arrav, Merlin's Crystal, Lost City, Dragon Slayer.
Item: Any Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, Full Black Armour (Full Helm, Platebody, Platelegs if you are in Black Arm Gang), Ranging Equipment (if you are in the Phoenix Gang), Fishing Bait, Harralander, Water-Filled Vial, Dusty Key, Ice Gloves (obtained during quest).
Other: A friend in a different gang than you.


Skill: 25 Magic, 65+ Combat, 40+ Ranged (if you are in Phoenix Gang).
Item: Armour (Rune or better), Weapon (Rune or better), Varrock Teleport Runes (or POH Teleport Runes if you have a Varrock Portal), Falador Teleport Runes (or POH Teleport Runes if you have a Taverley Portal), Games Necklace, 60GP.

Prove you are worthy to enter the Heroes' Guild. To prove your status as a hero you will need to obtain a number of items. There are many challenges standing between you and these items.

Part 1:
Are You Worthy?

Step 1
Talk to Achietties.
Kill Ice Queen (level-111) under White Wolf Mountain, collect Ice gloves.
Kill Entrana Firebird (level-2), collect firebird feather (wear ice gloves).

Items needed: Weapon, Armour, Food, Pickaxe.

To begin the quest speak to Achietties who is just outside the Heroes' Guild north of Taverley. Achietties will tell you that to be inducted into the Heroes' Guild, you need three items; a firebird feather, a master-thief's armband, and a cooked lava eel.

If you don't have Ice gloves already, go go to White Wolf Mountain and find a huge rock. Hack at it with your pickaxe and you'll gain access to the two ladders. Go down the southern ladder and then proceed to take the south-western tunnel until you come to another ladder. There should be ice giants there.

There are two ladders right near the one you came up. Take the eastern ladder down and go north in the tunnel. This part of the tunnel is extremely long and has ice spiders so be careful! The spiders also do not appear on your mini map. This tunnel ends at a ladder. Go up this ladder, then go down the only other ladder possible to go down. Keep walking until you get to the Ice Warriors and Queen. Note that you need 50 Mining to get past the rock. Go to the throne and attack the Ice Queen (level-111). After you defeat her pick up the ice gloves, and get out the way you came in or teleport out.

Then mine the rock again, and this time go deposit your items in a bank near the ship that will bring you to Entrana. Do NOT deposit your ice gloves. Go near the law altar and turn west; you'll see a Firebird (level-2). Kill it and take its feather; making sure you are wearing your Ice gloves.

Part 2:
Your Task

Step 2: Black Arm Gang
Talk to Katrine.
Talk to Trobert, Brimhaven.
Try to enter Mansion, talk to Garv (with ID papers and full black armour on).
Give Miscellaneous key to Phoenix Gang partner.
Search cupboard in Grip's room.
Try to take some alcohol (when your partner is ready).
Pick up key, unlock door to west.
Take Candlestick to Katrine.

Items needed: Black Armour.

Talk to Katrine and ask about how to become a Master Thief. Soon after she will tell you a password, 'Four Leaf Clover'. She will also tell you about Scarface Pete and how you have to steal his candlesticks. Get out your black armour then go to Brimhaven. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Trobert

Go to the house just south of the Agility Arena and speak to Trobert. He will give you some ID papers. Now make your way to the mansion just west of the pub and talk to Garv at the front door. Garv will say that Grip wants to see you. To get in you must have the ID papers and must be wearing full black armour (black plateskirts will not work). Next talk to Garv and show him your ID papers and he will let you come in.

Have a conversation with Grip, asking what your jobs will involve, and if there's anything you can do now. Eventually, you will be given a Miscellaneous key (Picture). Give this key to your Phoenix Gang partner.

Make sure your partner has range equipment, then search the cupboard in Grip's room to the north-east of the entrance. One of the guards will tell you that it's Grip's private stash of grog, and that he'd kill you if you took any. So go ahead and try to take some and Grip will appear in the room. Close the door and wait until your partner comes around to range Grip through the window (Picture). Once Grip is dead, pick up the key and head to the western part of the mansion.

Use the key on the door to the treasure room (Picture), and open then search the chests, and you will find two candlesticks. Keep one for yourself, and give the other to your partner. Return to Katrine with the candlestick, and you'll receive the master-thief's armband.

Note: If you've already completed the quest and are helping someone else out, you can give them the candlestick, and drop the rest of the items you obtained.

Step 2: Phoenix Gang
Talk to Straven.
Go to Brimhaven.
Get Miscellaneous key from partner.
Talk to Alfonse, tell him password.
Talk to Charlie the Cook.
Walk through secret wall.
Unlock door, stand by window when partner is in Grip's room.
Kill Grip, get candlestick from partner.
Return to Straven.

Items needed: Bow, Arrows, 60GP.

Go to the Phoenix Gang hideout in Varrock and talk to Straven. Ask him about the master-thief's armband. He will tell you to steal one of Pete's Candlesticks. He will tell you the password "Gherkin", to identify that you're a Phoenix Gang member. Go to a bank (nearest is east Varrock) and withdraw 60gp, a bow and some arrows; enough to kill a level 26 opponent.

Head to Ardougne and take the boat to Brimhaven or head to Port Sarim to take the boat to N. Karamja and walk to Brimhaven for 30gp per boat ride. Zybez RuneScape Help's Charlie The Cook Screenshot

Before you do anything, your partner will have to give you a miscellaneous key, which they can get off Grip. Once you have the key, go to the food store and talk to Alfonse the Waiter. Choose the option "Do you sell some Gherkins?" And he will tell you to go to the back and talk to the cook. Speak to Charlie the Cook, and tell him that you're a member of the Phoenix Gang. Also tell him that you're looking for the candlesticks. After some talking, he will tell you about the side entrance to the mansion.

Walk through the secret wall, and run past the Guard Dogs (Level 44) to the mansion's side entrance. Use the miscellaneous key to open the door, then stand by the window. Wait until your partner has Grip in ranging distance before attacking. Shoot Grip quickly once he's in the room. He will start screaming (Picture). Your partner will see a key once he's dead.

Wait for your partner outside and trade with him for the candlestick. Take the boat to Ardougne and withdraw Varrock teleport runes (Or Teleport to House runes if you have a Varrock Portal) from the nearby bank. Teleport to Varrock, then go to the Phoenix Gang hideout and talk to Straven again. He will give you an armband after some consideration (Picture).

Part 3:
Summing it Up

Step 3
Talk to Gerrant, Port Sarim.
Make an Oily rod.
Catch and cook a Lava Eel.
Give the items to Achietties.

Items needed: Normal Fishing Rod, Bait, 1 Harralander, Water-Filled Vial, Dusty Key.

Now that you have the armband it's time to go and catch a lava eel. Head to Port Sarim's Fishing store and speak to Gerrant. Ask him about catching lava eels and he says you'll need a special type of oily rod. He'll ask that you get him one harralander herb to help with the oil; he will give you some snail blemish. Mix these two ingredients together in a water filled vial, and use it on a normal fishing rod to make an oily fishing rod.

Now that you have your Oily fishing rod, withdraw your dusty key, some decent armour, fishing bait, and some food. It is recommended that you take more than one fishing bait, because you could burn the lava eel you catch; bring around 12, so you don't have to return to the dungeon. If you do not have a Dusty Key, head to the Black knight's area past the Chaos Dwarves and the Hill Giants, find the Jail guard and kill him for a cell key. Free Velrak and ask him if he knows of any other places to explore. He'll then give you the dusty key.

Now head to Taverley dungeon. If you have 70 agility, you can go through the agility shortcut right by the entrance; otherwise, you must make your way through the dungeon. Follow the dungeon and you will soon come across a gate guarded by two suits of armour. Open the gate, ignoring the suit of armour attacking you, and head past the giant bats. From the other side of the giant bats pit, go west past the black knights, animated axes, chaos dwarves, and lesser demons.

Open the door using the dusty key and go past the blue dragons until you reach a lava fishing spot (before the black demons). Cast your oily rod out and you will eventually catch one. Catch a few however before leaving. Once you have a lava eel go and cook it somewhere. You need level 53 Fishing to catch the lava eel, but can use a fishing potion at level 50, or an admiral pie at level 48.

Return to Achietties with the three items to complete the quest.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Heroes Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I buy Pete's Candlestick, and skip part two?

A: No, do NOT buy Pete's Candlestick from anyone. Just wait for your Black Arms partner to help you.

Q: Do I have to do the parts in that order?

A: No you can do it in any order, but I made it in this order, because when you finish, you are closer to the guild.

Author: Naitch

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