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- 2 Quest Points.
- 18,650 XP to Strength and Defence.
- Ability to equip Rune Platebody and Green Dragonhide Body.

Start PointStart Point

Champions Guild

Available to Free Players

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Quest: 32 Quest Points.
Item: 90 Steel Nails [6x Steel Bars] (Members can buy from Sawmill Operator), 3 Planks, Hammer, Lobster Pot, Wizard Mind Bomb, Silk, 2,000gp to buy the Lady Lumbridge, Unfired Clay Bowl, and ONE of the following: 10,000GP OR Runes for Attack Spells and Telekinetic Grab OR Bow, Arrows and Runes for Telekinetic Grab.
Other: Ability to defeat Elvarg (Level-83).


Skill: 50 Attack, 50 Defence, 50 Strength, 25 Prayer, 33 Magic, 34 Smithing, 8 Crafting.
Item: Rune Full Helm, Chain, Platelegs, Scimitar/Long/Battleaxe, Amulet of Power/Strength/Defence/Glory, Gloves or Vambraces (any type), Any Cape, Strength Potion, Food (Lobster or better), Teleporting Runes, Ring of Life (Members only).

Prove yourself a true hero. Kill the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor Island and earn the right to buy and wear the powerful rune plate mail body and/or a green dragonhide body.

Part 1:
Beginning the Quest

Step 1
Talk to guild master, then Oziach.
Talk to the guild master and get an anti-dragon shield from Duke Horacio.
Get a maze key from the guild master.

Talk to the Guild Master (in the Champions Guild) and ask about the rune plate. He will refer you to Oziach. Before leaving, use all the options available to you until Dragon Slayer is lit up in your quest listing (i.e. keep talking until you've started the quest). Oziach can be found north-west of Edgeville, just outside of Edgeville. Ask Oziach about the rune plate, then go on to ask him how you can be named a hero. He will tell you that you have to kill a powerful dragon named Elvarg. After heading back to the Guildmaster, he will tell you that the map to Crandor was split up into three pieces. He will also tell you where the map pieces are. Make sure to navigate through as much dialogue as possible.

He will also tell you that you need an anti-dragon shield. Go to Lumbridge Castle; on the second floor is Duke Horacio. Ask him for a shield that will protect you from the dragons breath, and he'll give you one for free. The first map piece is in Melzar's Maze, the Oracle has the second map piece and Wormbrain (a Goblin in Port Sarim jail) has the third. You can always get another one back from him if you lose it.

Part 2:
Melzar's Maze

Step 2
Go into Melzar Maze.
Follow the progression of killing monsters to get keys.
Get the map piece from the chest.

Items needed: Good Magic Defence Armour (Melzar occasionally uses Magic), Fighting Equipment, Food, Maze Key.

Melzar's Maze is located north-west of Rimmington. Use the Maze Key that the Guild Master gave you on the door to get in. From this point onwards, you will need to use different coloured keys to move ahead. Please note you should not leave the maze at any time or else you will need to regain the keys.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Red Door
  1. Red Key - Kill Zombie rats (Level 3) until you get one (Kill the smaller rats with the longer tail). Use the Red Key on the north-west door. Go up the ladder.
  2. Orange Key - Kill Ghosts (Level 19) until you get one (Kill the ghosts with longer hair). Use the Orange Key on the second door from the north. Go up the ladder.
  3. Yellow Key - Kill Skeletons (Level 22) until you get one (Kill the skeletons holding the round shield). Use the Yellow Key on the western-most door. Walk along and around and go down the ladder. Keep going down all the ladders until you reach the Zombies.
  4. Blue Key - Kill Zombies (Level 24) until you get one. Use the Blue Key on the blue door, NOT the brown one.
  5. Magenta Key Kill Melzar the Mad (Level 43) until you get one. Melzar the Mad is a mage, so watch out for stun spells. Use the Magenta Key on the magenta door (the northern-most one). If you fear his magic attacks on your metal armour, wear dragonhide.
  6. Green Key - Kill a Lesser Demon (Level 82) until you get one. Use the Green Key on the green northern door.
  7. There is a chest in the next room; search it. You will find the map piece.

Climb up the ladder and exit Melzar's Maze.

Part 3:
Oracle's Items and Wormbrain

Step 3
Talk to the Oracle.
Take the 4 items to the chest.
Get the map piece.
Get the map piece from Wormbrain.

Items needed: Wizard's Mind Bomb, Silk, Lobster Pot, Unfired Bowl. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Oracle

Speak to the Oracle, south of the Black Knights Fortress on Ice Mountain (Picture). The Oracle will tell you that you need four items.

  1. A drink used by a mage - wizard mind bomb (Falador Pub).
  2. Worm string changed to sheet - silk (Silk Trader in Al-Kharid, Ardougne Silk Stall, or Varrock Clothes Shop).
  3. A small crustacean cage - lobster pot (Port Sarim, talk to Gerrant).
  4. A bowl that has not seen heat - unfired bowl (clay + water = soft clay; Use soft clay on a pottery wheel to make bowl).

Gather the required items before talking to the oracle to save time. When you have all these items go down into the Dwarven Mines (Entrance south of Oracle). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Wormbrain

Head south and then east, and you will come to a room with a chest in it (Picture - Picture). If you have all four items you can enter by using them on the entrance. Search the chest to get the map piece.

Go to the Port Sarim Jail, just south-west of the boat to Karamja and you will see Wormbrain.

Option 1: This is where the level 33 magic comes into play. You have to Mage/Range Wormbrain and telekinetic grab the Map Piece. Members may use a halberd to kill him if they wish.

Option 2: Or you can buy the map piece from Wormbrain for 10,000gp.

Part 4:
Crandor and Elvarg

Step 4
Buy Lady Lumbridge from Klarense, 2000GP.
Kill Elvarg and take her head to Oziach.

Items needed: 2,000GP, 3 Planks, 90 Steel Nails, Hammer, Food, Combat Gear (don't forget your Anti-Dragon Shield!). Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Ship

Now that you have all three map pieces, put the map together by using the pieces with one another. Head to Port Port Sarim's docks and search for Lady Lumbridge (dock before southern-most dock). Buy the ship from Klarense for 2,000Gp. You discover that it's damaged; to repair it, you need three planks, 90 steel nails and a hammer.

Go to the bank in Draynor Village and withdraw your supplies to kill Elvarg. Some items you will need include: a strength potion, food (swordfish or lobsters), armour, a one-handed weapon, and an anti-dragon shield. While you're here, tell Ned in a house north of the Bank that you have all the map pieces - he will be waiting for you back at the docks to sail you off to Crandor. Head back to Lady Lumbridge.

When you arrive at Crandor the ship will smash on the rocks. Leave the ship from the bottom level. There are aggressive Skeletons, King scorpions, Hobgoblins, Lesser Demons and Moss Giants on Crandor.

Now make your way to the center of the island and climb down the crevice. Elvarg is found in a cage just by the level 45 Skeletons. Don't linger on the outside, or you might find yourself wasting food. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Crandor

Go and push the 'odd looking wall' further south past the Lesser Demons so if you die, you do not need to repair the ship again. You can just sail onto Karamja and go to the dragon's lair through the Karamja volcano.

Open the gate and go in to face Elvarg (Level-83) (Picture). If you run out of food in the middle of the fight you can bank by going through the 'odd looking wall' and into The TzHaar, when you return Elvarg's health will still be depleted. Once you have defeated Elvarg, go south past the Lesser Demons, and leave via the concealed door. Remember to bring your anti-dragon shield! Note that if you die, you'll have to get the nails and planks all over again.

Once Elvarg is dead pick up her head and bring it to Oziach to complete the quest.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I try to Range/Mage, or speak to Wormbrain, and he just says "What you want?" or, "You have no reason to do that." What do I do?

A: This happens because you have previously killed Wormbrain, and got the map piece at one point in time or another. What I suggest doing is go back to Oziach, and asking him about all of the map pieces. Then go back and try to kill Wormbrain again. If unsuccessful, try speaking to him again. If it still does not work, you can try speaking to Ned.

Q: I died to Elvarg, how do I go back to fight her?

A: If you didn't go through the passage before fighting Elvarg, you'll have to go back by boat. You will need to fix the boat again so gather 90 nails and 3 planks. Then go speak to Klarense and board the ship. Repair it and head back to the dragon to try again.

Q: I ran from Elvarg, how do I go back to fight her?

A: If you ran out of the concealed wall, you can go back through it saving you time and effort since you don't have to use the boat again. If you didn't use the wall you will need to fix the boat again so gather 90 nails and 3 planks. Then go speak to Klarense and board the ship. Repair it and head back to the dragon to try again.

Q: I lost the coloured keys!

A: You have to go back to Oziach and repeat steps 6 through 7.

Q: Does Protect from Melee protect against Elvarg's dragonbreath?

A: No, Elvarg's dragonbreath is nowhere near a melee attack. The only way protect from melee will help you against Elvarg is when she uses her claw, which can do decent damage without proper gear.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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