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- 6 Quest Points.
- Excalibur Sword.
- Ability to do the Holy Grail Quest.

Start PointStart Point

Camelot Castle.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Item: Bread, Tinderbox, Bucket, Bat bones*, Black candle*. * obtainable during quest


Skill: 45 Magic.
Item: Varrock and Falador Teleport Runes.

Merlin the wizard has carelessly become imprisoned inside a giant crystal. Take up King Arthur's quest to free Merlin and become one of the Knights of the Round Table.

Part 1:
King Arthur and his Knights

Step 1
Talk to King Arthur, at Camelot Castle.
Talk to Sir Gawain.
Talk to Sir Lancelot.
Talk to Arhein at Catherby Port.
Sneak onto Arhein's boat.

To start the quest, talk to King Arthur in Camelot Castle. Asking him to become a Knight of the Round Table. He'll tell you of the quest to free Merlin from a spell that caused him to be entrapped in a crystal.

Go see Sir Gawain and ask him if he knows how Merlin got trapped in the crystal. He'll tell you some story about Keep Le Faye, but he doesn't know how to enter it. Zybez RuneScape Help's Picture of Hiding in a Crate

Talk to Sir Lancelot on the second floor and ask him if he knows how to enter Keep Le Faye. He will tell about a boat in Catherby that can take you there.

Leave the castle and walk to the Catherby docks where the salesman Arhein is located. Ask him if the ship is his and if he transports stuff to Keep Le Faye. Also ask him if he will give you a ride. He'll reply that Sir Mordred doesn't want strangers in his keep.

It looks like you'll have to sneak onto the boat. Go behind the candle shop and hide in one of the boxes. Now you'll be carried to Keep Le Faye by Arhein, who thinks that you're the candle supplies for Sir Mordred!

Part 2:
Breaking A Curse

Step 2
Fight Sir Mordred, in Keep Le Faye.
Talk to Mordred's mother.
Collect Bat bones (outside).
Talk to Candle-maker in Catherby, make black candle.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Picture of Sir Mordred Items needed: Bucket, Tinderbox.

Get out of the box after that long voyage. Enter Keep Le Faye and run up to the third floor. Ignore the Renegade Knights as you don't need to kill them. Upon entering the third floor, Sir Mordred attack you for invading his Keep. Continue fighting him and when he's about to die, his mother, Morgan Le Faye will appear, and ask you to spare her son's life. You, obviously, will ask her to get Merlin out of that crystal.

She'll tell you to get some bat bones, a black candle, the sword Excalibur and to read the magical words under the Chaos Altar in Varrock. Make sure to ask her everything listed in the options.

Get out of the Keep using the front door. Kill some bats and pick-up their bones.

Go to the candle maker in Catherby and ask him to make a black candle. He'll tell you to get some wax from the beehives. Go to the first house north of the bank. Take the Insect Repellent from that house. Head to the beehives west of Catherby, and pour the repellent on one of the beehives. Take the wax in a bucket, and take it to the candle maker. He'll make you a black candle. Light this using a Tinderbox.

Step 3
Talk to the Lady of the Lake, south-east of Taverley.
Get magic words from Chaos Altar, in Varrock.

Items needed: Loaf of Bread.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Lady of the Lake Now go to Taverley, and find the Lady of the Lake. She's located on the peninsula south-east of Taverley. She will tell you to go to the Port Sarim jewelry shop to find Excalibur.

Go to the Jewelry shop in Port Sarim (you can teleport to Falador and walk to Port Sarim), and you'll meet a beggar outside. He will ask you for bread for his family. Give him the bread and he will transform into the Lady of the Lake, who rewards you for your generosity with the Excalibur sword.

Now go to Varrock (teleport if possible) and head to the south-east corner, where you'll find the Chaos Altar. Check the Chaos Altar for the magical words which are Snarthon Candtrick Termanto, check it and return to Camelot castle (again, teleport if possible).

Step 4
Drop bat bones in circle NE corner of Camelot castle's grounds.
Report to King Arthur for reward.

Items needed: Bat Bones. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Pillars

Go to the north-east side outside the Camelot castle where you'll find a circle of pillars. Drop your bat bones inside that circle, and make sure you have the lit black candle with you. A Wizard will appear. Ask him to free Merlin.

Tell him the inscription you had found on the chaos altar in Varrock, and he will free Merlin.

Go into the castle and up to the third floor (south-east tower) where you'll find Merlin. Shatter the crystal with your Excalibur and you'll free him! He'll tell you to talk to King Arthur for your reward. Report to King Arthur to finish the quest.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I've lost the Excalibur. How can I get it back?

A: Speak to the Lady of the Lake, who will give you Excalibur for a fee of 500GP.

Author: Daniyal

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