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- 4 Quest Points.
- 6,325 Hitpoints XP.

Start PointStart Point

The little boy by the long garden in Taverley, near the Members' gate.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 1/5


Item: Cheese, Leather Gloves.


Skill: 40 Combat.
Item: Extra Cheese, Food, Armour, Weapon.

A young boy who lives in Taverley has kicked his ball into the garden of a scary old lady. He asks you to get it back for him. This proves more difficult than it first sounds.

Part 1:
Secrets and a Magnet

Step 1
Speak to the boy.
Enter the house.
Find the magnet.

Items needed: Gloves.

Speak to the boy just through the gate from Doric's Anvils to Taverley. He has lost his ball to the evil witch. Go west and take the first path north. Under one of the pots (Picture) next to the door is a key. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Finding a Key Once in the house go pick the diary from the table. It will tell you everything you need to know. It will say stuff about the experiment, how to unlock the door and where the secret key to the shed is.

Go through the north door and down the ladder. Walk through the door. Remember to wear your gloves. If it zaps (Picture) you the first time just put on your gloves and try to go through it again.

Open and search the cupboard on the wall and you will receive the magnet. Check your inventory for the magnet; if you don't have it search the cupboard again.

Part 2:
The Experiment

Step 2
Get to the shed.
Kill the experiment.
Return the ball to the boy.

Items needed: Cheese. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Using a Magnet with the Mouse

Go into the room between the garden and the house. Use your cheese with the mouse hole (Picture) and then use your magnet with the mouse. The door should become unlocked. Quickly go through it.

Make sure you run during this step. When the Witch is two of more hedges away and is facing away from you, run to the next hedge. Go behind the hedges and do not let the witch see you. If the witch catches you she will say "Stop Thief!" and then cast a spell on which you teleports you out to the boy. You will have to get the magnet again after she catches you because you stuck it to the mouse's harness and you will have to unlock the door again. If she doesn't catch you go right around, but check to make sure you can't open the shed.

Note: if you are caught by the Witch after collecting the ball, you will be kicked out of her garden, and will lose both the ball and the key to the shed.

Go around to the fountain and 'Search' it. If you are unsuccessful with finding the key, read the witch's diary and try again. Use the key with the door and open it. When you get in, you will see the Witch's Experiment (Level 19). When you try grab the ball it will attack you. After defeating the first form, the second form, a Giant Spider (Level 30), will attack. Then it will turn into a Bear (Level 42) and finally a Wolf (Level 53).

After you have killed all forms of the experiment, take the 'Ball' and bring it back to the boy.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Author: Pk3hit4u

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