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Rellekka is a large members only town. It requires you to complete The Fremennik Trials quest to trade with any of the merchants and shops, and to utilize the town's mine, furnace, anvil, etc. There are a good number of stalls to steal from and NPC's to pickpocket here. Although there are seldom more than a few people here at a time, you can stay here and train for a long time without needing to bank. In addition, part of Lunar Diplomacy is completed here to gain access to the astral spell set.

Zybez Runescape Help's Anvil Key - Anvil
Zybez Runescape Help's Clothes shop Key - Clothes shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Cooking range Key - Cooking range
Zybez Runescape Help's Dairy churn Key - Dairy churn
Zybez Runescape Help's Fishing shop Key - Fishing shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Fishing spot Key - Fishing spot
Zybez Runescape Help's Fur trader Key - Fur trader
Zybez Runescape Help's Furnace Key - Furnace
Zybez Runescape Help's Helmet shop Key - Helmet shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Mining site Key - Mining site
Zybez Runescape Help's Poh portal Key - Poh portal
Zybez Runescape Help's Potters wheel Key - Potters wheel
Zybez Runescape Help's Quest start Key - Quest start
Zybez Runescape Help's Sandpit Key - Sandpit
Zybez Runescape Help's Spinning wheel Key - Spinning wheel
Zybez Runescape Help's Transport Key - Transport
Zybez Runescape Help's Water source Key - Water source

NPC's and Shops
  • Agnar: Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Askeladden: A young Fremennik who is going through the trials of manhood.
  • Bjorn: Drinks a lot of beer.
  • Borrokar: Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Brundt the Chieftain: Leader of the Fremennik tribe.
  • Dairy cow: Can be used for milking.
  • Dron: He looks scary.
  • Eldgrim: Drinks a lot of beer.
  • Fisherman: Fishes in the middle dock in Rellekka.
  • Fish Monger: Sells you fish and fishing equipment.
  • Freidir: Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Freygerd: Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Fridgeir: Sits in the audience in front of the stage.
  • Fur Trader: Sells you fur. This includes Hunter skill related furs
  • Inga: Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Koschei the Deathless: You fight him in The Fremennik Trials quest.
  • Lanzig: Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Lensa: Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Lokar Searunner: Found at the docks. Talk to him to start the Lunar Diplomacy Quest.
  • Longhall Bouncer: Guards entrance to the Longhall stage.
  • Manni the Reveller: Often drunk member of the council.
  • Maria: Speak to during The Fremennik Isles quest.
  • Mord Gunnars: Speak to during The Fremennik Isles quest.
  • Olaf the Bard: Teaches you to play the lyre.
  • Ospak: Sits in the audience in front of the stage.
  • Peer the Seer: Gives you random predictions.
  • Jarvald: Ferries you to Waterbirth Island.
  • Pontak: Owns a small farm.
  • Reeso: Supplies sand.
  • Sailor: Takes you to Miscellania.
  • Sigli the Huntsman: A Fremennik hunter.
  • Sigmund the Merchant: Sells you basic supplies.
  • Skulgrimen: Sells you Helmets and Warhammers.
  • Styrmir: Sits in the audience in front of the stage.
  • Swensen the Navigator: Puts you through a maze in The Fremennik Trials quest.
  • Thora the Barkeep: Sells alcoholic drinks.
  • Thorvald the Warrior: A hero of Rellekka.
  • Torbrund: Sits in the audience in front of the stage.
  • Town Guard: A Fremennik guard.
  • Volf Olafson: One of the inhabitants of the camp.
  • Yrsa: Sells you Fremennik clothing and capes.
  • Fredir (level-48)
  • Inga (level-48)
  • Borrokar (level-48)
  • Chicken (level-1)
  • Rooster (level-3)
  • Fredir (level-48)
  • Freygard (level 48)
  • Hobgoblin (level-42)
  • Inga (level-48)
  • Jennella (level-48): Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Lensa (level-48)
  • Market Guard (level-48)
  • Pontak (Level-48)
  • Rock Crab (level-13)
  • Rooster (level-3)
  • Sassilik (Level-48): Common citizen of Rellekka.
  • Warrior (level-48)

Rellekka Longhall Bar
Talk to: Thora the Barkeep
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Rellekka Longhall Bar
  • Beer: 2gp
  • Beer: 26gp
  • Keg of beer: 325gp

Yrsa's Accoutrements
Talk to: Yrsa
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Yrsa's Accoutrements
  • Fremennik shirt (dark blue): 325gp
  • Fremennik shirt (dark red): 325gp
  • Fremennik shirt (brown): 325gp
  • Fremennik shirt (forest green): 325gp
  • Fremennik shirt (tan): 325gp
  • Fremennik robe (green): 650gp
  • Fremennik skirt (green): 650gp
  • Fremennik hat (green): 650gp
  • Gloves (green): 650gp
  • Fremennik boots (green): 650gp
  • Fremennik cloak (green): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (dodger blue): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (dark brown): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (cyan): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (dark red): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (grey): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (gold): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (blue-green): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (purple): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (pink): 325gp
  • Fremennik cloak (black): 325gp

Fremennik Fur Trader
Talk to: Fur trader
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Fremennik Fur Trader's Shop
  • Fur: 12gp
  • Grey wolf fur: 60gp
  • Polar kebbit fur: 12gp
  • Common kebbit fur: 14gp
  • Feldip weasel fur: 16gp
  • Desert devil fur: 20gp
  • Tatty larupia fur: 72gp
  • Larupia fur: 96gp
  • Tatty graahk fur: 108gp
  • Graahk fur: 144gp
  • Tatty kyatt fur: 144gp
  • Kyatt fur: 192gp

Fremennik Fish Monger
Talk to: Fish monger
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Fremennik Fish Monger's Shop
  • Small fishing net: 6gp
  • Fishing rod: 6gp
  • Fly fishing rod: 6gp
  • Harpoon: 6gp
  • Lobster pot: 26gp
  • Fishing bait: 3gp
  • Feather: 2gp
  • Big fishing net: 26gp
  • Raw shrimp: 6gp
  • Raw sardine: 13gp
  • Raw herring: 19gp
  • Raw mackerel: 22gp
  • Raw cod: 32gp
  • Raw anchovies: 19gp
  • Raw trout: 26gp
  • Raw pike: 32gp
  • Raw salmon: 65gp
  • Raw tuna: 130gp
  • Raw lobster: 195gp
  • Raw bass: 156gp
  • Raw swordfish: 260gp
  • Raw shark: 390gp

Sigmund the Merchant
Talk to: Sigmund the Merchant
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Sigmund the Merchant's Shop
  • Tinderbox: 1gp
  • Rope: 23gp
  • Pestle and mortar: 5gp
  • Pot: 1gp
  • Cooked meat: 5gp
  • Bread: 15gp
  • Spade: 3gp
  • Candle: 3gp
  • Chisel: 1gp
  • Hammer: 1gp
  • Vial: 2gp
  • Vial of water: 2gp
  • Bucket: 2gp
  • Bucket of water: 7gp
  • Egg: 5gp
  • Potato: 1gp
  • Cabbage: 1gp

Skulgrimen's Battle Gear
Talk to: Skulgrimen
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Skulgrimen's Battle Gear Shop
  • Bronze warhammer: 61p
  • Iron warhammer: 224gp
  • Steel warhammer: 832gp
  • Black warhammer: 1,274gp
  • Mithril warhammer: 2,158gp
  • Adamant warhammer: 5,356gp
  • Rune warhammer: 53,950gp
  • Archer helm: 78,000gp
  • Berserker helm: 78,000gp
  • Warrior helm: 78,000gp
  • Farseer helm: 78,000gp

Special Attractions

With the Fish mongers so close to the docks, this is a good place to fish. If you want to cook your fish, there are fires in Lanzig's House, and two in the Longhall. But, if you are selling your fish to the Fish mongers, that won't be a problem.


With the fish stalls, fur stalls, and villagers to steal from, Rellekka is a good place to thieve at. One method used is to steal fish, cook them with a tinderbox and logs you bring then use the food to train on marketplace guards. When your food runs out, simply steal some more fish and keep on training.

Slayer Dungeon

Rellekka is close to the Slayer Dungeon. To get there, cross the bridge leading to Rellekka, then head east, past the magic apple tree, until you reach the cliff-face.

Player Owned House

There is a portal out the front of the house that you must go through, to be able to enter your own, or a friends house. If you wish to move, speak to the Real Estate Agent located in Varrock. It will cost you 10,000gp to move here.


There are 4 boats you can ride on that leave from Rellekka. One goes north to Miscellania and Etceteria. The second goes north-west to Waterbirth Island which has a huge dungeon full of monsters and the legendary Dagannoth Kings. The third heads to the Pirates Cove which then takes you to Lunar Isle. The final boat takes you to the Fremennik Isles

  • Lunar Diplomacy: Speak to Lokar on the docks of Rellekka.
  • Mountain Daughter: Mountain Tribe chieftain, east of Rellekka.
  • The Fremennik Isles: Speak to Mord Gunnars to start this quest.
  • The Fremennik Trials: Just as you enter the village, go north and you will find a Long hall. Talk to the Chieftain, Brundt, and he will set you on your journey to become an honorary member of the Fremennik tribe.

Miscellaneous Information
  • Rellekka
  • Saga

Speak to: Thora the Barkeep
  • Beer (5): 2gp
  • Keg of beer (5): 325gp
  • Beer (5): 26gp

Speak to: Yrsa
  • Blue fremennik shirt (5): 325gp
  • Red fremennik shirt (5): 325gp
  • Brom fremennik shirt (5): 325gp
  • Green fremennik shirt (5): 325gp
  • Tan fremennik shirt (5): 325gp
  • Green fremennik robe (5): 650gp
  • Green fremennik skirt (5): 650gp
  • Green fremennik hat (5): 650gp
  • Green gloves (5): 650gp
  • Green fremennik boots (5): 650gp
  • Green fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Blue fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Brown fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Cyan fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Red fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Grey fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Gold fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Teal fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Purple fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Pink fremennik cloak (5): 325gp
  • Black fremennik cloak (5): 325gp

Speak to: Fur trader
  • Fur (3): 12gp
  • Grey wolf fur (3): 60gp
  • Polar kebbit fur (0): 12gp
  • Common kebbit fur (0): 14gp
  • Feldip weasel fur (0): 16gp
  • Desert devil fur (0): 20gp
  • Tatty larupia fur (0): 72gp
  • Larupia fur (0): 96gp
  • Tatty graahk fur (0): 108gp
  • Graahk fur (0): 144gp
  • Tatty kyatt fur (0): 144gp
  • Kyatt fur (0): 196gp

Speak to: Sigmund the Merchant
  • Tinderbox (2): 1gp
  • Rope (10): 23gp
  • Pestle and mortar (3): 5gp
  • Pot (3): 1gp
  • Cooked meat (2): 5gp
  • Bread (5): 17gp
  • Spade (10): 3gp
  • Candle (10): 3gp
  • Chisel (10): 1gp
  • Hammer (10): 1gp
  • Vial (10): 2gp
  • Vial of water (10): 2gp
  • Bucket (10): 2gp
  • Bucket of water (10): 7gp
  • Egg (10): 5gp
  • Potato (10): 1gp
  • Cabbage (10): 1gp

Speak to: Skulgrimen
  • Bronze warhammer (5): 61gp
  • Iron warhammer (4): 224gp
  • Steel warhammer (3): 832gp
  • Black warhammer (3): 1,274gp
  • Mithril warhammer (2): 2,158gp
  • Adamant warhammer (1): 5,356gp
  • Rune warhammer (0): 53,950gp
  • Archer helm (5): 78,000gp
  • Berserker helm (5): 78,000gp
  • Warrior helm (5): 78,000gp
  • Farseer helm (5): 78,000gp

Speak to: Fish monger
  • Small fishing net (5): 6gp
  • Fishing rod (5): 6gp
  • Fly fishing rod (5): 6gp
  • Harpoon (2): 6gp
  • Lobster pot (2): 26gp
  • Fishing bait (1500): 3gp
  • Feather (1000): 2gp
  • Big fishing net (5): 26gp
  • Raw shrimp (0): 6gp
  • Raw sardine (200): 13gp
  • Raw herring (0): 19gp
  • Raw mackerel (0): 22gp
  • Raw cod (0): 32gp
  • Raw anchovies (0): 19gp
  • Raw trout (0): 26gp
  • Raw pike (0): 32gp
  • Raw salmon (2): 65gp
  • Raw tuna (8): 130gp
  • Raw lobster (0): 45gp
  • Raw bass (0): 156gp
  • Raw swordfish (0): 260gp
  • Raw shark (0): 390gp

Basilisk (level-61) More information
Examine: The eyes of evil.
Notes: Level 40 slayer is required to kill this creature. The "Basilisk head" can be mounted to the wall of your player owned house.
Bunny (level-2) More information
Examine: Hoppity, hoppity.
Notes: These are too cute to kill, surely.
Freidir (level-48) More information
Examine: One of Rellekka's many citizens.
Notes: You need to have completed the Fremennik trials to thieve from him.
Freygerd (level-48) More information
Examine: One of Rellekka's many citizens.
Notes: You need to have completed the Fremennik trials to thieve from him.
Hobgoblin (level-42) More information
Examine: An ugly, smelly creature, with a spear.
Notes: None.
Inga (level-48) More information
Examine: One of Rellekka's many citizens.
Notes: You need to have completed the Fremennik trails to thieve from him.
Koschei the deathless (level-0) More information
Examine: Your challenge awaits!
Notes: You must fight him to get Thorvald's vote in this quest.
Lanzig (level-48) More information
Examine: One of Rellekka's many citizens.
Notes: You need to have completed the Fremennik trails to thieve from him.
Pontak (level-48) More information
Examine: One of Rellekka's many citizens.
Notes: You need to have completed the Fremennik trails to thieve from him.
Pyrefiend (level-43) More information
Examine: A small fire demon.
Notes: Level 30 Slayer required to kill Pyrefiends.
The Draugen (level-69) More information
Examine: A fearful spirit of the drowned.
Notes: The only thing hard about this monster is finding him. Just stick with your hunters' talisman and you will find it eventually.
Warrior (level-48) More information
Examine: A hardened Fremennik warrior.
Notes: The Fremennick items are only dropped after completing the Fremennick Trials quest.
Yrsa More information
Examine: Pretty shabbily dressed for a clothes shop owner.
Notes: Shopkeeper of Yrsa's Accoutrements.

Author: Artemis

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