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- 1 Quest Point.
- 1,500 Thieving XP.
- 2,000GP.

Start Point

South-West corner of East Ardougne.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 3/5





Discover the truth behind the Carnillean family fortune. Decide for yourself whether to aid the Carnilleans in retrieving stolen goods, or join the Hazeel Cult members in their mission to resurrect the infamous Lord Hazeel

Part 1:
Ceril Carnillean
This quest can be completed two ways: help the Carnilleans, or join the Hazeel Cult.

Step 1
Talk to Ceril Carnillean.
Enter Ceril's hideout to the south.

Go to the house south of the East Ardougne Castle (Picture). On the first floor you will meet a man named Ceril Carnillean, he will tell you about a cult that has been breaking into his house but not taking any valuables (Picture).

Choose to help him and he will tell you about their hideout. It's a cave just south of East Ardougne.

Taking Sides

Join Hazeel
Talk to Clivet.
Use poison on range, Carnillean's basement.
Talk to Carnilleans.
Talk to Clivet.
Turn valves.
Return to hideout, board raft.
Talk to Alomone.
Search crates, Carnillean's house for key.
Knock on wall near bookcase (first floor).
Search chest.
Talk to Alomone.

When you arrive at the hideout talk to Clivet. Join him if you wish and he will give you poison to put in the Carnillean's food (Picture).

Go back to the Carnillean's home and climb down the ladder into the basement. Use the poison given to you by Clivet on the cooking range (Picture). Go up the ladder and talk to the members of the Carnillean family. You will find out that Scruffy, the dog, has been murdered (Picture).

Go back to the Cult's hideout and talk to Clivet. He will give you an amulet called "Mark of Hazeel". He claims it will help you find the Cult's real hideout in the sewers. Go out of the cave and turn the valves as shown in the map below. Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of How to Turn the Valves When you've done this, return to the Cult's hideout and board the raft (Picture). Walk to the end and talk to a cultist named Alomone. He will tell you to locate a scroll inside of the Carnillean household (Picture).

Go back to the Carnillean's house and climb down the ladder. Search the crates until you find a key (Picture). Go to the second floor and knock on the wall to the left of the bookcase, when through the secret passageway climb up the ladder (Picture).

Open the chest in this secret room and search it for a scroll. Go back to the Cult's hideout and talk to Alomone again, you will give him the scroll and Alomone will resurrect Lord Hazeel.

Join Carnilleans
Talk to Clivet.
Talk to Ceril.
Turn the sewer valves, board the raft.
Talk to Alomone.
Talk to Ceril.
Accuse butler.
Search cupboard for amulet & poison.

Walk into the hideout and talk to Clivet. Say you won't help him and go back and talk to Ceril. Ceril tells you to find his armour that was lost in the hideout.

To do this, you need to redirect the sewer currents so that the raft will take you to the actual hideout. Find all the Sewer Valves and turn them as shown in the map shown in the previous step.

Go to the hideout and board the raft (Picture). You will be taken to the secret hideout of the Hazeel Cultists. Talk to Alomone and he will tell you that the butler, Jones, is on his side. Alomone (Level 13) will then attack you. Kill him and he will drop the Carnillean amour (Picture).

Go back and talk to Ceril. He will be pleased that you found his armour and will say that he will ask Jones to whip up some broth. However when you tell him that Jones is involved with the cult, he wants to settle this once and for all. He will tell you to meet him upstairs.

Go upstairs where you will see the Butler and Ceril. Talk to Ceril and he will ask butler Jones about him being involved with the cult. Jones will deny it and since Ceril trusts him he will believe it. Ceril will pay you 5gp for retrieving his amour and he will pay the butler 1995gp for the trauma caused by your accusations. Congratulations, you have ... kind of ... completed the Hazeel Cult quest.

You know the Butler is up to no good so you must find some evidence to prove that he is involved with the Hazeel Cult. Search the cupboard in the room and you will find an amulet and some poison. Jones will claim that the poison is for killing rats and Ceril will believe him. When you ask Ceril what he thinks of the amulet, he will say that he saw the thieves who stole his armour wearing the same amulet. He will call a guard to take the butler away.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Hazeel Cult Quest Scroll
Author: ClydeFrog and TheExtremist

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