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- 2 Quest Points.
- 25,000 Hitpoints XP and 25,000 Thieving XP.

Start PointStart Point

Talk to Arandar, south-west of the Grand Tree.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: 50 Thieving, 60 Ranged.
Quest: Roving Elves, Sheep Herder, Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
Item: 2 Silk, Bear Fur, Bucket of Water, 2 Toad Crunchies (Gnome Waiter, western wing, second floor of the Grand Tree), Magic Log, Soft Leather, a Feather, Restore Potion, Ogre Bellows (Rantz' cave), Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Dyes (bought during Quest), ~30 Coal.


Skill: 51 Magic.
Item: Stat Restore Potion, Anti-Poison Potion, Food, Ring of Dueling, Weapons and Armour, Falador and Ardougne Teleport Runes, ~1000GP.

It seems at last Arianwyn has need of your skills. He believes there is more to the Mourners than meets the eye and he wishes for you to find out just what they're up to. Can you gain the trust of the Mourners?

Part 1:
The Secret behind the Mourners

Step 1
Enter Isafdar forests.
Speak to Eluned and receive the Elf Teleport crystal.
Enter Lletya, then Talk to Arianwyn.

Items needed: Restore Potion, Anti-Poison Potion, Food, Armour, Weapon, Teleport Runes (the forests are full of traps that will hurt your Hitpoints).

Make your way south-west of the Grand Tree, to Arandar. Go through Arandar until you reach Tirannwn. Hop over the trip wire, cross the bridge, and head south-east to the dense forest (Picture).

Once out of the dense forest, make your way south-west to a patch of leaves and jump over it. Go forwards a little, and you should soon see another dense forest to your left. Go through it, then head east and then south, past the Dire Wolves (level 88), and Grizzly Bears (level 36 & 42).

Speak with Eluned and she will tell you that Arianwyn requests a meeting with you in Lletya (Picture). As you've never heard of this place before, Eluned will take you there if you accept.

Once you arrive in Lletya Eluned will give you a teleport crystal with four uses that can teleport you back to Lletya whenever you like.

Speak to Arianwyn and she says that a large number of 'Mourners' are passing through Arandar. Soon after, Arianwyn tells you that the Mourners are in fact, elves, and that they're up to something. He will ask you to penetrate the Mourners' hideout in Ardougne, and find out why they are there, and what they are up to.

Step 2
Kill a Mourner and receive Mourner clothing.
Steal some soap from Tegid, then wash the Mourner Top.
Head back to Lletya, and get Oronwen to repair the Mourner Trousers.

Items needed: Bucket of Water, Fur, 2 Sheets of Silk and about 1,000GP. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Attacking the Mourner

Head west, then north, and pass through the trees (Picture). Continue on west, and jump over the trip wire. Soon you'll see another dense forest; go through it, and head north - back to where you came in from. Make your way through Arandar, until you come across a Mourner (level 11) - these can be mostly found near the Kandarin entrance to Arandar (Map).

Attacking the Mourner will bring all your combat stats, and hit points down to 20 - healing during battle won't work. You will need seven free inventory spots for the Mourners' clothing; so when you're ready, kill it, and take its clothes, and the mourners letter.

Make your way to Taverley, and speak with Tegid - the Druid launder; found south-east of the Herblore store. Ask him if he knows how to remove blood stains - he does, but won't give you the soap to do so. Steal some soap from the laundry basket beside him. To get there quickly, Teleport to Falador, the walk to Taverley. It is also a good idea to stop by a bank and withraw the fur, two sheets of silk and about 1,000gp.

With the bloody mourner top, a bucket of water, and Tegid's soap in your inventory, clean the top by using it with the soap. Grab one piece of fur, two sheets of silk, and the mourners clothes, and use your teleport crystal to get back to Lletya. Head to the clothes store, and speak to Oronwen. Ask her if she mends clothes, and she'll say she can (Picture). You'll soon show her the Mourner trousers, and ask if she can fix them. While you are here, buy one red, one blue, one green and one yellow dye (more than one if you doubt your accuracy).

Speak to her again, and tell her you have all you need the mend the trousers. Hand them over, and wait one minute, then speak with her again. She'll hand over the trousers; good as new (Picture).

Part 2:
Infiltrate the Mourner Hideout

Step 3
Enter the Mourner Hideout in West Ardougne.
Talk to the Head Mourner.
Convince the Gnome to fix the Broken device.

Items needed: Feather, 2 Toad Crunchies, Magic Log, Soft Leather.

Now that the top and trousers are good as new, put the mourner outfit on, and make your way to the hideout in north-east West Ardougne (Picture), bringing along a feather, two toad crunchies, a magic log, and a piece of soft leather. Enter the hideout, and go down the trapdoor in the north-west corner, making sure you aren't wearing any amulets or shields, or wielding any weapons.

Head to the south-most room, and speak with the head mourner, who jumps to conclusions, thinking you're a new recruit. Soon he'll grab the letter of recommendation you got from the mourner back at Arandar. The head mourner goes on to say that he wants people to continue believing in the plague. To keep the plague active, the mourners make sure farmer Brumty believe is sheep are diseased (Picture).

The mourner tells you that the sheep need to be re-dyed, the same color they already are; but without anyone noticing you. The head mourner tells you of a "Gnomic device that fires fat green parcels that rupture on impact" - in other words, the mourners get to play skirmish with some 'diseased' sheep. However, the device is broken, and you'll need to get the Gnome inventor to fix it, before you can complete your task.

Use the tarnished key the head mourner just gave you, to open the prison cell, where the gnome is being tortured (Picture). Speak to the gnome, and ask if he'll help you fix the broken device. Apparently, this gnome is being tortured because he hasn't helped fix the device, and won't tell you anything. You'll start sprouting off random punishments to spook him, and he claims he's had them all. Eventually, he'll tell you that he craves Toad crunchies, and that he can't stand being tickled (Picture), and that you'll never find his weakness; too late. Tell him that he just said about toad crunchies and being tickled.

Use a feather on the gnome, and start tickling (Picture)! He still won't help you, so show him the toad crunchies, threaten to tickle him again (Picture), and he'll agree. The gnome says he'll need some magic logs, and a piece of soft leather to repair it; you also promise to give him the gnome crunchies after it's repaired.

Part 3:
The Mysterious Toxin

Step 4
Receive the repaired Device
Collect 4 Bloated Swamp toads, and dye them using the 4 dyes.
Go to Ardougne and fire the Swamp toads at the sheeps.
Receive your final Task: Poisoning the people of Ardouge.

Items needed: Magic Logs, Soft Leather.

When you have all these items, speak to the gnome, and he'll agree to repair it. Release the gnome, so he can fix it for you. Give him a minute to fix it, then speak to him again. Once you have it, you have to find out how to make parcels... to use it. Put simply, the parcels are colored, blown-up swamp toads. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Using the Toad with the Launcher If you don't have any ogre bellows, make your way to Rantz at Feldip hills. Go into his cave, and search the chest in the north-west corner for the ogre bellows. With your bellows, go to a swamp toad area (Picture). Use a bottle of dye on the bellows, then use the dye-colored bellows on a swamp toad (Picture). Once you have all four colored swamp toads (red, blue, green, yellow), make your way to north-west East Ardougne. ybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Where to find the Different Colored Sheep

The locations of the diseased sheep can be found here. Examine each diseased sheep, and it will say it has a certain tinge to it. Use that colored toad with the device, and change the weapon status to 'aim and fire'. An interface will pop-up; you have to aim at the sheep (Picture), and fire. If you miss, you'll have to get another colored toad, and refill the paintball launcher.

Once you've shot all the sheep, go back to the head mourner. He thanks you for coloring the sheep, and now wants you to poison the people of West Ardougne, so they believe they still have the plague (Picture). He says that some joker put something in the mourners food a while ago, giving the symptoms akin to that of the plague. Seeing as you were the 'joker' you should remember that you used a rotten apple. Grab a rotten apple off the ground to the west of the hideout, and make your way to western East Ardougne - to Elena, in one of the northern houses (Map).

Step 5
Speak to Elena in Ardougne.
Tell the true story to Elena.
Find out about the toxin.
Bick up a barrel and rotten apples from an Apple Orchard nearby.
Use the barrel of Mushed apple with the Tar in the Poison waste area.
Go to Rimmington and refine the poison.

Speak to Elena. At first, she says she won't help you create the toxin to poison the people. And so the story begins. You tell Elena everything about how King Lathas was working to free 'The Dark Lord', how he wanted to reclaim his land at Camelot, and now, you have to gain the head mourner's trust to find out what's going on. Eventually, Elena agrees to help you. Speak to her again when you have your rotten apple, and she'll take it for testing. Rotten apples can be found in the orchard to the west of the Lathas Training Ground.

After a while of tinkering, Elena finishes her tests, and says she has managed to isolate a small sample in the toxin, and that it shouldn't need a counter reactant. You then find out that you'll need a huge amount of toxin to be able to poison the two stores, and that it has to be refined, so people don't notice the rotten apples. Elena says she doesn't have the facilities to make the toxin at such a large scale, so you are given instructions to carry out the task. Mash up a lot of rotten apples, add a solvent to extract the solids, then heat it over a range. Elena will give you a sieve to help with extracting the useless solids from the toxin.

Head north-west, and you'll pass King Lathas' Training Camp. Keep going north-west, and you'll come across an apple orchard (Picture). In the south-eastern corner of the orchard is a barrel spawn and some rotten apples. Pick up a barrel, and use it with the rotten apple pile. Use the barrel of rotten apples, on the apple barrel, and you'll receive a barrel of mushed apples (Picture).

Grab a spare barrel while you're there, and use your teleport crystal to get back to Lletya. Head west, pass the tree, go west over the trip-wire, then head south, jumping over a patch of leaves, to get to the Poison Waste area. Use the barrel with the tar (Picture), and make your way back to Rimmington, with about 20 coal.

Step 6
Go to Rimmington and Refine the Toxin.
Go to Ardougne and use the Toxin on the Sacks of Grain.
Talk to the Head mourner to complete the Quest.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Adding the Toxin to the Grain Items needed: 20-30 Coal.

Once outside the Chemists' house in Rimmington, use the barrel of coal tar with the Fractionalizing still. Add coal and watch the heat rise. Then turn on the tar regulator to increase the pressure. When this is done, turn the pressure value on to release the pressure and heat. Do not let the pressure or heat get to the max or you will loose all of your naphtha. Also remember to turn the pressure valve off when repeating the process. Repeat until the green bar is full. It is best to use about 2 coal at a time.

Use the barrel of naphtha, on the apple barrel, to obtain a naphtha apple mix. Use the sieve Elena gave you to extract the solids, making toxic naphtha. Go and find a range to heat the toxic naphtha on (not a fire), and you will obtain two refined toxins. Use the range in Rimmington. Now make your way to the Church in West Ardougne, and use the toxic powder with any of the three bags of grain in the south-west corner.

With your last toxic powder, head west of the graveyard until you reach a general store (Picture). Just outside you'll notice another three bags of grain. Use the toxic powder with it. With your task complete, head north-east to the mourners' hideout, and speak to the head mourner to complete the quest.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Mournings Ends Part 1 Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I get a new teleport crystal?

A: To obtain a new teleport crystal, go back to Lletya, and kill the Elves there. Eventually they will drop a crystal. Multiple crystals can be obtained.

Q: How do I recharge the teleport crystal?

A: Speak to Eluned, who can charge it for 750gp - each time it's recharged, the price will go down.

Q: How should I get the dyes?

A: There is a store in Lletya that stocks dyes. Just take some money with you at the beginning of the quest and buy some.

Q: Can the paintball launcher fire cannonballs?

A: No; it can only fire blown-up swamp toads.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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