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- 2 Quest Points.
- 262 Fletching XP, 735 Ranged XP, 1,470 Cooking XP.
- Ogre Bow.
- Ability to make Ogre Arrows.

Start PointStart Point

Talk to Rantz, south-west from Yanille and east of Feldip Hills.

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Difficulty Rating: 1/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Skill: 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking, 30 Ranged.
Item: Woodcutting Axe, Knife, Chisel, 64 Feathers, 5 Wolf Bones.
Other: Ability to defeat several Wolves (Level-64).


Skill: 40+ Combat or 40 Ranged or 29 Magic (depends on how you want to kill the Wolves).
Item: Armour (Adamant or better), Weapon (Rune or better).

Rantz the Ogre needs to feed his demanding children, Fycie and Bugs. Therefore, he wants to go Big Chompy Bird hunting. Problem is, he's all fingers and thumbs when it comes to making Ogre arrows. Could someone please give him a hand?

Part 1:
A Hungry Ogre Family

Step 1
Talk to Rantz, SE of Yanille.
Make ogre arrows (wolf bone arrowtips + achey tree log shafts + feathers).
Talk to Rantz.
Enter Rantz's cave to north.
Talk to his children and search chest for Ogre bellows.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of Rantz's Location To start the quest head south-east of Yanille to where Rantz lives, and talk to him. He will ask you to make him some Stabbers, which are Ogre Arrows. You'll have to make these yourself, as he will not accept any pre-made or traded ones. To make these, you'll need wolf bones, feathers and achey tree logs.

Note: Wolves (level-64) hit fairly high, so if you're a lower level player, set defensive mode or range or mage them from afar.

Kill the nearby level 64 Wolves for some wolf bones. Use your chisel on the bones to obtain a 2-6 wolf bone arrowheads. Make about 15 of these. If you already have wolf bones from killing wolves elsewhere, you are not required to kill the level 64 wolves.

Now return to Rantz and chop some achey trees nearby. Use your knife on the logs until you get about 15 shafts. Use the feathers on the shafts and use the arrowheads on these incomplete arrows. There you have it: ogre arrows at your disposal. Talk to Rantz and he'll take 6 "stabbers" away from you.

Now Rantz will now talk to you about the bait. Make sure you choose every option, although he might not make any sense. Enter Rantz's cave just to the north of him. Talk to the two ogres in the cave and then search the chest in the north-west corner for Ogre Bellows.

Step 2
Fill bellows from swamp bubble.
Inflate 3 toads.
Talk to Rantz.
Attack a Chompy, collect feathers and meat.
Collect ingredients (see step).
Cook Chompy on spit-fire.

Head back down to just before the Wolves and find a swamp pond with swamp bubbles. Use your ogre bellow on the swamp bubble. Fill it up three times and then use it on nearby Swamp Toads to inflate it. Capture three of these and return to Rantz.

Rantz will point out his hunting area to you and ask you to place the baits there. After placing all three of the baits, a Chompy will eventually come along. Talk to Rantz immediately and convince him that you can handle the bow.

Equip the arrows you made for Rantz and shoot the Chompy Bird that has taken your bait with the Ogre Bow. With level 30 ranging, it should take you a maximum of 4-5 hits. If you get lucky, 2-3 shots should take the Chompy down. You must kill it quickly or you'll have to go and collect more bloated swamp toads. Go over to the Chompy's carcass and pluck its feathers and collect its meat.

Talk to Rantz; he will ask that you cook the Chompy to the preference of his children. You could talk to his children, or simply head straight to the spit-fire (slightly north of Rantz), and attempt to cook the chompy meat. You will be told to obtain three out of these six ingredients: Equa Leaves, Doogle Leaves, Tomato, Onion, Potato, Cabbage. Refer to the Map (as above) for the locations of these items. Collect them and return to the spit-fire to cook the chompy meat with your ingredients. Talk to Rantz to collect your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: My Toad goes "Hisssss!!!" whenever I try to fill it with my bellow, why?

A: You have not filled your bellow with enough swamp air.

Q: I've lost my bow. How do I get another?

A: You can buy a bow from Rantz for 500-550gp.

Q: Can I continue to kill Chompy birds after I finish the quest?

A: Yes. There is a Chompy Hunting mini-game that you can play upon completion of the quest.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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