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Rimmington is just a small town south of Falador, commonly ignored by most civilians. Who wouldn't overlook such a small town with so little activity, right? There are hardly any uses for Rimmington, but for a crafting shop, a quest or two, Melzar's maze, and a small mine.

Zybez Runescape Help's Archery shop Key - Archery shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Cooking range Key - Cooking range
Zybez Runescape Help's Crafting shop Key - Crafting shop
Zybez Runescape Help's Farming spot Key - Farming spot
Zybez Runescape Help's General store Key - General store
Zybez Runescape Help's Mining site Key - Mining site
Zybez Runescape Help's Poh portal Key - Poh portal
Zybez Runescape Help's Quest start Key - Quest start
Zybez Runescape Help's Rare trees Key - Rare trees
Zybez Runescape Help's Water source Key - Water source

NPC's and Shops
  • Brian: A wandering archer who sells stronger ranging equipment.
  • Chancy: One of the messengers in the Biohazard quest.
  • DeVinci: One of the messengers in the Biohazard quest.
  • Hetty: The witch whom you help in the Witch's Potion quest.
  • Hops: One of the messengers in the Biohazard quest.
  • Rommik: Sells items in the Crafting store.
  • Shop Assistant: Sells items in the General store.
  • Shopkeeper: Sells items in the General store.
  • Taria: A farmer who watches over your bush patch.
  • Anja (Level-2)
  • Hengel (Level-2)

Rommiks Crafty Supplies
Talk to: Rommik
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Rommiks Crafty Supplies
  • Chisel: 1gp
  • Necklace mould: 5gp
  • Ring mould: 5gp
  • Amulet mould: 5gp
  • Needle: 1gp
  • Thread: 1gp
  • Holy symbol mould: 5gp
  • Sickle mould: 5gp

Rimmington General Store
Talk to: Shopkeeper
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the General Store
  • Pot: 1gp
  • Jug: 1gp
  • Shears: 1gp
  • Bucket: 2gp
  • Tinderbox: 1gp
  • Chisel: 1gp
  • Hammer: 1gp

Brian's Archery Supplies
Talk to: Brian
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Brian's Archery Supplies Shop
  • Steel arrows: 12gp
  • Mithril arrows: 32gp
  • Adamant arrow: 90gp
  • Oak shortbow: 100gp
  • Oak longbow: 160gp
  • Willow shortbow: 200gp
  • Willow longbow: 320gp
  • Maple shortbow: 400gp
  • Maple longbow: 640gp

Special Attractions
Melzar's Maze

Melzar's maze is a building north-west of the main town. It contains several creatures ranging from giant rats to lesser demons. Each monster drops a coloured key used to progress through the maze. At the end of the maze, past the lesser demon, there is a chest. You can open it to receive one of the map pieces required to complete the Dragon Slayer quest. To get into the maze, however, you'll need a maze key. To get this key, speak to Oziach, who lives north of Barbarian Village, if you did not get the map piece from the maze. If you have completed the Legends Quest, you can buy a new key from the Legends' Guild or from a player. Many people like this place because of its vast range of creatures, making it good training for levels 20 to 100.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Mine
The Oil Still

The oil still can be found in the Chemist' house. The still is used to make oil for oil lamps and lanterns, that light up the Lumbridge caves. To make the oil, add regular swamp tar to it, then use your oil lamp/lantern on the still.

The Mines

North of the town is the Rimmington/Falador mine. This mine contains six iron, two gold, and several tin, copper, and clay rocks. Many people like to mine the iron for fast experience and the gold because it's quite close to the Falador bank.

Player Owned House

This is the location that you initially begin with, when setting up your own house. There is a portal out the front of the house that you must go through, to be able to enter your own, or a friends house. If you wish to move, speak to the Real Estate Agent located in Varrock.


The Distillator is found just outside the Chemist's house. It is used in the Regicide, and Mourning's Ends Part I quest, to make a barrel of naphtha.

  • Witch's Potion: Speak with Hetty inside the south-east building to begin the quest.

Miscellaneous Information
Spawn Points

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Spawn Points in Rimmington
  • At the red dots, two regular logs spawn every 15 to 30 seconds.
  • At the green dot, one bronze arrow spawns every 25 to 40 seconds.
  • Up the staircase at the blue dot, a bronze scimitar spawns every minute.
  • At the orange dot, a bronze pickaxe spawns on the table every 30 to 50 seconds.

  • Long Way Home

Speak to: Shopkeeper
  • Pot (5): 1gp
  • Jug (2): 1gp
  • Shears (2): 1gp
  • Bucket (3): 2gp
  • Bowl (2): 5gp
  • Cake tin (2): 13gp
  • Tinderbox (2): 1gp
  • Chisel (2): 1gp
  • Hammer (5): 1gp
  • Newcomer map (5): 1gp
  • Security book (5): 2gp

Speak to: Brian
  • Steel arrows (1500): 12gp
  • Mithril arrows (1000): 32gp
  • Adamant arrows (800): 80gp
  • Oak shortbow (4): 100gp
  • Oak longbow (4): 160gp
  • Willow shortbow (3): 200gp
  • Willow longbow (3): 320gp
  • Maple shortbow (2): 400gp
  • Maple longbow (2): 640gp

Speak to: Rommik
  • Chisel (2): 1gp
  • Ring mould (2): 5gp
  • Necklace mould (2): 5gp
  • Amulet mould (2): 5gp
  • Needle (3): 1gp
  • Thread (100): 1gp
  • Holy mould (3): 5gp
  • Sickle mould (6): 10gp
  • Tiarra mould (10): 100gp

Speak to: Taria
  • Gardening trowel (0): 15gp
  • Rake (0): 15gp
  • Seed dibbler (0): 15gp
  • Watering can (0): 25gp
  • Plant cure (0): 25gp

Melzar the Mad (level-43) More information
Examine: He looks totally insane!
Notes: You will need to defeat various monsters levels 1-40 to reach Melzar. Each monster in this maze has a chance of dropping a coloured key used to advance through the maze. For more information, consult the Dragon Slayer guide.
Rat (level-1) More information
Examine: A popular dwarven delicacy.
Notes: Useful for training your kitten or cat.

Author: John

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