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Lletya is the first Elf-based metropolis in RuneScape. This small Elven village is currently the only available Tirannwn teleport. Isafdar is home to the Tyras Guard, and Lord Iorwerth's Elven troops. Isafdar is one of the few locations where white berries spawn; two level three clues can be dug up by the small lakes here as well; and a swamp of poison waste obscures the southern part of the region. Lletya also contains a training area for 85+ thieves. Tirannwn's scenery is picturesque, and calm. Enjoy it while you're there.

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NPC's and Shops
  • Arianwyn: Speak with during the Mourning's Ends Part I quest to find out about the mourners.
  • Dalldav: Runs the Lletya Archery store.
  • Elf City Guard: Guards the gates to Prifddinas.
  • Elf Tracker: Speak to the Elf tracker to be able to go through dense forest.
  • Eluned: A beautiful, friendly, young female elf with a kind heart. Speak with her to start the Roving Elves, and the Mourning's Ends Part I quest.
  • Eudav: Owns the Lletya General store.
  • Gethin: Owns the Lletya Food store on the second floor of the village.
  • Islwyn: A grumpy, old elf who dislikes humans and his companion. Speak with to start the Roving Elves quest.
  • Lord Iorwerth: Leader of the Elf camp; he is found east of the tent with the loom in it.
  • Tyras Guard: This chubby man guards the catapult.
  • General Hining: This person guards the Tyras king.
  • Oronwen: The Lletya Seamstress.
  • Quartermaster: Owns the general store in the Tyras camp.
  • Deadly Red Spider (level-34)
  • Dire Wolves (level-88)
  • Elf Warrior (level-90)
  • Elf Warrior (level-108)
  • Rabbit (level-2)

Quartermaster's Stores
Talk to: Quartermaster
Zybez RuneScape Help's Quartermaster's Store Screenshot
  • Pot: 1gp
  • Jug: 1gp
  • Shears: 2gp
  • Tinderbox: 1gp
  • Bread: 2gp
  • Bronze halberd: 104gp
  • Iron halberd: 364gp
  • Steel halberd: 1,300gp
  • Black halberd: 2,496gp
  • Mithril halberd: 3,380gp
  • Adamant halberd: 8,320gp
  • Rune halberd: 83,200gp
  • Dragon halberd: 325,000gp

Lletya General Store
Talk to: Eudav
Zybez RuneScape Help's Lletya General Store Screenshot
  • Pot: 1gp
  • Jug: 1gp
  • Shears: 1gp
  • Bucket: 2gp
  • Tinderbox: 1gp
  • Chisel: 1gp
  • Hammer: 1gp
  • Spade: 3gp
  • Knife: 7gp

Trader Stan's Trading Post
Talk to: Charter Crewmember
Zybez RuneScape Help's Trader Stan's Trading Post Screenshot
  • Pot: 2gp
  • Jug: 2gp
  • Shears: 2gp
  • Bucket: 5gp
  • Bowl: 10gp
  • Cake tin: 25gp
  • Tinderbox: 2gp
  • Chisel: 2gp
  • Hammer: 2gp
  • Newcomer map: 2gp
  • Security book: 5gp
  • Rope: 45gp
  • Knife: 15gp
  • Pineapple: 5gp
  • Banana: 5gp
  • Orange: 5gp
  • Bucket of slime: 2gp
  • Glassblowing pipe: 5gp
  • Bucket of sand: 5gp
  • Seaweed: 5gp
  • Soda ash: 5gp
  • Lobster pot: 50gp
  • Fishing rod: 12gp
  • Swamp paste: 75gp
  • Tyras helm: 1375gp
  • Raw rabbit: 50gp
  • Eye patch: 5gp

Lletya Seamstress
Talk to: Oronwen
Zybez RuneScape Help's Lletya Seamstress Shop Screenshot
  • Thread: 1gp
  • Needle: 1gp
  • Ball of wool: 2gp
  • Red dye: 6gp
  • Yellow dye: 6gp
  • Blue dye: 6gp
  • Orange dye: 6gp
  • Green dye: 6gp
  • Purple dye: 6gp

Lletya Archery Shop
Talk to: Dalldav
Zybez RuneScape Help's Lletya Archery Shop Screenshot
  • Iron arrow: 3gp
  • Steel arrow: 15gp
  • Mithril arrow: 41gp
  • Adamant arrow: 104gp
  • Rune arrow: 520gp
  • Bolts: 3gp
  • Oak shortbow: 130gp
  • Oak longbow: 208gp
  • Crossbow: 91gp
  • Willow shortbow: 260gp
  • Willow longbow: 416gp

Lletya food store
Talk to: Gethin
Zybez RuneScape Help's Lletya Food Store Screenshot
  • Bread: 15gp
  • Lobster: 195gp
  • Jug of Wine: 1gp
  • Cheese: 5gp
  • Cake: 65gp

Special Attractions
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Limestone Mine

The limestone mine in Isafdar is primarily for the Regicide Quest. It's also a great place to collect limestone for Construction.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the 'Pass Sticks' Mine

There is another mine, near a "pass sticks" trap, which is located east of the Elf tracker. There are four adamant rocks here.

Tyras Camp

The Tyras camp is located west of the Elf tracker, in Isafdar. The camp contains a small furnace which you put the limestone in to get quicklime. Here, you can also buy halberds from the Quartermaster's store. The level 110 Tyras Guard, are also good range training if you can find a suitable position.

Elf Camp

The Elf camp is located north of the Elf tracker. The camp contains two everlasting fires, a loom for spinning your balls of wool into a fuse, as well as quite a few fishing spots. There are three shark and big net fishing spots, located north-west of the camp. There are also three fly-fishing spots, located south-east of the camp. Further east of the Elf Camp, is the entrance to Prifddinas, which is currently inaccessible, and continuing east, is another fishing spot, and the limestone mine. Within the Elf camp, are level 108, and 90 Elf Warriors. The level 108's use a crystal pike to attack, and hit a maximum of 10, whilst the level 90's use range, and also hit a maximum of 10.

How to Get to Lletya
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of an Elf in Lletya

To first gain access to Lletya, you must have started the Mourning's Ends Part I quest. Speak with Eluned, who will tell you of Arianwyn's crisis; she will ask you to help her. Upon agreeing to help Arianwyn, you will be teleported into Lletya, another elf-run village. Once you arrive in Lletya, Eluned will give you a teleport crystal, which she can recharge after it's been used. These crystals are also dropped by the elves that live in the village, so stock up on a few, and take them to Eluned (either by the magic trees, or by the lake near the Tyras camp) to recharge them. It costs 750gp for the first recharge.

These teleport crystals are especially useful in the collection of whiteberries that spawn near Isafdar. The spawn rate is very fast (~5 seconds), so one full load doesn't take long - just teleport to Lletya and bank there once you're full; and repeat.

Magic Trees

East of the Elf tracker, and south of the adamant mine is a set of three magic trees (Picture).

Arandar Pass

Arandar pass is located east of Tirannwn. This is the easy way in and out of the Tirannwn region, rather than going through The Underground Pass. The passage leads to the big gates, which are only accessible upon completion of the Regicide Quest.

Poison Waste

South of Isafdar, is a massive area of poison waste. This is primarily used during the Regicide quest to fill your barrel with tar. Future expansion of this area is probable.

Charter Ships

Certain ships at ports throughout RuneScape now have the ability to charter you to a number of locations. The sailers also stock certain items that they've picked up along their travels throughout RuneScape that you are able to buy. The Tyras camp charter ship departs to Brimhaven (8,000gp), Catherby (8,000gp), Karamja (8,000gp), Mos Le Harmless (2,000gp), Port Khazard (3,200gp), Port Phasmatys (8,000gp), Port Sarim (8,000gp), Shipyard (8,000gp). To halve the cost of these charter ships, wear a ring of charos (a)


Miscellaneous Information
  • Breeze
  • Crystal Cave
  • Crystal Castle
  • Crystal Sword
  • Elven Mist
  • Everywhere
  • Far Away
  • Forest
  • Lost Soul
  • Meridian
  • Overpass
  • Well of Voyage
  • Woodland
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