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- 1 Quest Point.
- 2,425 Mining XP.
- Ability to teleport to Ardougne.

Start PointStart point

North-west portion of East Ardougne, talk to Edmond.

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Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Item: Rope, Dwellberries, 4 Buckets of Water, Bucket of Milk, Chocolate Dust, Snape Grass.


Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, etc).

Episode 1 of our multipart quest. A shadow of disease has overcast Ardougne. Edmond's daughter Elena has gone missing in West Ardougne whilst trying to help the plague victims there. See if you can find out what's going on.

Part 1:
Getting into West Ardougne

Step 1
Talk to Edmond.
Talk to Alrena, collect dwellberries.
Talk to Edmond.
Pour 4 buckets of water onto mud patch.
Dig soft mud.

Items needed: Spade (obtained during Quest), 4 Buckets of Water, Dwellberries. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of some Soft Mud

Talk to Edmond (Picture) in East Ardougne and he will tell you of his lost daughter, Elena. He says she is somewhere in West Ardougne. Agree to help him find her. Grab a spade while you're here. Go into the house and talk to Alrena, Elena's mother (Picture). She says that she will make you a gas mask but you need to get Dwellberries for her. Dwellberries are located in McGrubor's Forest just west of Seers' Village. You must enter from the north by clicking 'Squeeze through' on the loose fence.

Return to Alrena with some Dwellberries and she will make you a gas mask. If you ever lose this one you can get another one from the cupboard later on in the quest (Picture). Take the Picture of Elena on table so you can get a better idea of what she looks like (Picture).

Talk to Edmond again and he will tell you how to get into West Ardougne. You must get four buckets of water and use them on the Mud Patch to make the ground soft. After pouring 4 buckets of water onto it, it will become soft enough to dig into. Click the Dig option on your Spade and you will fall into the tunnel (Picture).

Step 2
SW end, pull grill.
Talk to Edmond.
Tie rope to grill.
Talk to Edmond.
Pull out the grill.
Climb through pipe (wearing gas mask).

Items needed: Rope, Gas Mask and Hangover Cure Ingredients for later (Bucket of Milk, Chocolate Dust, Snape Grass). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Sewer Pipe under West Ardougne

Go past Edmond to the south-western end of the tunnel and 'Pull Grill' on the sewer pipe. You will find that the grill is too secure and that you cannot pull it off alone. Go back and talk to Edmond just north-east of the sewer pipe. He will say that you should tie some rope to the grill so you can pull it off together (Picture).

Go back to the sewer pipe and use a rope on it (Picture). Then go back and talk to Edmond again. Together you will successfully pull out the grill. Edmond will ask you to bring his daughter back safely.

Go back and select 'Climb-up Pipe' on the sewer pipe again and you will crawl through it. Make sure you are wearing your gas mask or you will not be able to go through. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Player Searching a Sewer Pipe

Part 2:
The Rehnison Family

Step 3
Tell Jethick.
Talk to Ted Rehnison, north part of city (talk about returning a book).
Talk to Red then Milli (upstairs).
Open door to house with staircase, SE West Ardougne.
Talk to Mourner.

Talk to Jethick (Picture), a rather large old man, when you get into West Ardougne. Say that you're looking for a girl from East Ardougne and eventually you will show your picture of her to him. He will say that she was staying over at the Rehnison Family's house, which is in the north end of the city. Jethick will also give you a Book to return to them.

Go to the north side of the city to the house with the Rehnison family members in it. Try to 'Open' the door and Ted Rehnison won't let you in, but when you say that you have to return a book, he will be much more inviting. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the house where Elena is held captive

Once you're inside the house, talk to Ted again (Picture). He will say that his daughter Milli saw Elena being taken by some shadowy figures. Go upstairs and talk to Milli (Picture). Sadly she will say that she was playing by the south-east corner when two men took Elena into a boarded up, windowless building.

Go to the south-east corner of West Ardougne. Look for the house that has a staircase in it, and try to 'Open' one of the doors. A Mourner will stop you because the house in has been touched by the plague.

Tell him that you think there's a kidnap victim in there, but he will point out that even a kidnapper wouldn't want to go in. If you say that you want to go in anyways, the Mourner will tell you that you don't have clearance to go in there. To get clearance for the plagued house, you need to go to the Head Mourner, Bravek.

Part 3:
The Head Mourner, Bravek

Step 4
Talk to Clerk.
Talk to Bravek.
Read scruffy note.
Make Hangover cure.
Talk to Bravek.

Go north-east to the area where you first entered West Ardougne and enter the large building to your north. Talk to the 'Clerk' (Picture) and ask for permission to enter a plague house. He will tell you that the Mourner's usually deal with those matters, so ask him 'Surely you don't let them run everything for you?'.

The Clerk will confess that Bravek would take care of some matters if the Mourners did something wrong, but he doesn't think it would happen. Ask if you can talk to the Bravek anyways, and then say it's urgent and the Clerk will ask Bravek if you can see him.

Go through the east door and talk to Bravek (Picture). He will say that his head hurts, as he has a hangover. Ask him if he knows how his herbalist makes the cure and he will give you a scruffy note.

Read the note and you will be told to get a Bucket of milk, grind a Chocolate bar with a Pestle and mortar or Knife, and get some Snape grass (Picture). Use the Chocolate dust with the Bucket of milk, then the Snape grass with the Chocolaty milk to get a 'Hangover Cure. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Hangover Cure Talk to Bravek again and you will give him the mixture. After he drinks it he will say that this is the clearest his head has felt in a month. When he tells you that Mourners usually deal with the plague issues, tell Bravek that 'they won't listen to you'. Finally he will agree and give you a warrant.

Part 4:
Saving Elena

Step 5
Go back to building (step 4).
Open door, talk to Mourner, sneak in.
Go downstairs, talk to Elena (open cell door).
Go upstairs, search barrel for key.
Unlock Elena, talk to her.
Go back and talk to Edmond.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a small key Go back to the building that Milli described before and try to open the door again. You will say that you have a warrant to enter (Picture). When the Mourner goes to talk to the Head Mourner about the 'Warrant', you will automatically enter the building.

Go downstairs and you will see Elena. Try to open the door to the cell and you will begin to speak with Elena (Picture). She tells you that she thinks she saw the Mourners stashing a key around the building somewhere. Go upstairs and search one of the barrels in the room to find a small key (repeat this process if you lose it).

Go back downstairs and use the key on the door to get in. Then talk to Elena. She will explain how she was on her way to East Ardougne to process some samples in hope of finding a cure for the plague. Finally she says to go back to her father.

Do as she says to go back to Edmond via the Manhole. He will reward you with a magic scroll (Picture). Reading this scroll will make it crumble to dust but allow to you teleport to Ardougne.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I lost my Gas Mask! How do I get it back?

A: If you lost your gas mask, you must complete up to step six in order to get it back. To get it back, 'Search' the cupboard in Edmond's house. You can also do this after the quest.

Q: What happens if I take off my gas mask in West Ardougne??

A: Nothing, do the Biohazard quest to find out why.

Q: Can I get the magic scroll back if I loose it before I read it?

A: Yes you can, just talk to Edmond again.

Author: TheExtremist

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