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- 3 Quest Points.
- 1,250 Thieving XP.
- Ability to start Underground Pass.
- Access to King Lathas Training Grounds.
- Ability to use Teleport to Ardougne

Start PointStart Point

East Ardougne, speak to Elena in her house west of the bank (over the river).

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Quest: Plague City.
Item: 12GP OR Priest Robes.


Skill: 37 Magic.
Item: Ardougne, Varrock and Falador Teleport Runes (or POH teleport if you have Falador/Varrock portal) or 60GP.

Second part of an ongoing adventure. Help Elena discover the truth about the infamous Ardougne plague. Smuggle test samples across Ardougne to Elena's old mentor.

Part 1:
West Ardougne

Step 1
Talk to Elena, East Ardougne.
Talk to Jerico.
Grab bird feed & pigeon cage from Jerico's house.
Talk to Omart.
Use bird feed on Watchtower.
Climb over wall on rope ladder.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Jerico Elena (Picture) needs her Distillator back from the Mourners, but the sewer tunnel was found to be collapsed. Elena also requests that her friend, Jerico, be found. He lives two houses north of the Chapel.

Talk to Jerico and he will tell you to meet up with his friend Omart at the south end of the wall (Picture). Omart has organized a rope ladder to get across the wall. Before heading off, search Jerico's cupboard for some Bird Feed, and grab a Pigeon Cage from out the back. Head south and talk to Omart who's got the rope ready, but says it's too risky with the Watchtower so close, so you'll have to distract the guards.

Go to the Watchtower near the gate into West Ardougne (Picture), and use the bird feed on the Watchtower; then open the pigeon cage (Note: you must be standing on the corner of the watchtower between the spears on the south and east sides to open the cage). The birds will fly out, and the Mourners will be distracted. Go down to Omart, and he'll get his assistant, Kilron, to throw the rope over, and you will appear on the other side.

Part 2:
Elena's Distillator

Step 2
Grab rotten apple (behind Mourner's HQ).
Climb fence, put in cauldron.
Try going inside HQ.
Go to Doctor's house (south).
Search cupboard for doctor's gown.
Wear it, enter HQ.
Kill a Mourner upstairs.
Unlock gate with key, search crates for Distillator.

Go to the Mourners' Headquarters in the north-east of West Ardougne. You cannot open the door, but you hear the Mourners eating stew, so you must distract them. Pick up a rotten apple from around the back (Picture) and climb over the fence. Then use the rotten apple with the cauldron. If you try to go inside now, a Mourner will tell you that several Mourners are suffering from food poisoning and are waiting for a doctor. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Rotten Apples with Cauldron Go to the doctor's house (in the south, middle corner of West Ardougne). Search the cupboard on the north wall to find a Doctor Gown (Picture). Put it on, and you can enter the Mourner Headquarters. Go up the stairs and kill a Mourner, who will drop a key which appears in your inventory. Use it to unlock the gate, and search the crates there for Elena's distillator.

Part 3:
Transporting Testing Materials

Step 3
Give Elena her Distillator.
Follow instructions (see step).

Return to Kilron in the south-east corner to get back over the wall. Go to Elena's house and talk to her. Give her the distillator and she'll do something with some Touch Paper. However, nothing has changed. She asks you to go see her old mentor, Guidor, who lives in Varrock. Then she will give you Liquid Honey, Sulphuric Broline and Ethanea, plus a Plague Sample to take to Guidor. Before you can see Guidor you will need to get some touch paper from a Chemist in Rimmington (but don't ask specifically for it). The Chemist's delivery men will then help you smuggle the vials to Varrock. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Chemist

Note: You cannot teleport in any way with the plague sample or the testing materials, otherwise they will break. They will also break if you drop them.

So, deposit all the items into your bank and teleport to Falador. Withdraw the vials and plague sample and walk down to the Chemist in Rimmington. Talk to the Chemist while the plague sample is in your inventory, say you're Elena's friend, then when he asks about the touch paper, say its for Guidor. Do NOT say you need touch paper for the plague sample.

Give the honey to Chancy, broline to Hops and ethanea to Da Vinci and then walk to Falador to bank the plague sample. Now teleport to Varrock and withdraw the plague sample when you arrive at Varrock (east bank).

Step 4
Go to SE Varrock inn.
Collect vials from Chancy, Hops, Da Vinci.
Talk to Guidor's wife (just east).
Wear priest robes, talk to her again.
Give Guidor the items.
Talk to Elena again.
Talk to King Lathas.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Inn Items needed: Touch Paper, Plague Sample, 12GP or Priest Robes, Ardougne Teleport Runes.

Once you've got the plague sample, touch paper and 12gp or priest robes, go to the south-east corner of Varrock and through the gate (Picture). A guard will search you, but since you're not carrying the honey, ethanea, or broline you will not be stopped (even though you've got the plague sample). Go into the inn, and talk to Chancy, Hops and Da Vinci. If you gave the right stuff to the right person, you'll get them back. If not, you will need to get the testing materials off Elena again and try once more.

Go to Guidor's house in the south section, east of the bar. Guidor's wife will not let you see him. She says she wants a priest to come and bless him. So if you didn't bring priest robes with you beforehand, go to the nearby fancy dress shop and buy some. Wear them and Guidor's wife will let you through. Talk to Guidor, and explain who you are.

When you give Guidor the touch paper, plague sample and the testing materials, you will find out something surprising! Go back to Ardougne, talk to Elena, and then talk to King Lathas in his castle (Picture), and he will explain.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What happens if I take my gas mask off in West Ardougne?

A: Nothing. Finish the quest to find out why.

Author: Xyris

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