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- 5 Quest Points.
- 3,000 Agility XP, 3,000 Attack XP.
- 15 Death Runes, 30 Fire Runes and Iban Staff.
- Ability to cast Iban Blast.

Start PointStart Point

East Ardougne Castle, talk to King Lathas.

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Difficulty Rating: 5/5
Length Rating: 5/5


Skill: 25 Ranged.
Quest: Biohazard.
Item: At least One Arrow, Bow, Tinderbox, a few Ropes, Spade, Plank (can be obtained during quest).
Other: Ability to defeat three Demons (Level-91).


Skill: 50 Agility, 43 Prayer, 51 Magic, 50 Thieving, and Attack, Defence, Strength and Hitpoints Level 60+.
Item: Weapon (dragon or higher), Armour (Rune or higher), a few Prayer and Agility Potions, a few Energy or Super Energy Potions, 5 Law, 2 Water and 3 Air Runes, Food (as many as you can carry - Lobsters or better).

The Underground Pass, sealed for thousands of years, has now been reopened to reveal a complex labyrinth of tunnels and chasms. You must find a way through, and get one step closer to the evil King Tyras. But the road is long and it could be lonely. When fatigue starts to take it's toll, mental strength is what you'll need...

Part 1:
A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Step 1
Talk to King Lathas in East Ardougne Castle.
Go and speak to Koftik.

Talk to King Lathas, he will thank Saradomin that you have come, you will then ask him if his scouts have found a way through the mountains (Picture). He will reply that they have found a passage, but not where they expected it, and that clusters of cultists have settled there, headed by a crazy guy called Iban (who claims to be the son of Zamorak). Lathas will tell you to go and meet his head tracker Koftik in the west part of West Ardougne.

If you need to, go and grab your food, ranged and melee armour and weapon, ropes, spade, arrows and some teleport runes from the bank. When you're all kitted out, it's time to meet Koftik. Simply go to the large wooden doors into West Ardougne, walk west until you see a "cave entrance" and a dark-greenly clad man called "Koftik" talk to him (Picture).

You will ask him if he is King Lathas's scout and he will tell you that he is, and that you will have to journey through the ancient underground pass, he will warn you of the pass' evil heart, reply with the first option, that "I'll take my chances". He will wish you good luck and tell you that he will try to catch up to you in caves later (Picture).

Check here for a map of the the Underground Pass.

Part 2:
The Underground Pass

Step 2
Enter the cave.
Take the northern tunnel.
Speak to Koftik.
Make a fire arrow.
Shoot open the bridge.

Enter the cave and head west up the most northern passage (Picture). Climb over the "rockslides", but beware that if you fail to climb these you will be hurt 3 hit points.

Note: You do not receive any agility experience from climbing over the rockslides. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Firing at the Rope

You will reach a small enclave, and the way forward will be blocked by a body of water. Koftik will be there beside a fire. Talk to him and you shall ask him how to get past the bridge. He will reply that he does not know, but it appears that some other have been there before you. He will then tell you that he found a damp cloth (which he will give to you) and also the remains of a book. Choose the second option "What does it say?" It is a piece of "The Diary of Randas", and it basically tells you that Randas lost his mind and turned to Zamorak. Examine the bridge and it will tell you that the only thing holding it up is the guide ropes.

Now grab the "damp rag" and use it with one of your arrows. This will give you a "fire arrow", which you will use with the fire to make a "lit arrow". Now go to the northern cave, and fire from this spot. A cutscene follows in which the bridge falls and you quickly run across it. You can get back across the bridge at any time if by pulling the lever (note that Iban will say something crazy when you do this).

Note: You can only hold one damp cloth in your inventory at any time, but you can hold as many fire arrows as you like. You can also miss the shot to take out the bridge ropes, but you can try again with a new arrow.

Step 3
Grab a plank.
Continue down the passage.
Use a rope on the rock above the chasm to swing across.

Now head south, then east, up the passageway, past some Goblins (level-5) and Blessed Spiders (level-31). Pick up the plank from the spawn in this small area, as you will need it later. You will notice a "stone tablet" that has a small passage on it. These stone tablets are located throughout the pass and will give you clues as to what to do next.

This one suggests you look above and use nature to help you. This means you need to use a rope on the rock above you head to swing across to the other side (Picture). If you fail, you will fall into a pit which you will have to make your way through, climbing over rockslides, and ending up back just inside the entrance to the Underground Passage. You will also be dealt around 11 damage! If you pass you'll be able to continue along the passage.

Note: You will lose your rope whether you pass or fail. A higher agility level may give you a better chance of passing. Once you get out of the cavern after failing a few times, you may want to think about returning to Ardougne to replenish your food supply, and get another rope or two. You will need lots of food for the remainder of the Underground Pass. Note that some crates within the underground pass contain food for you.

Step 4
Continue down the passage.
Talk to Koftik.
Find the hidden path.

Once you've passed the chasm continue east past some Giant Bats (level-27), then south, over two rockslides, to reach what looks disconcertingly like a barbecue (Picture). Talk to Koftik but he will make little sense (he will appear to be going mad, hearing voices). He will tell you some rhetoric about righteousness, and then tell you that there are "so many path's to choose, here we must all take out own path". To get across the barbecue you must find the correct sequence of grilles. Beware, if you step on the wrong grille you will fall into a pit and be hit for 15 damage.

Note: The correct path does not change - once you've found it, every time you cross the barbecue it will be the same path (this is useful information for later quests). Also, the path is different for everyone (in that there are a number of different combinations, and one is randomly chosen for you). Some example paths can be found here: Picture.

Part 3:
The Orbs of Light

Step 5
Continue down the passage.
Pass the traps.
Read the book.
Read the tablet.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Searching Odd Markings Once you've passed the barbecue, follow the passage leading west before you. Go past the Zombies (level-13) and the furnace, and you should see another passageway. Warning: Do not walk up here yet. Wander your cursor over the walls of the passage and you should see the option "search odd markings". Do so and you find that they are traps.

Attempt to disarm the trap by choosing the first option ("Yes, I'll give it a go"). If you are successful, you will move along the passage to the next trap, which you will need to disarm and so on. If you fail, you will be hit for 4-7 damage and with the slight chance of hitting an 8 (also note this will also happen if you just walk through the passage).

Note: If you fail to disarm the traps and are hurt, you can walk through without being hurt again. Also, be aware that you cannot disarm the traps permanently.

Assuming you reach the end of the passage, go into the chamber you see before you and pick up the book next to the Well. Read it, as it is a continuation of Randas' Journal, telling of how he fears for his soul. Then read the stone tablet it tells of Iban's sacred well and that "if a light should break the night, the dark will rise to win the fight".

Step 6
Get the four orbs.
Use orbs in furnace.
Climb down well.

To get the light to break the night, you need to obtain the four "orbs of light". To get to them you must go up the four passages.

North Passage: Search the flat rock, and you find it is trapped. Use your plank with the rock, and you will cross it with no problems (Picture).
Top-west passage: Just run past the Blessed Spiders (level-39) and Ogres (level-53), and grab the Orb.
Middle-west passage: Same as the north passage, but with the addition of a Blessed Spider (level-39).
Bottom-west passage: Do not "take" the orb. If you do a log will swing out and you will be hit for 11 and stunned temporarily (like getting caught thieving). Instead, underneath the Orb (just right click) there should be a flat rock. It will tell you there is a trap, and you have to choose to try and disarm it. If you fail you will be hit for 11, but if you pass you will get the orb. Now retrace your steps to the furnace and use all of the Orbs of Light with it.

You will feel a "chill down your spine", and Iban will say something crazy. New head back to the well and "climb down" it.

Part 4:
The Prisons

Step 7
Continue down the passage.
Enter prison cell.
Use spade on mud.
Continue down the passage.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Using a Spade with Mud At the bottom of the Well head along the western passageway. There's some food in the nearby crates if you need any. Grab some rope from the spawn in an offshoot of the passage if you don't have any. You should walk until you find yourself in some kind of a prison, with goblins guarding some of Iban's slaves in cages. Pick the lock of the first cage to the south, and use your spade with the mud at the back of it.

You will fall through a tunnel into the cave beside the cell. Walk along this passage until you reach a ledge. Attempt to cross it. If you fail, you'll be hit for some damage, and then you'll need to walk back into the prison and go back through the cell.

If you succeed you now have two options: if you have level 50 thieving, you can go down the south to a gate, which you will be able to pick the lock of (Picture), avoiding the stone bridges; however, if you are less than 50 thieving, or just fancy more pain, walk along the small bridge you see going east. When you get to a stone bridge try to cross it (Picture). If you fail, you will be hurt for 5 damage and will be in the spike pit.

Step 8
Go south.
Go through the pipe.
Break cage.
Pass through tunnel.
Kill paladins.
Unlock skull door.

Once you've reached the other end of your chosen obstacle path, go south a little until you reach an obstacle pipe. Squeeze through this pipe and you will find yourself in a room with three Skeletons (level-22) and a cage with a unicorn in it. Search the cage and you will get a piece of railing, then go up the passage behind the unicorn's cage and use the railing with the boulder (Picture).

It will roll down the hill and crush the Unicorn. Go back and search the smashed cage and you will get a unicorn horn (Picture). Now pass through the tunnel on the north wall, walk up the tunnel, and through a room full of Zombies (level-13/14). You should come to a room with three Paladins: Sir Harry, Sir Jerro and Sir Carl. They're all all level 62, but non aggressive (Picture). Kill them and each should drop a Paladin's Badge.

Note: Talk to Sir Jerro and he will provide you with food, an Attack Potion(2), and a Prayer Potion(2). I would not recommend carrying anything else you get from these paladins (i.e. mithril bars), as they will weigh you down and take up space in your inventory, such that you will probably throw them away at a later stage anyway.

Once you have the three badges continue until along the passage until you see the flat rock trap like before when you were trying to get the Orbs of Light (Picture). Just use you plank and continue until you see a large door and a well. Search the well and you will find an inscription that tells you to throw "three crests of the blessed" and "the creatures remains" into the fires to open the doors (Picture). Use the unicorn horn and all three Paladins badges with the well and you will hear a noise come from the skull above the door. Enter the door.

Part 5:
The Witch

Step 9
Go downstairs.
Talk to Koftik.
Talk to dwarves.

You should appear in a room with a huge abyss. Walk to the east and then south around the cavern until you reach the second small entrance to a stair. Walk down this and you will be confronted by Koftik, who appears to have gone mad. Talk to him and he will tell you that the only ones staying in his Lord Iban's way are the Dwarves. You will reply that you will pray for him.

Now enter the Dwarves' camp, the entrance to which is just to the south. Talk to Niloof and he will tell you that the only way to get rid of Iban is to talk to his Witch. He will then give you some food; two meat pies and a meat pizza. Now talk to Klank, who will tell you about Iban's slaves (after you choose the first option) who have lost their souls. He will give you a tinderbox.

Finally, talk to Kamen, who will tell you he is a little fried and ask you if you want some if his brew. Accept his offer (first option) and you will be hurt for 5 and your agility will be reduced by 3 temporarily each time. However, he will give you some bread, a meat pie and stew.

Note: Note that you can talk to him again, and get more food, in this way you can get full health and food in no time.

Step 10
Go upstairs.
Find witch's cat.
Steal Doll from witch.
Return to dwarves.

To find the witch, head east and climb up the stairs. Go to the south-eastern part of the abyss. Take the last path from where you can see a house (the witch's house). Follow the path and cross the bridge. If you fail, you will end up at the bottom of the abyss, near where Klank is, and injured for a max 21 damage. If you succeed, you do this cool matrix style flying thing (Picture). Continue west across another bridge, then head north, and then walk around until you find the witch's cat. Pick the cat up (Picture). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Fork in the Road

Now go to the witches house by taking the south path from the first fork in the path. When you get there do not try to open the door, as the witch will tell you to go away and you will be dealt 20 damage. Instead, search the window, and you will see that the witch is trying to find her cat.

Knock on the door, and you will automatically leave the cat outside it. The witch will end up distracted playing with her cat. Now open the door to the witch's house and search the chest just next to it. You will find; a restore potion (3), a super attack potion (3), a Doll of Iban, and the History of Iban. Read the History of Iban - it will tell of Iban's history.

Now return to the dwarf camp and talk to Klank and Niloof. Klank will give you some gauntlets (Picture), which are good for your stats. Wear them! Niloof will tell you that Iban may be destroyed if you find the four elements mentioned in his history, which should all be guarded somewhere in the cavern.

Part 6:
The Four Elements

Step 11
Get Iban's ashes.
Kill three demons.
Get Iban's Shadow.

Go into the western house in the dwarvern camp and grab a bucket from the spawn, then go into the other house and use the bucket with the barrel. You will get some dwarf brew (Picture). Then go to the tomb just east of the dwarf camp (Picture). Use the dwarf brew with the tomb, and then use the tinderbox with the tomb, which will burst into flames. You will automatically get Iban's Ashes in your inventory, which need to be used on the doll.

Now go back upstairs and out across the chasm again, this time heading west, then south, in the direction of the three Demons (Level-91). You will need to kill the three Demons (Picture). Beware that they are aggressive, but that they will not follow you if you are on one of the thin bridges. All the demons will drop an amulet of their name. Take each amulet.

Note: If you have ranged equipment, now is the time to use it. The 3 demons can all be ranged from on the thin bridges. This safespot is extremely handy if you do not want to lose many hitpoints. If you have telegrab runes you can use those to telegrab the amulets. That way you don't have to cross the bridge.

Once you have all three amulets, open the chest just north of Doomion. Your three amulets will glow and then disappear, having been replaced with Iban's Shadow (Picture). Use Iban's Shadow with the Doll of Iban, and it will seep into the doll.

Step 12
Find and kill Kalrag.
Smear blood on doll.
Get Iban's Dove.

Now go downstairs to the north of the cave, and up the central passage past some Blessed Spiders (level-39). You will find a huge spider called Kalrag (level-89) (Picture). Attack it, kill it, and smear its blood on the Iban doll.

Now make sure you have Klank's gauntlets on, go back up the north-western stairs again. Go to the north-eastern corner of the cavern and out onto the little overpass, then jump across the bridge, heading west. Cross one or two more bridges, and then search the cages until you find Iban's Dove (Picture).

The Soulless will bite you, but as long as you have your Klank's Gauntlets on you'll be fine. Use Iban's Dove with the Doll of Iban, and your doll will be complete!

Part 7:
The Well of the Damned

Step 13
Get Robes of Zamorak.
Enter Iban's Temple.
Kill Iban.
Talk to Koftik.
Return to King Lathas.

Now retrace your steps to the first platform on this overpass route, and go south this time (Picture). You will pass some Souless (level-18), then cross the bridge and continue down the south path until you get to a platform with two Iban Disciples on it. Kill one and it will drop some Robes of Zamorak (top and bottom). Put on the robes and take off everything else.

Note: If you fall a lot, taking the middle east path will spare you 2 jumps. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Attacking Iban

Go up to the big wooden door. You are about to go into Iban's fortress and he shoots very powerful spells at you, so be careful. Open the door. Iban will shoot spells at you, which will land all over the place, but ignore these and run straight to the well. Throw the doll into it by using the doll on the well. Iban will scream, and his spells will stop hurting you, then he will be destroyed!

Note: While you are standing outside Iban's lair, change your status to running, so you can get to the well before getting hit for too much damage. When possible use prayer protect from Magic when in this room. Also make sure you have atleast 3 open inventory slots for your reward before the battle.

You are not quite finished yet. The temple will collapse, and you will fall into a pit with a Staff of Iban, 30 fire runes, and 15 death runes. Talk to Koftik and you will tell him he has been saved from Iban's influence. In return he will lead you through the Pass (Picture), and to the entrance of it, then tell you to talk to King Lathas. Return to King Lathas and talk to him. He will thank you for your loyalty and give you your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I kill Iban without the doll?

A: No, the only way to kill him is to throw the doll into the well.

Q: Do I get agility experience for any of the obstacles in the Pass?

A: No, they are simply there to prevent you from progressing easily.

Q: Can I use any type of arrows to make flaming arrows?

A: No, only training arrows can't be used to make flaming arrows. It is suggested to use bronze, as they have the lowest value.

Q: Does the level 37 prayer protect from magic protect me from Iban's spells?

A: Unfortunately no.

Q: How can I get my Iban Staff back if I die and lose it?

A: The only known way to get your staff back is by going back into the underground pass and killing an Iban Disciple. He will drop a broken staff and you then take that broken staff to the mage in West Ardougne and he'll fix it for a fee of 200k.

Q: Why do I need to wear the Robes of Zamorak and nothing else?

A: If you wear anything besides the robes, you will not be able to enter the large temple with Iban and the well.

Author: Robin Hood

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