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- 1 Quest Point.
- 1,775 Thieving XP.
- 5 Swordfish.

Start PointStart Point

Talk to Kangai Mau at the Shrimp and Parrot Restaurant in Brimhaven.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 21 Thieving.
Item: 90GP.


Item: Amulet of Glory(4).

Lord Handelmort of Ardougne is a collector of exotic artifacts. A recent addition to his private collection is a strange looking totem from Karamja. The Rantuki tribe are not happy about the recent disappearance of their totem.

Part 1:
The Stolen Totem

Step 1
Talk to Kangai.
Go to Ardougne.
Talk to Horacio.
Talk to Wizard Cromperty.
Investigate crate.
Use label on crate.
Talk to employee.
Pick up guide book.

Upon talking to Kangai Mau, you will discover that his totem was stolen by Lord Handelmort (Picture). Get to Brimhaven via a Charged Amulet of Glory or one of the two ports (Port Sarim and Ardougne). Leave Brimhaven and make your way to Ardougne Market. Just west of the market is a big house with a garden and guard dogs. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Wizard Cromperty

Once you are past the gates talk to Horacio and he will tell you about the house's security. Attempting to go in the house will reveal that the house cannot be entered via the front door (Picture).

Go to the house north-east of Ardougne; it has blue flooring. Speak with Wizard Cromperty and ask him to teleport you. Make sure you don't ask him to teleport you to the Rune Essence (If you do accidentally get teleported there, just look around for the nearest portal).

After the conversation, you will end up in a RPDT storage area (Picture) Investigate the crate that will be delivered to the mansion. You will get a label; use that label on the other crate. Talk to the RPDT employee who will then deliver the boxes. Just north and a little to the west of the RPDT storage area is a house. Pick up the Guide book there and read it--it will tell you the name you need.

Part 2:
Sneaking In

Step 2
Talk to Cromperty.
Enter 'K U R T'.
Investigate stairs.
Open chest upstairs.
Return to Kangui.

Go back to Wizard Cromperty and ask him to teleport you. You will be inside the mansion. When you attempt to open the door that leads to the stairs, you will need to enter the combination key. The combination is K U R T. Before going up, investigate the stairs and it will reveal a trap (Picture).

Be sure of the combination code you are entering. Because the letters in the combination code are in a cursive font, some letters, such as "U" and "V", look very much alike. If you happen to enter the wrong combination code however, you can just try again. Also be sure to enter "K U R T" as the combination code and not "B R A D". "B R A D" was the correct password in RS-Classic. Open the chest upstairs and search it then proceed back to Kangai Mau and he will reward you for your efforts.

Zybez RuneScape Help'sc Screenshot of the Tribal Totem Quest Scroll
Author: Jasonn

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