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- 1 Quest Point.
- 15,000 Thieving XP.
- Adamant Scimitar.
- Willow and Oak Blackjack.

Start PointStart Point

Market in north Al-Kharid (next to Silk Store). Speak to Ali Morrisane.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 30 Thieving.
Item: Desert Clothes (Robe, Shirt, Boots) or Graahk Armour, Desert Disguise (obtained during quest), Gloves (not Zombie, Mystic or Mime), 2-3 Waterskins(4), Bucket, ~5,000GP.
Other: Ability to defeat the Bandit Champion (Level-70) and the Tough Guy (Level-75).


Item: Food.

Ali Morrisane - RuneScape's self proclaimed greatest merchant is having difficulties. He is selling things at such a rate that he cannot keep his market stall in stock.

Word has it that he is on the lookout for someone to recruit him some help from his home town Pollnivneach, a somewhat anarchic place south of the Shantay pass.

Part 1:
Finding Pollnivneach

Step 1
Talk to Ali Morrisane, Al-kharid silk stall.
Go to Pollnivneach.
Talk to Street Urchin about Ali.

Items needed: Bring all.

Talk to Ali Morrisane next to the silk store in Al-Kharid. He will ask you to travel to a town to the south called Pollnivneach to find his nephew Ali and fetch him back. While you're here, buy yourself a Fake Beard and Headwear which combine to make a Desert Disguise.

Stock up on the gear for the desert and buy a pass into the Desert. When in the desert, head south of the Mining Camp to find the town of Pollnivneach. Purchase a magic carpet ride for 200gp to Pollnivneach, or if your house is located in the desert, you can use that to get to Pollnivneach faster.

Move to the south part of the town. Here, talk to the Street Urchin who will give you some general information about the town and its people. Ask him about Ali's nephew before moving on to talk to the rest of the people in the village...

Step 2
Talk to Drunken Ali, at pub.
Buy him beers.
Go out the back, put money in Snake Charmer's money pot.

You'll soon realize the town is full of people called Ali, and after asking around about Ali's nephew you'll be told that if you want more information you should talk to Drunken Ali in the Asp and Snake Pub. Talk to him, and give him a beer whenever he asks for one. You'll find out that there is a feud between the Bandits and the Menaphites (two rival gangs), and that you should try to resolve the problem so that you will be able to find your Ali.

Behind the pub you'll then find Ali the Snake Charmer (Picture). Put some money (about 3gp) in his money pot, and he will give you a Basket and Snake Charm. Use the Snake Charm on one of the Desert Snakes nearby to capture it in the Basket.

Look for the Kebab icon on the map and go to talk to Ali the Kebab Seller. Ask him for some extra hot sauce and he will give you some. This sauce is important later in the quest.

Part 2:
Making Peace

Step 3
Talk to Ali the Operator, Menaphite's tent.
Talk to Cowardly Bandit.
Talk to Ali the Camel Seller.
Buy for 500 or 1,000gp each.
Give Ali the Operator a receipt.
Give Cowardly Bandit a receipt.

Head south to a round, purple tent - the home of the Menaphite. Speak to Ali the Operator (Picture) and ask him about the feud. He will tell you that the Bandits stole a camel from the Menaphites, and that they may make peace if the camel is returned to the Menaphites.

Next head to the Bandit section of Pollnivneach and find the Cowardly Bandit. Talk to him and he'll tell you that the Menaphites also stole a camel from them and that they won't make peace unless their camels are returned too! That's right, you have to get the two camels for them.

Ali the Camel Seller (Picture) is obviously the place to go to get the camels you need. Ask him the price of the 2 camels outside, and he will tell you they're not for sale, but he is willing to sell you 2 camels that have been already ordered. Ask him how much he wants for them and offer 500gp. If he does not take this offer, give him 1,000gp. He'll give you two receipts (one for each camel). Have a guess what they're used for...

Return to Ali the Operator and give him one of the receipts. He isn't happy, and says only 10 camels will be good enough. Take the other receipt to the Cowardly Bandit and he says the same. In order to get anywhere, you need to join a gang and work from there.

Part 3:
Menaphite Trials

Step 4
Talk to Ali the Operator.
Follow step to pickpocket three villagers.

To join the Menaphites head back to Ali the Operator and he'll ask you to join him in wiping out the Bandits. Before he allows you to join them, however, you must complete a series of trials for him to prove your worth. The first task you are given is to pickpocket three villagers and return to him.

  1. Simply approach a villager and pickpocket him. After this you won't be able to pickpocket a villager in the same way, so return to Ali the Operator for help.
  2. Ali tells you to create a distraction. To do this, talk to a Street Urchin and offer him 10gp to create a distraction. When he does this, look for the yellow arrow over your target villager and pickpocket them. Once again, return to Ali the Operator.
  3. You'll be given a Blackjack to help pickpocket the last villager. Find a villager, right-click them and choose to 'Lure' them. They'll follow you. Take them into an area out of sight. Equip the Blackjack, right-click the villager again and choose the option to knock them out. Pickpocket them while they're out cold and return to Ali the Operator once again.

Step 5
Equip gloves and desert disguise.
Follow steps to steal Mayor's jewels.

Ali now wants you to steal jewels from the Mayor's villa and ensure that you aren't spotted by checking the villa is empty, wearing gloves (to prevent fingerprints) and your desert disguise. He also gives you a key to get through the main doors.

  1. Getting inside - Hide behind the giant cactus (Picture) in front of the villa and you'll notice that no-one is inside. Now put on the gloves and desert disguise and use the key to get through the front doors (Picture).
  2. Searching for clues - The Mayor has left some clues around the house (they're not necessarily needed) which you can find to help you. Search the Study Desk downstairs for one Note (Picture) and the Bed upstairs for the other which has the word "Fibonacci" on it.
  3. Cracking the code - Upstairs next to the bed is a landscape painting. Search it to find the safe where the jewels are held. Enter the code 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 to open the safe and take the jewels.

Take the jewels back to Ali the Operator, to receive your next task.

Step 6
Talk to Ali the Operator.
Find the Traiter - follow the steps.

Your final task is to find a traitor in the Menaphites. Ask one of the Menaphites in the town and they will tell you about Traitorous Ali - the guy you're looking for. Tell Ali the Operator what you've been told and he will order you to kill the traitor, using the most stealthy method you can think of.

  1. The way to do the deed - Find Ali the Hag (she lives on a hill towards the north-west area of the town - (Picture) and she will recommend poison as an easy method of killing the traitor. She tells you to bring her Snake Venom and Camel Dung in order to make a poison strong enough. Note: If you have caught a Snake earlier then you can give it to her now, but if you haven't, read step 2 of Part 1.
  2. Collecting the dung - Go to the camel troughs outside Ali the Camel Seller's house. Use your Red Hot Sauce (from the Kebab Seller) in the trough with food in, and a camel will eat it and leave a big dump of dung behind. Use a bucket (there are two spawns in the house) to scoop it up, and take it back to Ali the Hag.
  3. Killing the traitor - When Ali the Hag has received the dung and snake, she will give you the Red Hag's Poison that you must use to poison the traitor's drink. Back in the Asp and Snake Pub, use the poison on the table with a beer on and the task is complete. Now you have to return to Ali the Operator for the last time.

Part 4:
Truth Behind the Feud

Step 7
Talk to Ali the Operator.
Talk to the Menaphite Leader.
Kill him.
Talk to a Villager.
Talk to Bandit Leader, NW part of town and kill him.
Talk to the Mayor.
Return the Ali Morrisane.

Ali the Operator will congratulate you and tell you that the Menaphite leader wishes to talk to you and thank you. Head outside the tent and you will see the leader (he looks like a normal Menaphite but with a tall cane) who you must talk to (Picture). Surprisingly it turns out he's out to take over the world, and the link to the future desert quests becomes a bit clearer.

The Menaphite leader will set one of his toughest fighters Tough Guy (Level-75) to kill you. Fight him (he's quite easy to kill) until he dies and the Menaphite leader will vanish. With the Menaphites defeated, speak to one of the villagers and once again another surprise awaits you, as the villagers want you to overthrow the Bandits as well! The villager will tell you to find the Bandit Leader and force him to leave the town so that there will be no gang ruling over them.

The Bandit Leader (Picture) is standing around the north-west area of the town (look for a Bandit in larger, fancier looking robes). You will tell them to leave the town, but unfortunately the order doesn't help, and you must kill another warrior Bandit Champion (Level-70) (Picture). When the Champion is defeated he drops an Adamant Scimitar, and the Bandit Leader takes the final hint as you warn him to leave the village before you take action upon him.

Return to any villager and they refuse to reward you. Instead, they tell you to talk to the Mayor. Find Ali the Mayor in the town center and he will assure you that Ali's Nephew is safe and well, as well as giving away a few secrets about his link to the town, and the rest of the desert. Return to Ali Morrisane and tell him the good news, and he will reward you for your hard work.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I can't pickpocket villagers!

A: You can only pickpocket villagers when Ali the Operator asks you to.

Q: I've pick pocketed one villager but can't pickpocket anymore. What do I do?

A: Go back to Ali the Operator and he will give you advice on how to pickpocket the other two.

Q: What do Blackjacks do?

A: They act as a weapon that can also temporarily stun bandits.

Author: Dodge2k1

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