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- 2 Quest Points.
- 4500 Thieving XP.
- Access to Rat Pits.

Start PointanyStart Point

Gertrude's House, opposite Juliet's place on the outskirts of Varrock

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Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Quest: Gertrude's Cat, Icthlarin's Little Helper.
Item: Catspeak Amulet, Cat/Kitten, Empty Vial, Kwuarm Herb, Red Spider's Egg, 4 Pieces of Cheese, Bucket of Milk, Marrentill Herb, Ground Unicorn Horn, Tinderbox, 1 Pot, 1 Weed - (From Farming Patch), ~1000GP.


Item: Food for your Cat/Kitten, Varrock, Ardougne, Falador Teleport Runes, Ring of Dueling, Amulet of Glory, Ball of Wool, Ring of Charos(a).

Gertrude knows of some rat catchers in Varrock. Pay her a visit and she may tell you of their whereabouts. Perhaps they could show you and your cat a few pointers about rat catching. Enter the subterranean world of the rat catchers and discover more of your cat's true potential!

Part 1:
Gertrude and the Sisters

Step 1
Talk to Getrude
Talk to Grimesquit in Varrock Sewers.

Head just west of Varrock to Gertrude's house and talk with her (Picture). She will tell you about two ladies who apparently know a lot about catching rats.

Head to the Varrock sewers (the entrance is just east of Varrock Castle) (Picture). The sisters are right near the entrance of the sewers. Speak with Grimesquit and she will tell you that your cat needs to kill 8 rats. Once your cat has killed the rats, the sisters will give you a rat pole and tell you to go see Jimmy Dazzler in Ardougne.

Part 2:
Jimmy Dazzler

Step 2
Get a map from Jimmy Dazzler.
Catch a rat, go to SE room, catch two rats.
Return to Jimmy.

Jimmy Dazzler can be seen found west of the bar that is north of the Ardougne castle (the bar where you meet Lucien). He will give you a map to a mansion "North of Ardougne" where you need to go and use your cat to kill rats without being seen (Picture).

Click on the map/instructions to go to the mansion. You need to be very patient for this. Make your way to either of the side gardens, avoiding the guards on the main entrance (if any guard spots you, you'll be sent back to the main entrance). Wait until the guards have moved and run to the bottom of the hedge. Wait until the top guard moves away, then run to the top of the hedge, timing the run to avoid the second guard.

Wait for the top guard to move away, then run behind the corner hedge. Wait for the single guard to move away and run behind the small hedge to the north. From this point, if you get caught you will only be sent back to this hedge, not to the beginning. Climb up the trellis on the north wall of the mansion. Assuming that you don't get immediately caught, wait for the guards to move away and duck into one of the side rooms.

For the north-west room, you only need to catch the rat in this room (attach it to your rat pole). Next go to the south-east. To get there go to the east room. You need to stand by the door, wait for the guards to leave and then run round to the small room to the south-east. Catch the rats (2) in this room (adding them to your rat pole). Go down the ladder and catch the rats in both rooms there as well (there are no guards downstairs in these 2 rooms). You will be notified when you have enough.

Return to Jimmy Dazzler. He will provide you a book about the training pits and now let you have access to the kitten training rat pit. To access the training pits for older cats he'll point you off to Hooknosed Jack in Varrock.

Part 3:
Hooknosed Jack

Step 3
Talk to Hooknosed Jack.
Use poison on cheese, place it around four rat holes.
Get a cure for Jack's cat at Apothecary.
Kill the king rat.
Return to Jack.

Head to Varrock. Hooknosed Jack can be found in the gated off area to the south-east of the east bank in Varrock (near the start of the Family Crest quest). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Being Told to Clear Warehouse

Hooknosed Jack will require you clear a warehouse of rats. He will make rat poison for you if you give him the ingredients - Kwuarm, red spider eggs, empty vial. Apply this poison to the 4 pieces of cheese and go south to the warehouse. Go into the southern room and up the stairs. Right click and USE (do not eat) the poisoned cheese on the four rat holes around the walls. Go back to Hooknosed Jack.

Hooknosed Jack will tell you that his cat has now been taken ill (eaten a poisoned rat) and you need to go to the apothecary to get a cure. Go west across the town to the apothecary, give him the bucket of milk, Marrentill herb and ground unicorn horn. Take the potion back to Hooknosed Jack who will thank you for curing his cat but tell you that you haven't completed the job of clearing the warehouse. Pick up some cat food (tuna, raw fish, etc) and go back to the warehouse. Be sure to have a full inventory of food, especially if you are using a kitten for this part. If you run out of food and your cat is going to die, quickly head back down the ladder; your cat will be with you again. I used the "be careful" with my kitten and just kept feeding it tuna.

You can use a kitten here but an adult cat will make it easier. Pick up your cat and use it on the hole in the wall (not the rat hole). Your cat will then go through and attack the "king rat". You have the choice of telling your cat to "be careful" - where it will retreat when it goes below half health or "go get that vermin" where your cat will fight to the death. You can heal your cat by using the cat food on the hole - you cannot reach the cat. Once you've killed the "king rat", go back to Hooknosed Jack and he will let you access the adult cat training pits. To access the next level of the pits you will be directed to Smokin' Joe in Keldagrim.

Part 4:
Smokin' Joe

Step 4
Talk to Smokin' Joe, and let your cat kill the rats.
Talk to Joe again.

Be sure to grab a clay pot, a tinderbox and one gardening weed. Go to Keldagrim and head to the pickaxe shop near the north-east corner of town. Smokin' Joe is just to the east of the shop.

Note: If you have completed the quests, the fastest route is to take one of the mining carts to Keldagrim from the dwarf mines under Ice Mountain or from the shortcut under Wolf Mountain. If not, then it is a long walk from Seers to the north-east corner of the Fremennik (Picture).

Talk to Smokin' Joe and he will explain that he can no longer smoke the rats out of their holes and, naturally, you volunteer to help. Use the weeds with the pot, then use the tinderbox with the pot of weeds, drop your cat and use the smoking pot on the small rat hole in the south wall of the storage area directly to the east of Smokin' Joe.

The first time you do it you'll get a cut scene where the rats get smoked out but go back in - try again and your cat will volunteer to help. Do so and you get another cut scene where your cat kills the rats (Picture). Talk to Smokin' Joe and he will give you access to the training pits. To get access to the next level of training, he will tell you to go and talk to "The Face" in Port Sarim.

Part 5:
The Face

Step 5
Talk to "The Face", then talk to Felkrash.
Go back to "The Face".
Near the entrance in Port Sarim, play the flute.
Head back to Felkrash.

Go to Port Sarim and find the ladder down to the pits - it's just to the north of the fishing store there. Talk to "The Face" and then go down and talk to Felkrash (the bard) in there. She will allow you access if you can match her feat of killing all the rats in Port Sarim in one go. Go back upstairs and talk to "The Face" again, you will learn that you need to go to see the snake charmer in Pollnivneach.

Head to Al-Kharid, go to Shantay, buy a pass, equip your desert gear, equip the ring of Charos (unlocked), if you have it or just take some gold (a few hundred will be enough). Use the carpet to ride to Pollnivneach (it will cost 75, 100, or 200gp). Bring teleport runes for Falador or a charged glory. The snake charmer is just south of the bar in the southern side of the town. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Cut scene

Talk to Ali the Snake Charmer and he will ignore you, so donate some money to him. Ask him for help, and to pay him for it. He will ask you to pay 1 gold more than you have with you. Start to walk away slowly. Eventually, he will charge you 100gp (if you have the Ring of Charos(a) on you, you can charm him into showing you what to do for 50gp). You will be given a flute and a sheet of instructions.

Go back to Port Sarim. Read the instructions and make a note of them - it probably varies between players. The notes will be shown as the number of holes covered and (on one or more notes), a "higher octave" indicator, usually on the 5th note (Picture).

In Port Sarim, near the pit entrance, click the flute and pick the appropriate 8 notes (one per page), ensuring that you select the "higher octave" indicator as necessary. Play the flute and you will shortly see rats come to you and a cut scene where the rats follow you and jump off into the sea. If you get the notes wrong, nothing will happen.

Head back down and talk to Felkrash and tell her what you did.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Rat Catchers Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I've lost my Amulet of Catspeak. How do I get another one?

A: Talk to the Sphinx in Sophanem.

Q: Can I get the rat poison without the herbs?

A: Yes, if you go to the dungeon under clock tower south of Ardougne, there is rat poison respawn on the path to the north-west. You can use this with the cheese and it works.

Q: How do I get a Wiley/Lazy Cat?

A: Your overgrown cat will now grow into a Wiley/Lazy Cat. If you have the Lazy cat hunt rats, it will eventually become a Wiley Cat.

Author: Mufus and Lizarick

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