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- 1 Quest Point.
- Steel Gauntlets ( Which can be enchanted to either goldsmith, chaos or cooking gauntlets by the brothers ).

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Dimintheis, located in the guarded enclosure south-east of Varrock's Eastern bank.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Skill: 40 Crafting, 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, 59 Magic.
Item: 2 Cut Rubies, Runes to cast Wind, Water, Earth, Fire Blast Spells (Death Spells), Pickaxe, Anti-Poison Potion, Cooked Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Bass and Swordfish, Necklace Mould, Ring Mould.
Other: Ability to defeat Chronozon (Level-170).


Skill: 43 Prayer, 45 Cooking, 50 Fishing, 50 Defence.
Item: Armour (Rune or better), 15 Food (Lobsters or better), extra Blast Rune Spells, Ardougne and Camelot Teleport Runes (or POH Teleport if you have Portals), Amulet of Glory or Ring of Dueling.

The Fitzharmon family crest has gone missing, and the family honour has been lost. Can you find the crest and return it to Dimintheis in Varrock? There are three different rewards available, but you can only choose one, so choose carefully!

Part 1:
The Fitzharmon Crest

Step 1
Talk to Diminethis, SE Varrock.
Talk to Chef son, Catherby.
Talk to Gem Trader, Al-kharid.
Talk to Avan, Al-kharid chasm mine.

Items needed: Bring all required items, a Ring of Dueling and Teleport Runes.

Talk to Dimintheis in or around his house south-east of Varrock. He will ask you to recover the crest that has been in his family for generations. Each son has part of this crest. You are to locate each son and retrieve the crest for Dimintheis (Picture).

Teleport to Camelot and head south to Catherby. Talk to the son in the building with the cooking range and water source in it. He will give you his piece of the crest if you give him one of each cooked shrimp, salmon, tuna, bass, and swordfish. He should also tell you about his brother in Al-Kharid. Agree and complete the task given to you for your first piece of the crest.

Teleport to Al-Kharid using a ring of dueling and talk to the gem trader. He will tell you about someone called Avan hanging around the chasm mine north of here. Go speak to Avan and he will tell you he wants a ruby ring and necklace made by the Finest Gold in RuneScape. He says he knows about a dwarf named Boot who knows about this special gold. Head off to the Dwarven Mines and speak to Boot, who is found west of the anvils (Picture). You will discover that the finest gold is found in a dungeon near Ardougne.

Step 2
Teleport to Ardougne.
Go into SE Ardougne dungeon.
Follow instructions in step.
Mine the gold.
Teleport to Al-kharid, smelt the ores, craft the ring and necklace.
Give to Avan.

Items needed: Pickaxe, Necklace Mould, Ring Mould, Rubies, Armour, Food, Ring of Dueling.

The finest gold is guarded by Hellhounds (Level-122), so bring your armour and food. Head to the Dungeon at the south-east of Ardougne. You will need to go down the ladder surrounded by stone arches and there will be Hobgoblins (Level-28) at the bottom. To access the finest gold, you need to pull a series of levers.

Pull the lever up at the north wall, enter the room at the south wall and pull the lever up, go back to the north wall and pull the lever down. Enter the visible room and pull the inner lever up. Leave this room and pull the outside lever up. Go into the south room to pull that lever down.

Lastly head into the middle room where there are two Hellhounds (Level-122). Turn off auto-retaliate, turn on protect from melee and enter. Mine two gold ores and head back to Al-Kharid. Make your ring and necklace at the furnace using your perfect gold ore and rubies, then report back to Avan to receive the second part of the crest.

Step 3
Talk to son at Jolly Boar Inn, NE of Varrock.
Cast all element-type blast spells on Chronozon (Level-170).
Rebuild the crest.
Go to Dimintheis.

Items needed: Armour, Weapons, Food, Anti-Poison, Blast Spells (all Element types), Varrock Teleport Runes.

The third and final son lives upstairs in the Jolly Boar Inn north-east of Varrock on the edge of the wilderness. To get the part of the crest from the third brother, you need to talk to him first, then use an antipoison potion on him. After a short conversation with him he will say that you need to defeat Chronozon (Level-170) to get the crest piece. To do this you will need to cast all four blast spells (using death runes) on it. Note that if the spell splashes, it does not count - so bring a few extra runes just in case. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the demon Chronozon

Head to Edgeville sewers with your armour, food and the runes needed for the blast spells mentioned earlier and cut through to the member's only wilderness dungeon. Remember this is the wilderness, meaning other players can attack you, so be careful because many players come here to do more then train. You'll pass some Thugs (Level-10), Chaos Druids (Level-13), Skeletons (Level-45), Poisoned Spiders (Level-64) and Black Demons (Level-172). When you reach the black demons put on protect from melee and go south into a little room where you'll see Chronozon amidst some Poison Spiders.

To kill him you must cast all four blast spells on him at least once. He should drop the crest piece. Use all three pieces on each other to complete the crest, and return it to Dimintheis to claim your reward.

Enchanting your new Gauntlets

If you wish to change your gauntlet type then just take your enchanted gloves to the brother which provides the specific enhancement you desire. Changing the enchantment on the gauntlets costs 25,000gp.

Cooking Gauntlets - Speak to the chef son in Catherby. Cooking gauntlets are white and help you to stop burning.

Chaos Gauntlets - Speak to the wizard in the Jolly Boar Inn. These gauntlets help improve your chaos rune magic spells, with the exception of the "Crumble Undead" spell.

Goldsmith Gauntlets - Speak to the nobleman son in the Al-Kharid chasm mine. These gauntlets give you more experience when smithing gold.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do the Gauntlets give different stats?

A: No, all gauntlets give a small equipment bonus in attack and strength, and a slightly larger boost in defence.

Author: John

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