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- 1 Quest Point.
- 7,000 Thieving XP, 7,000 XP lamp (for Combat Skills).
- Keris.
- Access to bank in Sophanem.

Start PointStart Point

Temple of the High Priest, west of the pyramid in Sophanem.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Quest: Gertrude's Cat, Icthlarin's Little Helper, Prince Ali Rescue.
Item: Light Source (e.g. Lamp, Lantern, Candle) or 200GP, Tinderbox.


Skill: 43+ Prayer, decent Agility.
Item: Prayer Restore Potion, Anti-Poison Potion, Super Set, Amulet of Glory, Armour (Full Rune), Food (Sharks).
Other: Ability to defeat a Giant Scarab (Level-191).

The High Priest of Icthlarin has problems again - this time with the inhabitants of Menaphos. Sophanem is recovering from the plague, yet most of its citizens are still trapped on the other side of the river. Diplomacy has failed and subterfuge beckons. Clearly, this is the sort of job that a shifty adventurer could excel in.

Part 1:
Neighborly Tensions

Step 1
Talk to High Priest in the temple west of the pyramid in Sophanem.

Speak to the High Priest in the temple to the west of the pyramid in Sophanem. You'll ask him how the fight for Klenter's soul is going and he says that it is never ending and the Devourer catches them off guard every time. He will then talk about lifting the quarantine that Menaphos has placed upon them, and that their efforts have failed. You'll then offer to help them; accept the quest.

After the talk with the High Priest a cut-scene will follow that shows Sophanem's attempted meeting with Menaphos. The high priest is stopped on the bridge by Coenus, an official of Menaphos, and threatens to open fire upon Sophanem. Menaphos does so, and Sophanem is forced to retreat. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the High Priest After the cut-scene, further discussion with the High Priest about the situation follows. He says that he needs to get word out to the people in Menaphos that it is safe to return to Sophanem once more. Choose the option, "is there any way into Menaphos from below?"

After selecting that option he will start talking about the history of the city. He will mention that there was a cult called the Sect of Scabaras, that worshiped the lesser diety Scabaras. He will explain that Scarabas was the physical manifestation of a bad dream that Tumekan, the head god, had. It turns out that the sect had made plans of building a tunnel under the river, yet these plans have been struck down and the sect was never seen again. The high priest then says that there is one shrine left that is devoted to Scarabas, located in the north-eastern part of the city. He'll tell you to talk to Jex, who knows almost everything about the shrine.

Step 2
Talk to Jex, outside Temple of the Lesser Gods.
Go down the ladder.
Talk to a guard.
Unlock the trapdoor and go into the labyrinth.

Speak to Jex who you'll find just outside the Temple of the Lesser Gods (Picture). You'll ask him what happened with the temple and he'll say that they had a fight with a lot of scarab like warriors a couple months ago. He'll warn you not to go down there, but obviously you can't take that as an answer since you are an accomplice of the high priest. He'll talk about a trap door that is rather hard to open, and tells you how to open it. He gives you his blessing, and you're free to go down the ladder.

After going down the ladder you'll find yourself in a room full of broken bank booths. Speak to one of the Sophanem Guards and ask him what he is doing down there. He'll tell you that they have been posted to keep out anyone coming up from the dungeon, and preventing anyone from going down. Ask him what is down there. It turns out to be a scet of scarabas creatures, a cross between a human and a scarab. Once you are ready, attempt to go down the trapdoor.

The guard will stop you, giving you a plethora of warnings. One of which is about scarabas, and that if you see one to stay away from it as you will fall through a trap door if you do not do so. If you don't have a light source, buy one from the guard for 200gp. After listening to his warnings, unlock the trapdoor and allow yourself down.

Part 2:
Scarabas's Labyrinth

Step 3
Go through labyrinth.
Run past Scarab Mage and keep going.
Pass room with floor spikes.
Pass room with floor trap.
Go through wall-crusher obstacles.
Go through search odd markings obstacles.

After going down the trapdoor you'll find yourself within the labyrinth. Go through the tunnel and you'll find yourself facing a Scarab Mage (Level-93) (Picture). Either defeat it or run from it, and continue down the passages.

Note: The Scarab Mage uses magical attacks against you so protect from magic is recommended. He can deal a fair amount of damage as well, so keep an eye on your health. Ignore all of the ladders in this dungeon until you reach the end, as they will all lead you to the same place.

You'll end up coming to a set of floor spikes that are guarding a ladder going down. Don't bother with it!

After going through a little further you'll come to a floor trap. Bypass this floor trap and continue on down the corridor. You'll come to a long passageway full of wall crushers (Picture); make your way through them. Take one step forward, then a diagonal step to the other side. One step forward, then another diagonal step. Doing this will get you through them. After reaching the end of the wall crushers, you'll come to a set of odd markings (Picture). Search these and you'll find out that it's another trap! Make your way through them and continue through the labyrinth. Zybez Runescape Help's map of Scaraba's Labyrinth

Step 4
Keep going west, past Scarab Mages and wall crushers, then go down the ladder at the end.
Find Kaleef's body.
Search it.
Find Maisa and talk to her.
Answer questions about Prince Ali Rescue.
Talk to Osman, at Al-kharid.

Continue along and you'll end up facing two more Scarab Mages. Put on protect from magic and just run by them. Keep moving in a western motion until you hit another mage, which you can just run past. Take the south route and you'll come to more wall crushers; evade them and continue westward. There are three different paths that you can choose to move further westward; take the middle path. Continue along and you'll pass two scarabs painted on the wall. As you were warned before, don't stand directly in front of them or you'll fall into the dungeon below. When you reach the ladder, go down it. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Kaleef's Body Go through the cavern until you come upon Kaleef's body. You'll find a piece of parchment within the body; read it, and learn that Kaleef was on a mission to contact an agent within Menaphos, yet obviously he didn't make it very far. Venture into the enormous cavern until you come up to Maisa (Picture). She'll tell you that she's looking for Kaleef, and you regrettably inform her that her friend is dead. Afterwards tell her that you want to help her, but she doesn't trust you. She'll ask you two questions about the Prince Ali Rescue quest. When answered correctly, she'll ask you to tell Osman to come.

  1. Where was the prince being kept? - Draynor Village
  2. Who helped you find the Prince? - Leela

Use your amulet of glory to teleport to Al-Kharid. Find Osman who is just east of the furnace. Tell him you want to talk about Sophanem. He'll go on about how his kingdom and the kingdom of Menaphos have been at war for centuries and that he had a couple scores to settle with them. He'll refuse to go without a good reason of why he should. Tell him that it would drive a wedge between the Menaphite cities. He'll like the idea and will meet you down in Sophanem.

Part 3:
Scarab Showdown

Step 5
Talk to Osman.
Go through maze and into cavern.
Fight the scarabs.
Talk to the high priest.

Items needed: Armour, Weapons, Food, Potions.

Head back to Sophanem via the magic carpets at Shantay Pass. When you come to the gate you should see Osman walking around just outside it. Speak to him and he'll tell you that he couldn't get in because he's getting too old to scale walls. Tell him that you know of a secret entrance to the north. You tell him where it is and he commands you to stay put to prevent both of you becoming caught. After talking to him a cut-scene will start that shows Osman stealthily making his way into the Temple of the Lesser Gods. After the cut-scene, head in the city and go down the ladder. Make your way through the maze and into the cavern).

Going down the ladder will trigger a cut-scene and you'll see Osman and Maisa talking. Once they are finished the entire cave shakes as Osman and Maisa run to get out. Osman is stopped by a Giant Scarab and is beaten! Once you are ready, make your way into the large cavern to fight the scarab.

Note: keep protect from melee on at all times when you begin this fight. As you are fighting it, two Locust Riders and a Scarab Mage will appear. Don't even bother attacking them, just focus everything on the giant scarab. Watch your health the entire time you are fighting because the Scarab Rider ranges and the Scarab Mage can deal a large amount of damage. Eat and use a prayer potion doses as needed.

Enter the large cavern and you'll be attacked by a Giant Scarab (Level-191). As you fight a Scarab Mage (Level-93) and two Scarab Riders (Level-98) will appear. Defeat the Giant Scarab and Osman will appear, saying that he wasn't really defeated by the scarab, and that all he did was blend in with the shadows of the cavern. He'll bid you farewell, with a thanks. Pick up the dagger, teleport out to Al-Kharid and take the magic carpet back to Sophanem.

Speak to the High Priest, who will give you his thanks for getting the word out to the citizens in Menaphos.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the stats of the Keris?

A: Attack Bonus: Stab: +40; Slash: +20; Crush: -10; Magic: +2; Ranged: +0
Defence Bonus: Stab: +0; Slash: +0; Crush: +0; Magic: +2; Ranged: +0

Q: After I beat the scarab and talked to Osman, the Keris disappeared! Where did it go?

A: The Keris acts like a normal item drop. After a certain length of time, the Keris will disappear, not allowing you to get it.

Q: I've lost my Keris! Where can I get it back?

A: Speak to Osman, who you'll find in Al-Kharid walking around to the east of the furnace; he'll charge 20,000gp for a replacement.

Author: Phoenix Zero

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