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- 2 Quest Points.
- 1,000 Construction XP, 500 Crafting XP, 500 Thieving XP.
- Access to Creature Creation.

Start PointStart Point

Effigy at the Tower of Life, south of Ardougne.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: 10 Construction.
Item: One Normal Beer, Hammer, Saw.


Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, etc), at least 20 free inventory slots.

The construction of a mysterious tower is almost complete, but the builders working on it have gone on strike. Losing patience, the alchemists that hired them are looking for anybody to help them. When the world of magic and the world of logic combine you can expect dangerous results, but a true adventurer would cherish such things... wouldn't they?

Part 1:
The Tower of Life

Step 1
Getting your clothes and gaining access to the unfinished tower.
Bring beer and some knowlegde of Construction.

To begin the quest, speak to Effigy, who is west of the Tower of Life (Picture). He will say that he wants his tower to change the world. Accept his offer and he will tell you to find a character called Bonafido.

Make your way north of the tower and speak with Bonafido, who is lying down by some crates (Picture). He will inform you that if you want to help, you need to be dressed like a builder, with boots, body, pants, and a hardhat.

To get the first piece of clothing, talk to "No fingers," who will refuse to give you boots. Pickpocket him and you will take his Builder Boots. Next, talk with "The Guns," who will ask for a simple beer in exchange for his shirt. Give one to him for the shirt. Now talk to "Black Eye." He will question you on your Construction knowledge before giving you his hardhat. The questions are:

  1. Q: How many nails does it take to make a rocking chair?
  2. A: Three
  3. Q: What takes 3 planks, 3 cloth and 3 nails to make, and helps remove light from a room?
  4. A: Torn Curtains
  5. Q: I like fish and I want to put some in my garden, but I need a special water feature. What materials do I require?
  6. A: 10 Clay pieces

After answering the questions, he will give you a helmet. Lastly, speak to "Gummy," and he will tell you to search around the tower to find his trousers, which you will be able to use. Head South-East of the Tower, and you will see a bush with the search option. Search it for the trousers.

Fully equip your building clothes and speak to Bonafido, and he will want to test your skill...with more questions:

  1. Q: You've plenty of work to do, but you need a drink fast, what do you go for?
  2. A: Tea
  3. Q: Let me hear you whistle
  4. A: Whistle for Attention
  5. Q: What's a good sign that you need to replace your trousers?
  6. A: Your legs are getting a bit cold.
  7. Q: What do you do if you cut your finger?
  8. A: Carry on, it'll fix itself.

After answering the questions, he will tell you to head into the tower, and fix the pipe system and strange cage.

Part 2:
Spicing up the Tower

Step 2
Fix the tower by following the numbered points.
Be sure to have lots of free space in your inventory.

Enter the tower now, and climb up the stairs. Go west a bit, and you will see a small machine, which is a pipe system (has pipes leading into it). To fix it, it requires 4 colored balls, 3 pieces of metal sheeting, and 4 valve wheels. The boxes on the ground floor contain these items. Valve wheels can be found in the easternmost box. Search this box until you have 4 valve wheels. The crate with the colored balls is directly south of the stairs. Search it until you have 4 colored balls. Metal sheets can be found in the crate directly underneath the stairs. Search this crate until you have 3 sheets of metal.

Walk to the pressure machine and fix it, choosing "Yes" when prompted with "Construct it?" You will then need to fix the holes within the machine by directing the pressure and the colored balls through the system. Here are the steps in order:

  1. Turn the most left valve twice to the left.
  2. Pull down the most left lever, and then turn the valve to its left twice to the left.
  3. Move the right lever down, and turn the 4th pipe valve right three times, and the left once, to cover the hole. Keep pressing right until you reach the top.
  4. Lift the right lever back up, and turn the 3rd valve right twice and the left once, to cover the hole. Next, repeatedly turn it right until pipe 3 is filled with water.
  5. Lift up the left lever and turn pipe 1 right until it reaches the top of the machine.
  6. Finally, pull down the left lever as well, and move the 2nd valve right until it reaches the top.

Once this machine is fixed, go to the pipe machine using the stairs east of the pressure machine. The pipe machine is south of the stairs. To fix the pipe machine, you need 6 rivets, 4 pipes, and 5 pipe rings. Again, the boxes on the ground floor contain the required items.

Rivets can be found North-East, more specifically, east of the water pipes in the center of the room. Take 6 rivets. The pipe rings can be found within the North-Eastern box. It is directly North-West of the box with the rivets. Keep searching this box until you have 5. The pipes can be found in the box directly west of the pipe ring crate. Search until you have 4 pipes.

Step 3
Calibrate and fix the machine.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Pipes With your new items head back to the top floor of the tower where the pipe machine is. As with the pressure system, say yes when asked to construct it. You will need to calibrate the machine before it can work, though. This is done by clicking on the pipe parts to the right and using the arrows to direct them in the right direction. Arrange the pipes in the same manner as shown in the image.

Finally, head to the very top floor of the tower by climbing the stairs and a ladder. You will find a cage that needs fixing. To fix this you need 5 metal bars and 4 bottles of binding glue.

Once again, go back to the bottom floor. Search the most south-eastern box, north-east of the trapdoor, until you have 4 bottles of binding glue. Then, search the most north-Western crate, South-West of the doorway, to find metal bars. Collect 5 bars and head back up to the cage.

As with all the other machines, choose to construct it. You need to arrange things in the right order again, this time by placing the bars in the correct places. Change the length of the bars by pressing the "+" and "-". Once it looks about the right size, press "Place Bar." Note: There are 3 sides of the cage which need to be fixed like this:

  1. Hit horizontal and hit + once
  2. Hit vertical and hit + once and press place bar
  3. Hit horizontal and hit + twice
  4. Press the right arrow at the bottom right
  5. Press horizontal and hit + once
  6. Press Vertical and hit + 3 times
  7. Vertical and hit + 1 times
  8. Hit the right arrow again.
  9. Horizontal and hit + 3 times
  10. Vertical and hit + once
  11. Vertical and hit + twice
  12. Hit right arrow
  13. Horizontal and hit + once
  14. Horizontal and hit + once
  15. Vertical and hit + once

Part 3:
Confronting the Homunculus

Step 4
Confronting the real villians.
Help the "monster" defeat the real monster.

Return to Effigy, and he will be extremely happy. Travel to the top of the tower to follow Effigy and his fellow alchemists (Picture). Once you have climbed the ladder to the top floor, there will be a cut-scene. The alchemists will cast a spell and create a homunculus, which will argue with the alchemists. You will yell to have it released from the cage. The homunculus will begin destroying the tower. Go back downstairs to find the alchemists.

You will find them outside of the tower. Speak to Effigy again. He will insist that you go to the top floor of the tower and confront the homunculus.

Head to the top floor of the tower again and talk to the homunculus. You will need to answer questions to get him in either the world of magic or the world of logic. Your answers cannot be mixed. The easiest answers use logic:

  1. Q: How can I make fire appear at my fingertips?
  2. A: That's impossible! No one can do that!
  3. Q: How do dragons breathe fire?
  4. A: By ignition of gas in their belly as they exhale.
  5. Q: What do people do, day-in, day out?
  6. A: Fletching, Crafting, Smithing.
  7. Q: What do i do with unwanted bones?
  8. A: Bury them.
  9. Q: What's the best way to travel?
  10. A: Run, run as fast as you can.
  11. Q: I hear people whisper of potions...
  12. A: People mix together ingredients in vials. The nutrients help you.
  13. Q: How are rune stones created?
  14. A: Take a rune stone to an altar and use a talisman.
  15. Q: Can people move things with the power of the mind?
  16. A: Sure. Use your brain to tell someone to move it!
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of The Homunculus

He thanks you for answering his questions, and tells you to confront the alchemists, while he will pop out at the right moment to scare them.

Return to the eager alchemists and speak to Effigy, and there will be another cut-scene. After scaring away the alchemists, the homunculus will tell you to meet it in the dungeon. Enter the Tower of Life and climb down the trapdoor (Picture).

Once within the dungeon, travel north, where you will find the homunculus among some cages. Speak to it and it will reward you! Congratulations, quest complete!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does the new builder outfit do?

A: It has no effect on stats, but it does enhance the "Beckon" emote. Also, you don't need the whole outfit, but rather just one piece.

Author: Dan Man and Kod Flame

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