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The Tree Gnome Stronghold is one of the largest cities in RuneScape. It has many different training spots; from agility, to woodcutting, to fletching, you can find it all here. To gain access, you have to help Femi load a cart, and then the guards will let you in. This stronghold is also home to one of the four fruit tree patches in RuneScape.

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NPC's and Shops
  • Aluft Gianne snr.: A fine gnome chef.
  • Anita: Glough's girlfriend.
  • Barman: Serves you Blurberry's Cocktails.
  • Bolongo: Farmer who watches your fruit tree patch
  • Blurberry: Owns the cocktail bar.
  • Charlie: Prisoner on the top floor of the Grand Tree.
  • Cheerleader: Leads the crowd at the gnome ball field.
  • Cute Creature: Pets of the gnomes, involved in The Eyes Of Glouphrie quest.
  • Daero: New head of the Gnome Tree Guard after Glough leaves.
  • Dalila: Gnome restaurant customer.
  • Femi: Have to help her load a cart to get in the stronghold.
  • Gianne jnr.: Son of restaurant owner Aluft Gianne, runs then Gnome Restaurant minigame.
  • Glough: Corrupt head of the Gnome Tree Guard in The Grand Tree quest.
  • Gnome baller: A professional gnome ball player.
  • Gnome referee: Referees the Gnomeball pitch.
  • Gnome trainer: Guides you through the Agility Course.
  • Gnome waiter: Sells you battas, crunchies, and other gnomish food.
  • Gnome winger: A professional gnome ball player.
  • Gulluck: Sells a variety of weapons.
  • Heckel Funch: Sells you miscellaneous drinks, and fruits.
  • Hudo: Sells you standard groceries.
  • King Narnode Shareen: A royal gnome. Speak to him to begin the The Grand Tree and Monkey Madness quest.
  • Meegle: Looks after the terrorbirds.
  • Perrdur: Gnome restaurant customer.
  • Prissy Scilla: Watches over the tree plot
  • Sarble: Tends toads and worms in the swamp.
  • Sprang: Gnome Restaurant delivery employee.
  • Timble: Gnome Restaurant delivery employee.
  • Tool Leprechaun: used to hold tool for Farming.
  • Trainer Nacklepen: Trains the tortoises for combat.
  • Rometti: Sells you fine gnome apparel.
  • Duck (level-1)
  • Giant Rat (Level-3)
  • Gnome (Level-1)
  • Gnome child (Level-1)
  • Gnome guard (Level-23)
  • Gnome troop (Level-1)
  • Gnome woman (Level-1)
  • Mounted terrorbird gnome (Level 31)
  • Rat (Level-1)
  • Terrorbird (Level 28)
  • Tortoise (level-79)
  • Tortoise (level-79): Also has three gnome warriors on top.

Blurberry Bar
Talk to: Barman
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Blurberry Bar Shop
  • Premade blurb' sp: 30gp
  • Premade choc s'dy: 30gp
  • Premade dr' dragon: 30gp
  • Premade fr' blast: 30gp
  • Premade p' punch: 30gp
  • Premade sgg: 30gp
  • Premade wiz blz'd: 30gp

Funch's Fine Groceries
Talk to: Heckel Funch
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Funch's Fine Groceries Shop
  • Brandy: 5gp
  • Gin: 5gp
  • Vodka: 5gp
  • Whisky: 5gp
  • Pineapple: 1gp
  • Equa leaves: 2gp
  • Orange: 2gp
  • Lemon: 2gp
  • Lime: 2gp
  • Dwellberries: 4gp
  • Cocktail shaker: 2gp
  • Chocolate bar: 10gp
  • Chocolate dust: 2gp
  • Pot of cream: 2gp
  • Bucket of milk: 6gp
  • Knife: 6gp
  • Cocktail glass: 1gp

Fine Fashions
Talk to: Rometti
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Fine Fashions Shop
  • Robe bottoms: 180gp
  • Hat: 160gp
  • Robe top: 180gp
  • Boots: 200gp

Note: The above clothing comes in: pink, light green, dodger blue, light yellow, and light blue

Gianne's Restaurant
Talk to: Gnome Waiter
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Gianne's Restaurant Shop
  • Premade veg batta: 120gp
  • Premade w'm batta: 120gp
  • Premade t'd batta: 120gp
  • Premade fr't batta: 120gp
  • Premade c+t batta: 120gp
  • Premade worm hole: 150gp
  • Premade ttl: 160gp
  • Premade veg ball: 150gp
  • Premade choc bomb: 160gp
  • Premade w'm crunch: 85gp
  • Premade t'd crunch: 85gp
  • Premade ch crunch: 85gp
  • Premade s'y crunch: 85gp

Grand Tree Groceries
Talk to: Hudo
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Grand Tree Groceries Shop
  • Gianne dough: 2gp
  • Equa leaves: 2gp
  • Pot of flour: 10gp
  • Gnome spice: 2gp
  • Onion: 3gp
  • Potato: 1gp
  • Cabbage: 1gp
  • Tomato: 4gp
  • Cheese: 4gp
  • Spider on stick: 50gp
  • Spider on shaft: 40gp
  • Lime: 2gp
  • Orange: 2gp
  • Lemon: 2gp
  • Pineapple: 1gp
  • Dwellberries: 4gp
  • Cocktail shaker: 2gp
  • Chocolate bar: 10gp
  • Chocolate dust: 2gp
  • Pot of cream: 2gp
  • Bucket of milk: 6gp
  • Knife: 6gp
  • Gianne's cook book: 2gp

Gulluck and Sons
Talk to: Gulluck
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Gulluck and Sons Shop
  • Bronze arrow: 1gp
  • Bolt: 3gp
  • Pearl bolt: 110gp
  • Shortbow: 50gp
  • Longbow: 80gp
  • Crossbow: 70gp
  • Bronze arrowtips: 1gp
  • Iron arrowtips: 2gp
  • Steel arrowtips: 6gp
  • Mithril arrowtips: 16gp
  • Steel axe: 200gp
  • Iron axe: 56gp
  • Iron battleaxe: 182gp
  • Steel battleaxe: 650gp
  • Mithril battleaxe: 1,690gp
  • Bronze 2h sword: 80gp
  • Steel 2h sword: 1,000gp
  • Iron 2h sword: 280gp
  • Black 2h sword: 1,920gp
  • Mithril 2h sword: 2,600gp
  • Adamant 2h sword: 6,400gp

Special Attractions
Agility Training Area

This stronghold is home to a beginners' agility training area. Up to level 32 there aren't any other courses to train at, so you're stuck here. (With the exception of the Brimhaven agility dungeon) For more detailed information, see the Agility Skill guide.

Gnome Restaurant Mini game

Speak to Gianne jnr. and you can begin this time based mini game with rewards such as teleports to the gnomes and special clothing, for more information read our, Gnome Restaurant guide.


With the flax to pick, and the spinning wheels, this is one of the scarce few locations to make bowstring. It is fairly simple to pick the flax, spin it, and bank it quickly. With the yew trees here, you can string, and cut your yew longs in the same place.


With the abundance of yew trees, and a rare magic tree, the Stronghold is a woodcutter's haven. The magic tree's proximity to a bank makes it easy to cut your logs, then bank them fast. You will find many players cutting logs around the stronghold.


After you complete The Grand Tree quest, you can go under the Grand Tree, go north, push a branch aside, and find an underground mining site. It contains the basic ores, tin, copper, coal, a bit of mithril, and couple adamant.


There are 2 farming plots inside the Stronghold. One is a fruit tree patch just north of the agility course. The second patch is a regular tree patch just south-west of the southern bank.


Gnomeball is a mini-game you can play to win your very own Gnomeball, and some small agility experience. Basically, you throw a ball (given to you by the referee) to gnome wingers a few times, and then throw it at the goal. After it goes in five times, you can talk to the ref for a Gnomeball you can take with you. Every goal you make gives you agility exp. The first goal gives 4xp, the second 5xp, the third 6xp, the fourth 7xp, and the final goal gives 30xp. This comes to a total of 52xp for a full game of Gnomeball.

Spirit Trees and Gnome Gliders

Spirit Trees and Gnome Gliders are two of the main ways to get around RuneScape. Both based in the Stronghold, they can teleport you and fly you to locations all around the world. After you complete The Grand Tree quest, King Narnode will give you access to the Spirit Trees and the Gnome Gliders.

Spirit Trees: The tree which is directly north of the entrance can teleport you to any of its brothers around the RuneScape world. Talk to it to be teleported to one of these locations:

  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Forest north of Varrock
  • North of the Gnome-Khazard Battlefield (just south of Ardougne)

Also, you need to know that all teleportation is taken through the larger Spirit Trees at the Tree Gnome Village or the Gnome Stronghold, unless you have completed The Path Of Glouphrie quest.

Gnome Gliders:

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Gnome Glider Map

Go to the top floor of the Grand Tree to find a Gnome Pilot, and his Glider. He can fly you to even more locations than the Spirit Trees. You can fly to these places:

  • Grand Tree (Ta Quir Priw, [you're here now])
  • White Wolf Mountains (Sindarpos)
  • Digsite (Lemanto Andra)
  • Al-Kharid (Kar-Hewo)
  • Karamja Island (Gandius)
  • -When you go here during the quest, it will be a crash landing at a different location then after the quest.
  • Feldip Hills (Lemantolly Undri)
  • -Usable after One Small Favor quest is completed.

Like the Spirit Trees, all flights must come to or from the Grand Tree. From this hub, you can then go to your desired location.


Miscellaneous Information
  • Gnomeball
  • Gnome King
  • Gnome Village
  • Gnome Village 2
  • Narnode's Theme
  • Neverland
  • Waterfall

Gnome (level-1) More information
Examine: It's a gnome.
Notes: None.
Hill giant (level-28) More information
Examine: A very large foe.
Notes: These are a good source of big bones, perfect for Prayer training.

Author: Artemis

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