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- 3 Quest Points
- 10,000 GP, Training attack & defence: 35,000 Attack XP, 20,000 Strength XP, 35,000 Defence XP, and 20,000 Hitpoints XP. Training Strength and Stamina: 20,000 Attack XP, 35,000 Strength XP, 20,000 Defence XP, 35,000 Hitpoints XP, 3 Cut diamonds.
- Ability to purchase the Dragon Scimitar.
- Access to Crash Island and Ape Atoll.

Start PointStart Point

Grand Tree Entrance. Speak to King Narnode Shareen.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 5/5
Length Rating: 5/5


Quest: The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village.
Item: Ball of Wool, Gold Bar, Monkey Corpse or Monkey Bones from a Karamjan Monkey.
Other: Ability to defeat Jungle Demon (Level-195).


Skill: 70 Hitpoints, 70 Combat, 50 Ranged or Magic, 43 Prayer.
Item: Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, Super energy potions or strange fruits), 100-200 food (lobsters-sharks) needed throughout quest, 6+ Amulets of glory(4), 5+ Rings of Dueling, Teleport Runes for 20+ various Teleports or Games Necklaces, Anti-poison Potions, Prayer Potions.

The King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommission of the Gnome owned shipbuilding facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.

Part 1:
The 10th Squad

Step 1
Talk to King Narnode Shareen.
Receive the Gnome Royal Seal.
Enter the Karamja Shipyard.
Talk to G.L.O. Caranock.
Return to King Narnode.

Items Needed: Royal Seal (Obtained During Quest)

To start the quest, speak to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree. After a few seconds talking with him, you find out something is wrong. He will tell you that some of his men disappeared whilst decommissioning Glough's ship building facilities in Karamja. Near the end of the conversation, he will ask you if you will go to Karamja and seek the 10th Squad of his Royal Guard. If you say yes, he will hand you a Royal Seal. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Talking to a Shipyard Worker

Once you have the Gnome Royal Seal, go to the top floor of the Grand Tree, and catch the Gnome Glider to Gandius (Karamja). Now, once you are on Karamja, head north until you reach the Shipyard Entrance. Try to enter the Shipyard, and the Shipyard Worker will stop you. He will ask you what you're doing, and you'll say that you are on a special mission for King Narnode Shareen. He won't believe you, but then you will show him the Gnome Royal Seal (Picture). He will let you through.

Go to the southern part of the Shipyard, and speak to G.L.O Caranock. He will ask if Glough sent you, and you'll tell him that Glough was forced to resign. You will then go on to tell him about the 10th Squad. Caranock will tell you he knows absolutely nothing about them, and that they recently had some strong winds blowing in from the south, and that it may have blown them off course.

Now you must head back to King Narnode. Take the Glider (south of the shipyard), and go down the ladders to the king.

Step 2
Speak to King Narnode.
Speak to Daero and enter the Hangar.
Speak to Waydar and solve the puzzle.

Items Needed: 200k (If you do not want to do the Puzzle)

Speak to King Narnode again, and tell him you investigated the Shipyard. When he asks what you discovered, tell him you found a gnome called Caranock. The king will tell you he is unfamiliar with the name. He will then ask you about the 10th Squad, and you'll tell him they may have been blown off course by extreme southerly winds. He will then give you a scroll with his orders on it, and tell you to find Daero, who is on the eastern wing of the first floor of the Grand Tree.

Speak to Daero, and you will give him Narnode's orders. He will tell you that he has to decode it, and that you have to go on a reconnaissance mission, to the southern-most region of Karamja, where no Gnome dared travel. Continue talking to Daero about the journey, and ask what lies to the south of Karamja. He will say a large atoll, populated by monkeys.

Ask him how you will travel there, and he will tell you that one of his colleagues will accompany you on the mission. Continue speaking to him, using up all of the options available. Once you have chosen the "Leave..." option, he will tell you that you must meet with his colleague, Flight Commander Waydar. Daero will give you a blind fold, and tell you to go with him (Picture).

When you arrive in the dungeon (Picture), speak to Daero again. He will introduce you to Waydar, who will fly with you to south Karamja. Speak to Waydar. He will say that they cannot fly the gliders until the re-initialisation code has been completed. Ask him where the re-initialisation code is, and he'll tell you that it's the red panel south of him and that you must crack the code. This is a LONG and grueling process if you're bad at puzzle boxes. There is also a picture of the finished product which you can find in game, by searching one of the crates beside the panel. If you do not wish to do this puzzle, you can pay Glough 200k. Glough is found in a house South-East of the Grand Tree. Note that if you log out, the puzzle will be reset. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Finished Puzzle Once you have completed the puzzle, the ground will shake, the screen will fade out, and you will be watching the gliders fold out. Now speak to Daero, who will command Waydar to fly you to Karamja. Speak to Waydar, and he will tell you to bring food. If you are ready to fly, say yes, if not, exit the area, to get supplies. Head south and operate the Teleport device to exit (Picture). Before leaving for Ape Atoll and Crash Isle, use the teleport device to the south of the control panel, and bank at the Grand Tree. Withdraw at least 20+ Lobsters, an antipoison, a prayer restore potion or two, a super energy potion or strange fruit, and a ring of dueling or glory amulet, to get back to Al-Kharid.

Part 2:
Ape Atoll

Step 3
Talk to Lumdo and travel to Ape Atoll.
View a brief cut-scene.
Escape the Jail in Ape Atoll.
Talk to Garkor, and find out about Zooknock.
Speak to Karam.

Items Needed: 20+ Lobsters, Antipoison Potion, 1-2 Prayer Restore Potion(s), Super Energy Potion (Or Strange Fruit), Ring of Dueling or Amulet of Glory (A teleport to Al Kharid)

Once you arrive, speak to Lumdo. Tell him you are here to investigate the 10th Squad's disappearance, and that you need to get onto the atoll. Show him the seal, and he will tell you that he is Lumdo of the 10th Squad, and he will say that he cannot leave his post. Whilst you are here, be careful. Every single NPC can poison you, and can hit very hard. It may be a good idea to bring a friend along with you to hold extra antipoison and food so you have less chance of dying or having to leave and go back. Your friend as long as they are in the form of a monkey will be safe from everything. Have them hold the monkey corpse/bones, gold bar, and ball of wool so you only have to go through Zooknock's Tunnel twice instead of 3+ times.

Speak to Waydar, and tell him that you cannot convince Lumdo to leave his post. Waydar will say that he outranks Garkor (Lumdo's Sergeant), and that he is to take you to the atoll.

Meanwhile ...
You see the Foreman and Caranock talking in a cut-scene (Picture). They talk about the shipyard worker's not getting work, and that Caranock may have to remove the human (you). Zybez RuneScape Help's Animation

Once at the Ape Atoll, head north-west and into the village, you will be attacked and sent to jail (Picture). Every time you fail, or they hit you, you will lose up to 17hp.

You now need to escape from jail, avoiding Aberab and Trefaji. When they are far away, picklock the jail door and move into the safe area just south west of you. As soon as their backs are turned, run out of the jail. Remember to watch out for the archers who will capture you if you don't have Protect from Ranged turned on. You will need to keep this prayer on whenever you are in the city.

When you're back in jail, go north and head to the eastern part of the island. Then move south to Sergeant Garkor. Speak to him. He will tell you about Karam and the 10th Squad. He'll inform you that the 10th squad needs you to impersonate a monkey, so you must speak to the squad's mage, Zooknock. After you've finished speaking to Garkor, head north-west to the area near the Jail, and you will see a yellow dot on the mini map hiding in the long grass. Speak to Karam. Tell him that you are seeking the 10th Squad, and he will tell you that he is the squad's assassin.

Step 4
Enter the dungeon and speak with Zooknock.
Find out about the Human Transformation.
Leave Ape Atoll and restock on supplies.

Items Needed: Plenty of Food, 1-3 Prayer Potion(s), Super Energy Potions (Or Strange Fruit), Antipoison Potion(s)

Now you have to go and speak with Zooknock. Head to the south part of the atoll, and look around until you reach a dungeon Zybez RuneScape Help's City Key of a Dungeon (Picture). Make sure you have enough prayer and food to last about five minutes running. Before climbing down the ladder, make sure you have full hit points, plenty of food and enough prayer to last you until you reach Zooknock. Bring a few strange fruit or at least two super energy potions to let you run longer. I also suggest doing this in low detail, and making sure you have 100% energy before going down as you will lag really bad due to the rockslides.

Climb down the ladder, and you will be in Zooknock's Tunnel. This dungeon is extremely dangerous. There are poisonous Zombie Monkeys (level-98), scary Skeletons (level-142), rockslides, and various traps that can hit up to nine damage. Head north, and continue to follow the path until you reach the end. There are some traps throughout the dungeon, so just go straight through them if possible, and continue on. When you are running through the dungeon, keep protect from melee on the entire time. If you encounter traps, just keep running, do not stop at all until you reach the end. You may use up to 20 lobsters every time you go through this dungeon.

When you reach the end, speak to Zooknock, and tell him you were sent by his Sergeant. He will then go on to say that this was planned all along, and that they needed a human to be transformed into a monkey. Zooknock will then say that you need to act and speak like a monkey. After speaking to Zooknock, the quickest way to continue, is by teleporting to Al-Kharid, banking, withdrawing more food and potions, catching the glider to the Grand Tree, and getting Daero to take you back the Ape Atoll and Crash Isle.

After speaking to Zooknock, leave the atoll, get your food, a Monkey corpse/Monkey bones (from Karamja) and a gold bar. Use the gnome glider to get to the Grand Tree, and get Daero to teleport you to Crash Island. Once back on Crash Island, speak to Lumdo, and ask him to take you to the atoll again.

Step 5
Receive the Monkney Dentures.
Go down and get an M'Amulet Mould.
Go back to Zooknock.
Make the M'speak amulet in the Temple furnace.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of What's in What Crate Items Needed: Food, Monkey Corpse, Monkey Bones, Gold Bar, AntiPoison Potion(s), Dentures & a Monkey Amulet Mould (Obtained During Quest), Ball of Wool, M'speak Amulet (Obtained During Quest)

Once you've escaped from the Jail, head South-West to the Magic shop; enter the shop through the back and be sure to stay on the dark part of the floor. Stand behind the crates, so the monkeys can't attack you. In this room, the sleeping monkey on the western side, will call the guards if it notices you there. It is best to avoid him. There are two stacked crates near the middle of the shop, search them and get the Dentures. Search the crate just South-West of that, and choose the option to go down, and you will be in a big room full of crates. Search the one to the North-Western corner, and you will find an M'amulet Mould (Picture).

When you're back in jail, escape and head South-East as far as possible, to Garkor (Picture). Speak to him... After speaking to him, leave the atoll. You can either run south, climb the ladder, jump off the bridge, speak to Lumdo, then speak to Waydar, or teleport to Al-Kharid. You will need your gold bar, M'amulet mould, Monkey dentures, Monkey Corpse, or Monkey Bones and ball of wool. If you are at Al-Kharid, then take the gnome glider to the Grand Tree, get to the second floor and speak to Daero, then Lumdo, and you will be back at the Ape Atoll. Head west, down into Zooknock's Tunnel again, and back to Zooknock. Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Palace

Take the items you have brought - your Gold bar, monkey corpse or monkey bones, Monkey Dentures and M'amulet mould - with you, and use them on Zooknock. He will tell you that you need to smelt the gold using the monkey amulet mould, and that you must do it at a place of religious significance to the monkeys, which is their temple to the east of the jail. He will give you back your mould, and an enchanted bar.

Teleport out of Zooknock's Tunnel if desired, get supplies, and go back to the Ape Atoll. Enter the city, go to the jail, escape and head east to the Monkey Temple. There is an altar on the first floor there where you can recharge your prayer, and if there is also another up the stairs, with Lubufu, who will not attack you. Put protect from melee on when you enter this temple however, and try to climb down the ladder at the eastern side of the palace. Be careful not to get blocked in, as the bearded Monkey Guard (Level-167) can prevent you from moving. When you manage to get down, use the enchanted bar on the wall of fire. You should now have an unstrung amulet. Use your ball of wool with it, and wear the M'speak Amulet.

Step 6
Speak to the Monkey Child.
Give it some Bananas.
Receive the Monkey Talisman.
Take the items to Zooknock and receive the Monkey Greegree.

Items Needed: M'speak Amulet, 10-20 Bananas, Talisman (Obtained During Quest), Monkey Bones, Monkey Corpse

Make your way back to the jail, as just west of it is a small house. East of that small house, is a Monkey Child and its Aunt. Make sure that the Monkey's Aunt is nowhere near you when you try to speak to the Monkey Child, as she will call the guards, and you will be sent to jail again. Also, make sure that you are wearing your M'speak Amulet when trying to talk to monkey.

Speak to the child, and he will call you a stranger. Speak to him again, and you'll tell him that you aren't a stranger. He'll then say "Well, what are you then?" This is where you have to say "Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle."

After you've said that, you have to speak to him again, and he will say that he needs 20 Bananas. Either pick all the bananas or get them from the stand east of the Aunt's house, and then speak to him again. Make him promise that he will give you his toy. He'll agree. Use one banana on him and he will take them all. Here, you may not need to get 20 bananas, try giving him 10, because he cannot count.

Leave, and hide behind the wall (Picture). When his aunt goes out again, go in and speak to him. Ask if his aunty has given him the toy. If he says "no... not yet", hide, and come back again after the Aunt has left. When he has the toy, he will give it to you.

Now that you have the talisman (the toy). Head off to Zooknock once more, and give him the talisman and monkey bones/corpse of a Karamjan Monkey (if you haven't previously done so). He will enchant it for you, and tell you that it draws off his power, so you cannot use it off the Atoll. Leave the atoll once again, replenish your supplies (bring Ardougne Teleport runes this time), and get back onto the Ape Atoll. From now on make sure you are transformed into a monkey when crossing the tunnels, it will make sure the zombie monkeys will not attack you.

Step 7
Speak to Kruk about seeking an audience with Awowogei.
Speak to Awowogei about an alliance.
Go to Ardougne Zoo and grab a monkey.
Return to Awowogei.

Items Needed: Monkey Talisman, M'speak Amulet, Ardougne Teleport Runes (2 Law, 2 Water)

After you finish speaking to Zooknock, you will see a cut-scene of Waydar and Caranock talking, and plotting the death of the 10th Squad. Head back to the Ape Atoll, this time, holding the talisman and walk through the front gate. From the gate, head east until you arrive at Garkor. Speak to him, and he will tell you that you need to seek audience with Awowogei, and claim that you are an envoy from the monkeys of Karamja, and that you are seeking alliance. You will earn his trust by doing so.

Speak to the Elder Guard, who will tell you that you need to get permission from the Captain of the Monkey Guard, Kruk, to enter. If you're still near Garkor, head south and climb the bamboo ladder. Once you're up there, remove your talisman so you turn back into a human, and jump off the bridge. This will take you to where Lumdo is. Transform yourself back into the monkey, and go to the gate where you would usually be shot at by archers. Click on the gate, and you will be let through (Picture). Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Speaking to Awowogei

Head to the western hill, where the monkeys are. Go to the end of the hill, and climb the ladder (Picture). Cross the bridge to the other side and climb down. Speak to Kruk (Picture). Tell him what you want to see Awowogei for, and he will tell you to follow him.

Speak to Awowogei, and tell him you seek alliance. He will ask you to go to Ardougne Zoo, and free a captive monkey to bring back. Teleport out, or find a way to Ardougne, and go into the Zoo. Transform into a monkey, and talk to the Monkey Minder. When the Monkey Minder puts you in the cage, remove the talisman, and talk to a monkey. Speak to the Monkey Minder again when you have the monkey. Do not teleport whilst you have the Monkey in your inventory, or it will disappear. Now go back to the Ape Atoll. Go through the gate in monkey form, and head east to Awowogei. Speak to him, and show him the Monkey. He will take it, and say he will think over the alliance.

Part 3:
The Final Frontier

Step 8
Speak to Garkor.
Witness another cut-scene.
Receive the 10th Squad Sigil.
Prepare for the Battle.

Leave Awowogei and speak to Garkor. Another cut-scene will show you that Waydar wants to kill the Squad and blame it on the humans. When the cut-scene has finished, speak to Garkor again. Garkor will tell you that he and Zooknock have come up with a plan, to use the teleportation spell to teleport all of the 10th Squad, including breaking Lumo, Bunkdo and Carado out of jail. Garkor will give you a "10th Squad Sigil" which when worn, will teleport you, and the 10th squad to the one location.

Leave the Ape Atoll, and collect supplies for the battle. Make sure you do not wear the Sigil, until you are completely ready. You will need battle gear, for an opponent, who is level 195, and can do both magic and melee attacks. Its magic spells are just as powerful as the spells of the Gods, so be prepared with protect from Magic. The 10th Squad will also be attacking the Jungle Demon (level-195) with magic. Fighting the Jungle Demon with Melee is not recommended, as it can hit 32+ at close range. When you are ready, wear the Sigil.

The second you put this amulet on, you are teleported to the battleground (Picture). You will have a few seconds safe time before the battle, when you are speaking to Garkor.

Step 9
Wear to 10th Squad Sigil to be Teleported.
Battle the Demon.
Speak to Zooknock to leave the area.
Return to King Narnode for your reward.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Attacking the Jungle Demon Items Needed: Range or Mage weapon & Armor, Food (Lobsters or Sharks), Multiple Prayer Potions, Ranged or Magic Potion, Dwarven Cannon (Optional)

The battle begins!. The 10th Squad will help you, but you must assist in killing it. If you leave it for the Squad to kill, its hit points will keep regenerating. This is where you have to slay the Jungle Demon (level-195). If you have 60+ range, I recommend taking a Magic Shortbow, Mithril or higher arrows, a ranged Potion, full blue or red dragonhide, as well as a prayer restore, and at least 10 lobsters or sharks. If you have 70+ Magic, you can mage it, but it has little effect. Only use combat if you are have very high strength, and defence. If you are fighting with ranged or magic, it is recommended that you try to get as far away as possible from the demon. To the north of where you start, there is a ledge. Attempt to get into that ledge, and begin attacking the demon from a distance, whilst having protect from magic on.
Some players have reported that using the dwarven cannon can help you defeat the demon easily.

Once the Jungle Demon has been slain, speak to Garkor, who will tell you to speak to Zooknock to get out of the battleground. If the squad leave without you, go down the ladder in the middle of the arena and speak to the monkey by the statue to get teleported to the Atoll.

Speak to Zooknock, who will teleport you into the Ape Atoll. Exit via teleport, or south of Garkor, by climbing the ladder, jumping off the bridge, speaking to Lumdo, and then ask Waydar who will take you to the Grand Tree. Speak to King Narnode Shareen and tell him what happened. He will say good work, and tell you to speak to Daero for training.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Monkey Madness Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I died... How can I get my Monkey Amulet, Talisman or Sigil back?

A: To get your Sigil back, you must speak to Waymottin, who is in the Dungeon with Zooknock. To get your Monkey amulet back, you will have to retrieve the monkey dentures, and amulet mould again. Take them, with a gold bar and ball of wool to Zooknock in the dungeon. Use the dentures, mould and bar on Zooknock, and he will give you an enchanted bar. You have to use the enchanted bar on the wall of flames in the Ape kingdom to make the amulet, then string it. To get back to Talisman, wear the Amulet, and speak to the Monkey Child (east of the jail), or buy it from the Magic Shop (south of the jail).

Q: Can I go back to Ape Atoll through Daero if I choose not to take his training course?

A: No, in order to gain access to Ape Atoll through Daero and the underground glider, you are required to take his training course.

Author: Ben_Goten78

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